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The forbidden knowledge of the artifacts...

In The Forbidden Knowledge of Enoch I use a number of ancient artifacts to explain the hidden esoteric story. These artifacts are one of the primary keys to understanding what the esoteric story is. One of the primary points to the esoteric story is that it has at its core; the idea that there was an advanced civilization on this planet thousands of years ago.

We have all heard the stories about some long lost highly-advanced civilization or city that came thousands of years before our own. The legendary city of Atlantis and its destruction is probably the most famous of all the many myths out there. But out of all the stories, legends, and myths, there just doesn’t seem to be any evidence to support the idea of an “Atlantis” with advanced technology like aircraft or skyscrapers existed at any time in the past before our own.

And that is the problem with the whole idea of some long lost highly-advanced civilization or city, there just doesn’t seem to be any evidence that it could be true. I don’t think there is one expert or scholar out there that would disagree with the statement; that we haven’t found any evidence, to support the idea that there was an technologically advanced civilization on this planet thousands of years ago. That there were no “flying machines” or advanced modern-like “Atlantis” cities existing in the world until our own modern age. In fact the experts and the scholars say that they will never accept the idea of an “Atlantis” until somebody provides some type of physical evidence that supports this idea.

I do believe that is fair; why should anybody, expert or lay alike accept anything less than physical evidence about something like “Atlantis” or similar claims? Just like the late Carl Sagan said, “If you are going to make extraordinary claims, you better have extraordinary evidence to back it up”. And something like “Atlantis” is an extraordinary claim, so it will take some extraordinary evidence to convince them or anybody.

At least that is what the “experts” would like you to believe. What would you say if I told you that the experts and scholars have most likely been lying to us? Not only that, but I can prove that they have been lying to us the whole time. I would also like to state that if the so-called “experts” haven’t been knowingly lying to us all, then they must be the most incompetent people of all time.

Even though I am only an amateur researcher and new author, I have discovered something about the ancient artifacts that is almost beyond words to describe. I think it is proof that there was a technologically advanced civilization on this planet, thousands of years ago. In addition I also think it proves that the experts have been knowingly lying to us or are incompetent.

I will only be presenting one artifact at this time, but it should be noted that there are hundreds of other artifacts that show similar scenes and all of them are displayed in the same incorrect manner. This artifact is from The Morgan Library & Museum collection and is a Stone Foundation Tablet. (http://www.themorgan.org/collections/works/WrittenInStone/default.asp)

It is claimed that it is inscribed in cuneiform text with the name and titles of King Ur-Namma in Sumerian. The experts say it is from the Third Dynasty of Ur in Mesopotamia from around 21st century BC.

The same experts claim the inscription reads: "Ur-Namma, king of Ur, king of Sumer and Akkad, the one who built the temple of Enlil".

When you first look at this tablet you probably think that the experts know what they are talking about. But if you take the same image from above and rotate it 90 degrees to the right, you will get an entirely different picture.

Look closely, do you see it now? (Hint: runs from right to left) Can you see the modern looking buildings? Do you see the three ships flying in the center? What I find amazing is the fact that the artist went to the trouble to show the little windows on the ships. So what we have here isn’t an inscription about king Ur-Namma, but a small series of pictures showing us a modern city with aircraft flying above.

I find it next to impossible to believe that every single “expert” and “scholar” of the last 200 years have missed this. So hard to believe that I think they have intentionally done this on purpose to hide the truth from everybody.

I would have to say this is the proof that everybody has been looking for, wouldn’t you agree? It is pretty hard to deny, when you can see it with your own eyes.

Like I said before, this is only one of hundreds of similar artifacts from the Middle East. Over the last few years I have found that it appears that almost all of the ancient cuneiform artifacts are displayed in the same incorrect manner as the above artifact. It also appears that the “experts” have just taken the cuneiform artifacts and rotated them 90 degrees to the left and then told everybody that they say something else. I believe this is done in order to hide the real information right in front of our faces. The vast majority of the cuneiform inscriptions are not words but pictures and these little pictures are telling a story, the esoteric story that all but a few have forgotten. -RJ-

To truly understand the story on the artifacts and the rest of the hidden esoteric story, you need to read The Forbidden Knowledge of Enoch by RJ von-Bruening and begin your journey into the known and unknown of what you thought you knew.

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