Monday, July 28, 2014

Corn, The destoryer of history?

Over this last weekend I had a small conversation that bought up the fact that a number of experts state that pineapples were/are shown on ancient Roman urns and other Roman art-work. Not only that, but the same experts also claim that in the ancient world the pineapple is related to some type creation or creator.

There is only one serious problem with these claims, the ancient Romans could not have known about pineapples, in fact there should be no way any ancient culture of the old world could have ever known about them in the first place. This is because the ‘pineapple’ wasn’t known in Europe until 1694 and is native to South America. So this little fact kind of destroys the whole idea that the Romans could have known about them, much less show it in their art-work or does it?

There appears to be a very serious problem with our understanding of history and there something else besides pineapples, that seems to back it up. This something else is good old fashion ‘corn’.
We all know about the history of corn. It was developed over the last 5,000 years here in the Americans by the native people. It is also very well known that corn was unknown to the old world until the age of exploration in the late 1400s and 1500s. Or at least that is what we are all told.

The problem is that there are a number of ancient stories that clearly speak of corn. I will give two examples here. The first is the Bible’s book of Genesis. In chapter 42 of the Book of Genesis, it tells the story of great famine in the land and Jacob sends his sons to Egypt to buy ‘corn’. In fact corn is repeatedly used in this chapter and story. So the first question is how can the Bible be speaking of ‘corn’ if the ancient world didn’t know about? Now, I must say I am totally open to the idea and argument that ‘corn’ in the Biblical story could be nothing more than a mistranslation or just a misunderstanding of the original text. It isn’t like the Bible isn’t full of those. All very easily explained away…or so it seems.

There is something else that seems to back up the idea that the ancient peoples of the Middle Eastern area knew about corn and that the Bible could be correct. This something else is the stories from ancient Greece and of ‘Demeter, the goddess of corn’. Wait, what? How could that happen? How could the people of ancient Greece have a goddess of corn when modern science says something totally different?

This one is much harder to dismiss, with the reason being is that many an ancient writer spoke of Demeter and her relation to corn. In the modern book ‘Mythology by Edith Hamilton’ she talks about how one of the few things we know about the Eleusinian mysteries and the worship of Demeter is “at a very solemn moment the worshipers were shown ‘an ear of corn which had been reaped in silence’” (Mythology, p.53,).

So how did the ancient people know about ‘corn’ if our modern idea is correct? Do we just discount these stories because they don’t fit the way we want? Or do we accept the fact that our modern interpretation and understanding of corn could be wrong or at least missing something?

As you can now see and understand for yourself, something isn’t quite right with our understanding of history, if the story is messed up by corn of all things (and pineapples). 
Doesn’t this bring everything else into question? Because we are told that our modern understanding of corn is based on good, solid science like genetics, anthropology, archaeology, etc… but at the very same time we have these ancient stories that are clearly telling us that just can’t be right. So what is going on? Who is wrong? What evidence do you believe? The ancient stories or modern science? Because both can’t be right. -RJ-      
Bible, King James Version
Mythology, Timeless Tales of Gods and Heros. Edith Hamilton,Grand Central Publishing, New York, 1942. ISBN: 978-0-446-57475-4    

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