Sunday, December 7, 2014

Christmas & the Esoteric

With the holiday season upon us I thought it would be a good time to explore the importance of the Christmas holiday and a few of its hidden relationships to the Esoteric.

The time of Christmas is very important to the followers of the Esoteric and I think it could be argued that it might be the most important time of year for them, even more so than most. The reason for this is because the followers of the Esoteric have a totally different viewpoint of what this time of year represents and what event(s) it is actually remembering and celebrating.

As with everything with the Esoteric, the true secret is hidden within the symbols that they use. But before we can begin, we need to back up for a moment and take a quick look at the Christmas we know today. 

Most are already familiar with the general history of Christmas and that its true roots lie in the ancient pagan world of Europe and is related to the winter festivals around the time of the winter solstice. These festivals were typically interwoven with the winter harvest with the entire community participating in preparing for the long cold winter ahead. Almost every single modern tradition and idea we have about Christmas comes from these winter festivals, people helping each other, giving gifts, family and community coming together, decorating trees with ornaments and lights, and even the idea of ‘Santa Claus’ come from these ‘old world’ traditions.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Secrets of the Esoteric

As I wrote in my last post (A Brief History of the Origin of the Esoteric) one of the primary things about the Esoteric Religion is that it is built on the ancient theory that there are two stories contained within the Bible and other similar ancient religious texts. 

A literal story for the common person and then an allegorical or symbolic story that is contained within the literal story that is only for those who have been initiated into the esoteric knowledge.

It is this allegorical/symbolic story that has been missing for the vast majority of people and is the reason why there is so much confusion when it comes to the understanding exactly what exactly the Bible as a whole is about. Because the truth is that if you don’t know the allegorical/symbolic story, you only have half the story. Not only do you only half the story but some of the parts that you do have, are in the wrong order and a large part of the meaning is lost, to put it very simply, it is out of context.

The secret to understanding the hidden allegorical/symbolic story is by knowing the meaning of the symbols and the specific stories associated with each one. And this is the piece that has been missing for everybody and that is the actual meaning of the symbols. In addition, this is one of, if not the, biggest secrets of the esoteric and they have a large part of this symbolic story that is missing for everybody else.

The key to unlocking this symbolism is contained within the ancient Book of Enoch, specifically the section known as the ‘Dream Visions’, or ‘the prophecy of the animals’. This story is agreed by all to be an allegorical account of the Biblical story, or a symbolic account of the Biblical story. The great secret is that the symbolism contained within this story is the first key that is needed to unlock the hidden meaning to all the esoteric symbolism.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A Brief History of the Origin of the Esoteric Religion

Since I have written THE FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE OF ENOCH, I have been doing some research into the ‘origin’ of the belief system known as the esoteric religion, and think I have now actually found the starting point for this system. 

There is actually a place, a time, and a small group of people that we can point at and say that this is the starting point of what will one day become known as the ‘esoteric religion’. And much like my book, once you know the few missing pieces of the story, everything just falls into place all on its own.

Our starting point for the origin of the esoteric begins thousands of years ago with the legendary Library of Alexandria, not so much of the actual Library itself, but the school that it housed. This school became known as the ‘Alexandria School of Philosophy’ and was founded at almost the same time as the great Library by Alexander the Great. This school was born of the Alexander’s intention of making Alexandria the seat of his empire; he invited learned men from all nations with their peculiar notions and philosophies.

This had the effect of bringing together of Orientalists, Jews, Egyptians, and Greek thinkers and teachers. Even by today’s standards the school became eclectic in character and exhibited a great mixture of opinions of the Egyptian priests, Jewish Rabbis, Arabic teachers, and the many disciples of Plato and Pythagoras.

It is from this school that Gnosticism and the Kabbala have their origin. It is also where the esoteric religion gets their system of symbolism and allegory which lay at the foundation for most esoteric thought. This system of esoteric symbolism and the method of communicating it through the ages is a little easier to understand once you realize that some of the greatest minds in all of human history had a hand in creating it and that it is based on theories and philosophies taught at the Library of Alexandria.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A New Take on Aliens - Part II

In my post ‘A New Take on Aliens’, I presented you with the esoteric idea that these ‘Aliens’ could be originally from earth and the reason they came back home was because their great, interstellar civilization was destroyed in some vast unknown calamity. (Link: ‘A New Take on Aliens’)

The aspect that I would like to speculate about in this little scenario is the ‘ship’ and the possible make-up of the crew. I think you might be a little surprised by what we come up with when we expand on this idea.

The general idea is that this ‘ship’ that was used by these ‘beings’ was in fact some type of massive colony ship (I think it was just one of many that were already in existence). The idea that most people are most likely familiar with would be from science fiction; and that it might have been a type of multi-generational ship that was designed for voyages that could take thousands of years to complete with everything needed to establish a new colony on a new world.

It would literally be an entire city in space with all the equipment, machinery, and technology to extract the raw materials needed, not only for establishing a new colony, but also to re-supply the ship after such a voyage. I also think it would have all the manufacturing capability needed to accomplish a feat of this magnitude until the colony had built its own manufacturing facilities. Once the colony was up and running, the ship would then leave, returning home, to get ready for the next one.

With the general idea being that when this ship was originally designed and built, it wasn’t for a one-way trip. But was more likely re-used on a regular basis and with the reason being just because the building a ship that was large enough that it could do something like this, would be such a huge undertaking (even with a highly advanced civilization) and would require such a massive amount of resources to do, that it just doesn’t make any sense that it would only be used once.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Bigfoot & the Esoteric

 We have all heard of ‘Bigfoot’ at some point in our lives, but the big question (outside of does it exist?) is what exactly is ‘Bigfoot’? 

And if it does exist, is it related to us in anyway? Is it part of the human evolutionary tree? Is it just some unknown hominid that is really good at hiding? So many questions, with so few answers in sight, or it would seem…

The truth is that the followers of the esoteric religion have a very good idea on ‘what’ Bigfoot is and even better yet; they actually have a good idea of ‘who’ Bigfoot is. 

The secret to understanding ‘Bigfoot’ is that you must know the hidden esoteric religious story. (The story can be found in my book THE FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE OF ENOCH). Because if you don’t know this story, things like ‘Bigfoot’ will never make any sense or will just sound crazy, and ‘Bigfoot’ is a perfect example.

Believe it or not, if you own a Bible, then you have the answer to ‘who’ Bigfoot is. In fact you have the whole story with quite bit of detail, you just don’t realize it yet.

The secret to understanding, is knowing the ‘timeline’ that followers of the esoteric believe in. Now I have touched upon is in some of my early posts and go into greater detail in THE FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE OF ENOCH. But in a nut-shell, the followers of the esoteric believe that you have to take the Biblical story and stretch it out and over-lay it on our modern understanding of human evolution of the last 200,000 years.

Which might sound strange to most people and some would even say that the whole idea is bat-crap-crazy, but if you do this, something remarkable happens, the stories appear to fit. This is one of the big secrets to the esoteric and also allows you understand how this is all hidden in plain sight.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The symbolism of the Golden Calf

Almost everybody has heard the story of the ‘Golden Calf’ as told in the Bible’s Book of Exodus. Of when Moses when up to the Mountain of God and the Israelites became corrupted and asked Aaron to ‘make us gods, which shall go before us’. Which then Aaron made a ‘molten calf’ of gold from their ‘broken golden earrings which are in the ears of your wives, of your sons, and of your daughters,…’. (Book of Exodus, 32: 1-4, KJV)

The big question about this story is, and always has been; is why did Aaron make a ‘calf’? Because it really doesn’t seem to make much sense when you think about it for a few moments. Even though ‘bulls’ or ‘cows’ were important to the ancient Egyptians and they are shown in their artwork, but as far as I know, there isn’t any evidence supporting that they ‘worshiped’ them as ‘gods’ as described in the Bible’s Book of Exodus.    

So what gives? Why would the Bible have this story? What is the point of the ‘calf’? What are we missing here? Also, why does it seem that almost every ancient culture has some type of symbolism or iconography related to ‘bulls’ too?

The secret to understanding the importance of the ‘molten calf’ in the Book of Exodus (and also why all the ancient cultures seem to have something related to bulls in general), is by understanding the symbolic meaning to the ‘bull’ itself. In short you have to know what the symbol of the bull represents in order to grasp the meaning of the story or its esoteric meaning.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

A New Take on 'Aliens'

We are all very familiar with the whole ‘Alien’ thing, especially with the ever increasing amount of T.V. shows dealing with the subject over the last year and I really don’t need to go into any detail on the matter. But as I have watched a number of these new shows, I have noticed that there is one idea that seems to be missing when it comes to the ideas about where these so-called ‘Aliens’ come from and it could provide a few answers to some of the questions about ‘who’ they are.

The general idea that is floating around about these ‘extra-terrestrials’ is that they are a highly advanced species that evolved and developed on another world in a different solar system that is light years away. It is also thought that these ‘Aliens’ are going back and forth between their home world and earth.

But, what if that whole idea is wrong? What if they aren’t ‘Aliens’ at all? Now, I know what you are thinking, ‘what the heck is this guy talking about?’ What I am talking about is that there is another idea out there about ‘where’ these beings are from and it comes directly from the esoteric religious belief.

Within the esoteric belief, there is an idea that these ‘Aliens’ are not ‘Aliens’ and the reason is because these ‘beings’ are originally from here, earth. The basic esoteric idea is that millions, upon millions of years ago, possibly as far back as 30 or 40 million years, an intelligent species evolved he on earth and that looked like us (or we look like them, depends on your point of view). And as they developed, they created language, agriculture, writing, government, science, and all the things we think of when we think of civilization. Over an unknown amount of time, it is thought these people became a technologically advanced civilization, much like we are doing today, and starting moving out into the solar-system.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Ancient Cylinder Seals & the Esoteric - Part V

Over the first four parts of this series we have looked at the esoteric idea that the almost forgotten story of the towers that is spoken of by Enoch is in fact also the same story that is told on the ancient cylinder seals. In this last part we will look at an event that is very important to the followers of the esoteric religion and is one of the pieces that everybody else has been missing.

As we have seen in the first parts of this series, there is one tower that is central to the esoteric belief and that is the legendary Temple and Citadel of King Solomon that is recorded in the Bible. The piece that has been missing for everybody (but the followers of the esoteric) is the event that leads to the ultimate destruction of this grand building. Some information of this event is recorded in the Bible in 2 Chronicles, 36: 14, 15, 16, & 19.

Moreover all the chief of the priests, and the people, transgressed very much after all the abominations of the heathen; and polluted the house of the LORD which he had hallowed in Jerusalem. And the LORD God of their fathers sent to them by his messengers, rising us betimes, and sending; because he had compassion on his people, and on his dwelling place: But they mocked the messengers of God, and despised his words, and misused his prophets, until the wrath of the LORD arose against his people till there was no remedy.’ (2 Chronicles, 36: 14, 15, 16. – KJV)

This same event is also recorded in the Dream Vision of Enoch and provides a few more important details to the story that relate to the ‘prophets’ that were sent by the LORD. These other details, help fill in the rest of the story and also solves one of the bigger mysteries of the Biblical tradition: Why did God take Enoch?

The followers of the esoteric believe that it was because Enoch was one of the ‘prophets’ or ‘messengers’ that the LORD sent to the people when they fell away from his way and polluted his house. This will make more sense once you read the verses from the Dream Vision:

And again I saw those sheep [humans] that they again erred and went many ways, and forsook that their house, and the Lord of the sheep [God] called some from amongst the sheep and sent them to the sheep, but the sheep began to slay them. And one of them was saved and was not slain, and it sped away and cried aloud over the sheep; and they sought to slay it, but the Lord of the sheep saved it from the sheep, and brought it up to me, and caused it to dwell there. And many other sheep He sent to those sheep to testify unto them and lament over them. And after that I saw that that when they forsook the house of the Lord and His tower, they fell away entirely, and their eyes were blinded; and the Lord of the sheep how He wrought much slaughter amongst them in their herds until those sheep invited that slaughter and betrayed His place.’ (Dream Vision, Book of Enoch, 89:51, 52, 53, 54.)

As you can see, both the Bible and the Dream Vision are speaking of the same set of events that lead to the destruction of the Temple and Citadel of King Solomon. (The rest of the details of how the one that was saved is in fact ‘Enoch’ can be found in my book THE FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE OF ENOCH.) The critical thing to understand here is the esoteric belief that the ‘messenger’ that  escaped and was saved by the ‘Lord of the sheep’[God] in Dream Vision.

This is because this event is also recorded on the ancient cylinder seals and is directly related to the beginning of an almost forgotten war that the followers of the esoteric believe is recorded in the Bible’s Book of Revelation. Yes, my friends, the followers of the esoteric believe that the Bible (and other related religious books) are in fact history and not prophecy. To understand why somebody would believe this you are going to have to read THE FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDE OF ENOCH and learn the secret of the symbols.

This event of one of the messengers being saved is recorded on many ancient cylinder seals and should allow you to finally see with your own eyes how the Dream Vision of Enoch, the Bible, and the ancient cylinder seals are all in fact telling the same story, the esoteric story. 

As you can see, each one of these cylinder seals is showing us the same scene over-and-over, of a man being saved by being taken up into the heavens. With very similar animals as spoken of in the Dream Vision, and in a few of them you can see a highly stylized ‘tower’ that looks like a tree.

This is one of the pieces that have been missed by everybody except the followers of the esoteric. That a large part of the Biblical story (that we have all been told is nothing more than a silly religious myth or fantasy), is in fact shown on the ancient artifacts themselves and makes it next to impossible to discount, once you have seen it with your own eyes. -RJ-

The rest of the forbidden knowledge and the secret of the symbols can be found in my book ‘THE FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE OF ENOCH’.

To understand more of this and the world of the esoteric belief you need to get your copy of THE FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE OF ENOCH and learn the secrets of the Esoteric !!!

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Monday, August 4, 2014

Ancient Cylinder Seals & the Esoteric – Part IV

In the first three parts of this series you have been presented with the esoteric idea that the Ancient Cylinder seals tell a single continuous story and that story is in fact the Dream Vision in the Book of Enoch. 

In Part III we took our first look at the tower that was ‘lofty and great’ that the ‘Lord’ that stood upon it. Here in Part IV we will take a closer look at this idea of a tower and some its symbolic relationships to the esoteric.
There are a few things about this ‘tower’ that you need to know before we can begin, and I will not be addressing them in any detail. This is because they are explored in THE FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE OF ENOCH. Because of this I will more or less just tell you what the followers of the esoteric religion believe and hopefully the ones that haven’t read THE FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE OF ENOCH won’t get lost along the way.

One of the first things that the followers of the esoteric believe is that this wasn’t the only ‘tower’ built, but was in fact one of a number that made up a network that possibly circled the globe. Two, they also believe that there were different designs to the towers. And third they also believe that this network of ‘towers’ was at the center of a number of events that led to a great and forgotten war.

As we saw in Part III, the ‘tower’ is shown in a more ‘symbolic’ fashion and rather easy to understand why so many people would and have misinterpreted it as a ‘tree of life’ and not as a tower. Once you know it is a tower and not a tree it is very easy to see the mechanical nature of the design, if you have a clear picture of it (As seen below). You can clearly see a central core with an internal support structure holding up an outer covering.

The two ‘bird-men’ figures may seem like a bit of a mystery, but the mystery disappears once you realize that the Dream Vision of Enoch speaks of the ‘birds of heaven’ and also of the ‘beasts of the field’. There is a very good chance that these bird-men could be in fact showing us the ‘birds of heaven’ that are spoken of in the Dream Vision. (For more details on this you are going to have to read THE FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE OF ENOCH).

In the Dream Vision, Enoch speaks of how this ‘tower’ was built upon ‘that house that became great and broad’. There are actually a number of seals that show this house and the tower built upon it with the one below as an example.

It doesn’t get much better than that. You can clearly see a tower and the house that it sits upon, just as described by Enoch in the Dream Vision.

The next seal we will look at appears to show that there was more than one tower built. In this image you can see five different towers with the winged-solar-disk above them all.

This then brings us to the next secret of the esoteric. The followers of the esoteric religion believe that one of these ‘towers’, specifically the one in the Dream Vision, is in fact the Temple and Citadel of King Solomon as described in the Bible. This may seem strange at the moment, but they actually have a very good reason to believe this. It is because that all the scholars, theologians, and Biblical experts, agree that the 'house and tower' in the Dream Vision in the Book of Enoch, is in fact speaking of the Temple and Citadel of King Solomon as described in the Bible.  

It is because most people (including the experts) have never really read the Bible and looked at all the information given about the construction of this legendary building. In fact, the Masons are the only ones that I am personally aware of that have ever taken a real hard look at this building and tried to re-create it based on the description given in the Bible. 

Most have a misconception of what this building actually looked like. Most, if not all people think this building looked something like this 3-D computer model from Wikipedia (as seen below). (

This is not how this building looked when it was completed. The Masons have a much more realistic model of this building based directly on the Biblical text, as seen in the next picture.
Model of the Temple and Citadel of King Solomon – Based on the work of Dr. John Wesley Kelchner
As you can see for yourself, the Temple and Citadel of King Solomon looks much different than you have been traditional taught. It does in fact look like a ‘tower’. It also doesn’t take much imagination to fit almost perfectly into the Dream Vision. It also ties into the story given in 2 Chronicles, Chapter 7, which describes ‘God’s glory in the temple’. Given the added fact that the Temple of Solomon is one of the primary focus of Freemasonry, it should allow you to begin seeing how each of these elements are related to each other. (Additional information showing this connection and more can be found in THE FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE OF ENOCH)  

This understanding then allows us to realize that the Bible is actually giving us very detailed information about one of these ‘towers’ and the events that finally led to it being totally destroyed. It also leads us to the next secret of the esoteric and the event that was the beginning of the end of this great building.

This connection between the Dream Vision in the Book of Enoch, the Biblical story of King Solomon’s Temple and Citadel, the Ancient Cylinder Seals, and their relationship to a tower is one of the little pieces that has been missing. It also has the effect of keeping most people running around in circles when trying to understand any of this.

The last piece to this part of the puzzle is the understanding that a large amount of Masonic/Esoteric symbolism comes directly from the Temple and Citadel of King Solomon and the events surrounding it. Almost all Masonic symbolism that is related to this building can be seen in one picture. If you take the time to closely examine this picture and its symbolism, you will quickly notice that almost every single bit of it can be found around you today in the popular media.

Miscellaneous Details of King Solomon’s Temple, Plate 19 - Restoration by Dr. John Wesley Kelchner.
You should now be starting to understand why so many people are so confused about this symbolism. It is because most do not understand where it comes from, or how it is actually the piece that ties it all together. You should also begin realizing that one of the big mistakes everybody is making; is that all this symbolism is not ‘occult’, but is in fact rooted directly in the Biblical tradition and story. That is why it never quite sounds right, it is because it isn’t.  

What makes it ‘Esoteric’ is this small piece of knowledge and the relationship between the Bible, the Ancient Cylinder Seals, the Dream Vision in the Book of Enoch, and this idea of a ‘tower that was lofty and great’.  

It also allows you to understand for the first time on why anybody would go to the trouble to design and build a tower like the one below. It is because they are trying to re-create this legendary tower that the ‘Lord’ stood upon. And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out this is basically how the followers of the esoteric religion believe it looked to our ancestors all those thousands of years ago.

In Part V we will take a look at the next secret of the esoteric with the event that is beginning of the end of this great building and the start of a long forgotten war.-RJ-

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Monday, July 28, 2014

Corn, The destoryer of history?

Over this last weekend I had a small conversation that bought up the fact that a number of experts state that pineapples were/are shown on ancient Roman urns and other Roman art-work. Not only that, but the same experts also claim that in the ancient world the pineapple is related to some type creation or creator.

There is only one serious problem with these claims, the ancient Romans could not have known about pineapples, in fact there should be no way any ancient culture of the old world could have ever known about them in the first place. This is because the ‘pineapple’ wasn’t known in Europe until 1694 and is native to South America. So this little fact kind of destroys the whole idea that the Romans could have known about them, much less show it in their art-work or does it?

There appears to be a very serious problem with our understanding of history and there something else besides pineapples, that seems to back it up. This something else is good old fashion ‘corn’.
We all know about the history of corn. It was developed over the last 5,000 years here in the Americans by the native people. It is also very well known that corn was unknown to the old world until the age of exploration in the late 1400s and 1500s. Or at least that is what we are all told.

The problem is that there are a number of ancient stories that clearly speak of corn. I will give two examples here. The first is the Bible’s book of Genesis. In chapter 42 of the Book of Genesis, it tells the story of great famine in the land and Jacob sends his sons to Egypt to buy ‘corn’. In fact corn is repeatedly used in this chapter and story. So the first question is how can the Bible be speaking of ‘corn’ if the ancient world didn’t know about? Now, I must say I am totally open to the idea and argument that ‘corn’ in the Biblical story could be nothing more than a mistranslation or just a misunderstanding of the original text. It isn’t like the Bible isn’t full of those. All very easily explained away…or so it seems.

There is something else that seems to back up the idea that the ancient peoples of the Middle Eastern area knew about corn and that the Bible could be correct. This something else is the stories from ancient Greece and of ‘Demeter, the goddess of corn’. Wait, what? How could that happen? How could the people of ancient Greece have a goddess of corn when modern science says something totally different?

This one is much harder to dismiss, with the reason being is that many an ancient writer spoke of Demeter and her relation to corn. In the modern book ‘Mythology by Edith Hamilton’ she talks about how one of the few things we know about the Eleusinian mysteries and the worship of Demeter is “at a very solemn moment the worshipers were shown ‘an ear of corn which had been reaped in silence’” (Mythology, p.53,).

So how did the ancient people know about ‘corn’ if our modern idea is correct? Do we just discount these stories because they don’t fit the way we want? Or do we accept the fact that our modern interpretation and understanding of corn could be wrong or at least missing something?

As you can now see and understand for yourself, something isn’t quite right with our understanding of history, if the story is messed up by corn of all things (and pineapples). 
Doesn’t this bring everything else into question? Because we are told that our modern understanding of corn is based on good, solid science like genetics, anthropology, archaeology, etc… but at the very same time we have these ancient stories that are clearly telling us that just can’t be right. So what is going on? Who is wrong? What evidence do you believe? The ancient stories or modern science? Because both can’t be right. -RJ-      
Bible, King James Version
Mythology, Timeless Tales of Gods and Heros. Edith Hamilton,Grand Central Publishing, New York, 1942. ISBN: 978-0-446-57475-4    

To understand more of this and the world of the esoteric belief you need to read THE FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE OF ENOCH and learn the secrets of the Esoteric !!!


THE FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE OF ENOCH by RJ von-Bruening is Available Worldwide!!! You can buy or order your copy at one of these fine bookstores and online retailersTatePublishingAmazon.comBarnes& Noble - bookdepository.comHudsonBooksellers.comBooks-A-MillionAllbookstores.comChirstianBooksBibles.comPowell’s BooksAlibris.comSchuler -