Thursday, August 28, 2014

A New Take on 'Aliens'

We are all very familiar with the whole ‘Alien’ thing, especially with the ever increasing amount of T.V. shows dealing with the subject over the last year and I really don’t need to go into any detail on the matter. But as I have watched a number of these new shows, I have noticed that there is one idea that seems to be missing when it comes to the ideas about where these so-called ‘Aliens’ come from and it could provide a few answers to some of the questions about ‘who’ they are.

The general idea that is floating around about these ‘extra-terrestrials’ is that they are a highly advanced species that evolved and developed on another world in a different solar system that is light years away. It is also thought that these ‘Aliens’ are going back and forth between their home world and earth.

But, what if that whole idea is wrong? What if they aren’t ‘Aliens’ at all? Now, I know what you are thinking, ‘what the heck is this guy talking about?’ What I am talking about is that there is another idea out there about ‘where’ these beings are from and it comes directly from the esoteric religious belief.

Within the esoteric belief, there is an idea that these ‘Aliens’ are not ‘Aliens’ and the reason is because these ‘beings’ are originally from here, earth. The basic esoteric idea is that millions, upon millions of years ago, possibly as far back as 30 or 40 million years, an intelligent species evolved he on earth and that looked like us (or we look like them, depends on your point of view). And as they developed, they created language, agriculture, writing, government, science, and all the things we think of when we think of civilization. Over an unknown amount of time, it is thought these people became a technologically advanced civilization, much like we are doing today, and starting moving out into the solar-system.

Again, over some unknown amount of time, this civilization advanced to the point that they could begin moving out to the distant stars that flicker in the night sky. Over the eons as they moved to the stars they slowly built a great civilization that in time may have spanned the whole galaxy. As the centers of power moved, they left they home world of earth behind, (it should be noted that no one truly knows on why they really left earth all those years ago.)

It is also thought that at some point after they left earth behind, they advanced to the point that next to nothing was beyond their power, they were truly total masters of their environment. Some even think that at their height of power they could move the stars themselves and create life from nothing, they had become like the very gods of legend themselves.

But like all good things, this civilization came to an end. It is truly unknown by all, on what exactly what happened, but there are a couple of ideas floating around here-and-there. The general idea is that some great catastrophe happened to this civilization, resulting in it being destroyed in a rather short amount of time. Sometimes this catastrophe is a plague, sometimes it is a war, other times it is a combination of both. The other idea is something that I think is more terrifying, that is they came across something that was bigger and meaner than they were and they somehow managed to tick it off and it reached like a great hand out of the darkness of space and smashed them like they were nothing. No matter which is correct (if any) this civilization is destroyed and all that is left is small pockets of survivors.

Then these survivors used all their remaining resources, technology, and ships, to prepare and leave the ruins of their once great and powerful civilization behind. It is believed by many in the esoteric religion that these ‘ships’ were actually very large space-faring vessels, which were basically whole cities in space and are thought to have been some type of massive colonizing ship. Once these ships were loaded with supplies and survivors, they left to find new homes. The basic impression that is given by the followers of the esoteric is that these events (if they actually happened) happened somewhere around a million years ago. Then about 250,000 years ago a group of these survivors make their way back to earth to start anew.

This could explain on why they returned and they did many of the things they did; it is because they are home and already have an emotional attachment to everything. This would explain why it was easy for them to alter the genetic code without leaving any alien DNA for us to find. It isn’t alien; it is originally from earth…

This type of idea could explain a number of other questions about these ‘beings’ and what their true motivations could be. It would also mean that these so-called Aliens are actually millions of years ahead of us in everything. If this any of this idea is correct, I think it is a pretty good bet that we most likely can’t even imagine their level of technology or what they might be able to do or even why they would do it. I also think that much of their technology would look and act like ‘magic’ to most people who saw it up close.

I hope you enjoyed this little trip into the world of the esoteric. More information and ideas about this subject can be found in my book THE FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE OF ENOCH. -RJ-

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