Sunday, March 9, 2014

Returning to the Ancient Mayan Artifacts

Hi everybody, I hope the world and life is treating you well. Today I would like to return to the ancient Mayan artifacts that were kind-of, semi-officially, released by the Mexican Government last year. In an earlier post I pointed out that one of the artifacts shows what appears to be the very same scene as spoken of by Ezekiel. [ ]

The next set of images I would like to show you are just as powerful, if you understand the symbolism that is shown on them. Both images show a large figure holding and supporting a symbolic object on its back. The first one we will look at has a pyramid of similar design of what is typically found and thought of here in the Americas. As you can see there doesn’t appear to be anything unusual or out of the ordinary with it at all.

It looks like dozens of other Mayan artifacts, the only thing that is missing is some explanation of what it represents by some faceless expert. I would guess something typical like “This is showing us a representation of ‘such-and-such’ god that the ancient Mayan made bloody sacrificial offerings to in order to ensure a bountiful harvest next growing season”, or something like that. 

And the truth is the average person wouldn’t have any reason to doubt it. It looks like that is what it could be showing us based on what we know about the ancient Mayan.

It is only when it is put with the other one that you can see that something else is being shown here. This next image is very similar to the first with only the symbol being really different. It is rather clear to even the untrained eye that these two artifacts go together as a set.

The first thing to look at is the eight-pointed star symbol this figure is holding. The very fact that this artifact has this symbol on it is absolutely mind boggling. 

The reason is because this is the exact same symbol that is found all over the ancient Middle East. 

Which raises a very important question, how can this symbol from the ancient Middle East be on an ancient Mayan artifact from the Americas? Below is a drawing of the symbol from the Middle East.


When put together as below, it is very hard not to come to the conclusion that this is showing us two groups fighting each other. 

And based on my earlier post with Ezekiel, this is most likely showing us that the ‘gods’ of at least two different groups, one from the Americas and one from the Middle East were in conflict with each other thousands of years ago. 

As you can see, they are exactly the same, this in a by itself is remarkable, and seems to be proof that there was contact going on between the old and new world thousands of years before we have been taught. If we take a closer look at this artifact we can see that it is showing us that too. Because if you look under the figure you will see what appears to waves and water in general. This gives the impression that this is showing us that these two different cultures were in fact in contact with each other and possibly in conflict too.

This could mean that the symbols we see here of the pyramid and the eight-point-star, are actually showing us the basic design of their ships as seen by our ancestors.One side had triangular shaped craft and the other a circular design. 

The fact that many modern UFO reports describe either a triangular or the more traditional flying saucer type of ship seems like too much of a coincidence for me. It sure is starting to look like we might have missed something and that somebody really doesn’t want you to know, what that something is.  -RJ-

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  1. Hi RJ-- I'm excited. I just ordered your e-book and will dive into it in coming days.

  2. I see you've brought in the Neanderthal-- this is something I concur with. Your physical description of Neanderthal accords well and I also discovered Neanderthal is thought to have had a very large "back brain"-- or "corpus collusum".. this is why Neanderthals heads sit on the front of the body-- it's "back heavy"... so needs to be "on top" of the spine more than HSapien. I'll find another way to communicate my observations of your book to you... this comments section isn't going to work .

  3. I'll give this comments section one more shot-- I did a cursory reading of your book-- and I suppose the most significant insight you lead me to is the worldwide power network-- which can be nothing other than the network the kind Tesla proposed and almost started. Tesla's death-ray might have brought "heaven" down as well. email me if you are aware of my post here... though I've clicked the Notify Me button on this post and will await your response to my Tesla power system proposal. The same plasma power was used by the Great Pyramid power system. It appears, however- that the stone circles in South Africa pointed to by Tellinger use sound energy-- although I might be wrong there-- plasma coming into earth "likes" circles and toruses to have something to grab onto as I see it. The stone circles-- including Stonehenge still gather energy today-- and could all be based on incoming plasma. Power-voltage can be measured at the height of 6 ft, the height of man's head-- making us all a type of plasma antenna... and the brain with its cone shaped pineal gland an antenna too-- the brain being a transciever-- not just a squishy computer in a black box.

  4. RJ- I note that the scene in Life of Brian portrays something like what you point to on pag265-- Enoch being rescued at the last moment.

    The film takes more liberty than it should but the main event of the flying disc picking Enoch up is seen here in a comedic form. Why would this film point to that? As an insider joke for the religous freemasons in the know? I think so.

  5. another way of portraying the infinite cycle of life and death. the snake eating its own tail. here we have a man-like face showing tounge to a masked character.

    Masked character. is a "tail"
    Man showing a tounge is a "snake's head"

    Masked character is a slave carrying the load\spine\vertibrae.

    Man-like person showing the tounge is the energy source for the slave\carrier. The heart\the earth\the solar system\the galaxy\the universe\etc


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