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Ancient Cylinder Seals & the Esoteric - Part III

In the first two parts of this series you have been presented with the esoteric idea that the ancient cylinder seals show a single continuous story and that single story is also the ‘Dream Vision’ contained in the Book of Enoch. Here in Part III we will take our first real look at the Seals and how the tie directly to the Dream Vision of Enoch.

Within the Dream Vision, Enoch speaks of a ‘house that was built for the Lord’ and that it became ‘great and broad’ and over time a ‘tower lofty and great was built on the house’. This house and tower that Enoch speaks of is one the keys to unlocking the rest of the hidden esoteric story. First we to look at the actual verse from the Book of Enoch and then we will look at the Cylinder Seals.

And that house became great and broad, and it was built for those sheep: And a tower lofty and great was built on the house for the Lord of the sheep, and that house was low but the tower was elevated and lofty, and Lord of the sheep stood on that tower and they offered a full table before him” (Book of Enoch, Chapter 89, verse 50)

The idea of an ancient ‘tower’ is nothing new; in fact you most likely had a couple of different stories or myths jump into your head as you read the above. (Wikipedia has a page on the ‘Tower of Babel’ that gives a decent description of it and a number of sources on few other ancient ‘tower’ stories and can be found here: In THE FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE OF ENOCH I devote an entire chapter to the ‘Tower’ and additional information can be found there).

For our purposes here today, we only need to focus on the idea of a ‘tower’ and how it might be related to the ancient cylinder seals. Because when you begin looking at the ancient cylinder seals with this idea in mind you might be rather astonished at what you will find.

We will begin with a seal that could be showing us the construction of the ‘house’ that Enoch speaks of. This is a picture of a modern impression of a seal from Teli Bilia; that experts say shows us two cultic scenes involving a boat ride and a procession toward a temple, it has been missing from the Iraqi National Museum collection since 2003. The actual seal was believed to date to around 3,000 BC.

As I said, this could be showing us the building of the ‘house’ and not a ‘procession’ as the experts say. I find the fact that this seal has gone missing from the Iraqi National Museum rather intriguing and makes me wonder, if in fact this idea could be correct. As we look at the next few seals you might be wondering the same thing.

The next cylinder seal is rather self-explanatory, in the aspect of what you are looking at. This seal is also rather famous and well-known, especially in ancient astronaut circles. As you can see it clearly shows what appears to be a tower being constructed upon a smaller foundation structure. (The other symbolic elements of this cylinder seal can be found in THE FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE OF ENOCH)

It doesn’t take much imagination to think this could be the ‘house’ that Enoch speaks of. I find it intriguing that this small foundation structure looks much like a step-pyramid, which then brings to my mind the idea that the step-pyramids, that are found all over the world in many different ancient cultures could in fact have served a different purpose and were the foundations for towers? We will take a closer look at this idea a little later in the series.

Sumerian Cylinder Seal, date unknown.
As you can see, it does look like a tower that is ‘lofty and great’. In the next seal we will look at you can actually begin ‘seeing’ the different phases of construction of this ‘tower’ and that everybody has misinterpreted what these ancient artifact are in fact showing us.

Cylinder Seal of bull-men flanking deity above sacred tree: mid 8th-7th Century BC – Metropolitan Museum of Art.

This seal shows us a very similar tower-like object in the center with two half-human, half-bull, individuals on each side with what appears to be a ‘angel’ like being standing behind one, with a ‘winged-solar-disk’ symbol above the tower-like object. It also has two small animal figures on each side of the tower-like object; I point this out because they seem similar to the animals spoken of by Enoch in the Dream Vision and seem to be related to the overall story.

This ‘tower-like-object’ is what we want to focus on. If we look at this with the idea of a tower, then we can see that this cylinder seal shows us either, a different tower or that something has been done to the original tower that was celebrated and recorded. It might seem a little confusing at the moment of what you are looking at with this seal but as we look at the next one it will become clearer and easier to understand.

Seal of Chalcedony, 9th Century BC

 With this third seal the whole picture starts to become clear and easy to understand. You can clearly see the mechanical nature of the structure and that it is actually a tower. With this seal showing us that series of support structures have been constructed and that an outer-covering is being lowered into place by the ‘winged-solar-disk’ with two individuals on each side, with strange bird-men behind them. (Again, these individuals and most of the other symbolic meaning to these scenes are explored in THE FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE OF ENOCH)

The next and final seal we will look at today should now make sense and be easy to understand. That we are seeing the finished ‘tower’ and the ‘Lord’ that stood upon it.

Cylinder Seal and impression, Mesopotamia, Neo-Babylonian period, 1,000-539 BC – Morgan Library & Museum.

Which now you should understand that everybody has been incorrect in their interpretation of these seals and what they are actually showing us. They are actually showing us different phases of the construction of a tower ‘that was lofty and great’ that the ‘Lord’ stood upon and that the experts are wrong in their interpretation of these ancient cylinder seals.

The last image we will look at will help support this. This is a stone relief from the throne room of Ashurnasirpal II and the object in the center has been interpreted by the experts as the ‘tree of life’ and it should be noted that many supporters of ‘Ancient Astronaut Theory’ say this is a representation of DNA. But as you have just seen above (and as explained in greater detail in THE FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE OF ENOCH), both camps must be wrong and that in fact we are looking at a highly stylized representation of ‘tower’ and the ‘Lord’ that stood upon it, just as described in the Dream Vision in the Book of Enoch and many other myths and legends from around the world. 

Stone relief from the throne room of Ashurnasirpal II. Neo-Assyrian, 870-860 BC.
Just as before in Part II with the ‘bee-hive’ symbol and understanding that it is an esoteric religious symbol showing the ‘mountain of god’, you should now begin to understand the reason why ‘towers’ seem so important to the followers of the esoteric and why so many ridiculously large ‘skyscrapers’ have been built over the years all around the world. It is because they represent the ‘tower that Lord stood upon’ and the power that it held; the power of God.

In Part V we will explore more of this idea of a tower and start looking at an event that is directly related to this tower, the Dream Vision, the Bible, and the beginning of a long forgotten war. -RJ-

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