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Ancient Cylinder Seals & the Esoteric – Part IV

In the first three parts of this series you have been presented with the esoteric idea that the Ancient Cylinder seals tell a single continuous story and that story is in fact the Dream Vision in the Book of Enoch. 

In Part III we took our first look at the tower that was ‘lofty and great’ that the ‘Lord’ that stood upon it. Here in Part IV we will take a closer look at this idea of a tower and some its symbolic relationships to the esoteric.
There are a few things about this ‘tower’ that you need to know before we can begin, and I will not be addressing them in any detail. This is because they are explored in THE FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE OF ENOCH. Because of this I will more or less just tell you what the followers of the esoteric religion believe and hopefully the ones that haven’t read THE FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE OF ENOCH won’t get lost along the way.

One of the first things that the followers of the esoteric believe is that this wasn’t the only ‘tower’ built, but was in fact one of a number that made up a network that possibly circled the globe. Two, they also believe that there were different designs to the towers. And third they also believe that this network of ‘towers’ was at the center of a number of events that led to a great and forgotten war.

As we saw in Part III, the ‘tower’ is shown in a more ‘symbolic’ fashion and rather easy to understand why so many people would and have misinterpreted it as a ‘tree of life’ and not as a tower. Once you know it is a tower and not a tree it is very easy to see the mechanical nature of the design, if you have a clear picture of it (As seen below). You can clearly see a central core with an internal support structure holding up an outer covering.

The two ‘bird-men’ figures may seem like a bit of a mystery, but the mystery disappears once you realize that the Dream Vision of Enoch speaks of the ‘birds of heaven’ and also of the ‘beasts of the field’. There is a very good chance that these bird-men could be in fact showing us the ‘birds of heaven’ that are spoken of in the Dream Vision. (For more details on this you are going to have to read THE FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE OF ENOCH).

In the Dream Vision, Enoch speaks of how this ‘tower’ was built upon ‘that house that became great and broad’. There are actually a number of seals that show this house and the tower built upon it with the one below as an example.

It doesn’t get much better than that. You can clearly see a tower and the house that it sits upon, just as described by Enoch in the Dream Vision.

The next seal we will look at appears to show that there was more than one tower built. In this image you can see five different towers with the winged-solar-disk above them all.

This then brings us to the next secret of the esoteric. The followers of the esoteric religion believe that one of these ‘towers’, specifically the one in the Dream Vision, is in fact the Temple and Citadel of King Solomon as described in the Bible. This may seem strange at the moment, but they actually have a very good reason to believe this. It is because that all the scholars, theologians, and Biblical experts, agree that the 'house and tower' in the Dream Vision in the Book of Enoch, is in fact speaking of the Temple and Citadel of King Solomon as described in the Bible.  

It is because most people (including the experts) have never really read the Bible and looked at all the information given about the construction of this legendary building. In fact, the Masons are the only ones that I am personally aware of that have ever taken a real hard look at this building and tried to re-create it based on the description given in the Bible. 

Most have a misconception of what this building actually looked like. Most, if not all people think this building looked something like this 3-D computer model from Wikipedia (as seen below). (

This is not how this building looked when it was completed. The Masons have a much more realistic model of this building based directly on the Biblical text, as seen in the next picture.
Model of the Temple and Citadel of King Solomon – Based on the work of Dr. John Wesley Kelchner
As you can see for yourself, the Temple and Citadel of King Solomon looks much different than you have been traditional taught. It does in fact look like a ‘tower’. It also doesn’t take much imagination to fit almost perfectly into the Dream Vision. It also ties into the story given in 2 Chronicles, Chapter 7, which describes ‘God’s glory in the temple’. Given the added fact that the Temple of Solomon is one of the primary focus of Freemasonry, it should allow you to begin seeing how each of these elements are related to each other. (Additional information showing this connection and more can be found in THE FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE OF ENOCH)  

This understanding then allows us to realize that the Bible is actually giving us very detailed information about one of these ‘towers’ and the events that finally led to it being totally destroyed. It also leads us to the next secret of the esoteric and the event that was the beginning of the end of this great building.

This connection between the Dream Vision in the Book of Enoch, the Biblical story of King Solomon’s Temple and Citadel, the Ancient Cylinder Seals, and their relationship to a tower is one of the little pieces that has been missing. It also has the effect of keeping most people running around in circles when trying to understand any of this.

The last piece to this part of the puzzle is the understanding that a large amount of Masonic/Esoteric symbolism comes directly from the Temple and Citadel of King Solomon and the events surrounding it. Almost all Masonic symbolism that is related to this building can be seen in one picture. If you take the time to closely examine this picture and its symbolism, you will quickly notice that almost every single bit of it can be found around you today in the popular media.

Miscellaneous Details of King Solomon’s Temple, Plate 19 - Restoration by Dr. John Wesley Kelchner.
You should now be starting to understand why so many people are so confused about this symbolism. It is because most do not understand where it comes from, or how it is actually the piece that ties it all together. You should also begin realizing that one of the big mistakes everybody is making; is that all this symbolism is not ‘occult’, but is in fact rooted directly in the Biblical tradition and story. That is why it never quite sounds right, it is because it isn’t.  

What makes it ‘Esoteric’ is this small piece of knowledge and the relationship between the Bible, the Ancient Cylinder Seals, the Dream Vision in the Book of Enoch, and this idea of a ‘tower that was lofty and great’.  

It also allows you to understand for the first time on why anybody would go to the trouble to design and build a tower like the one below. It is because they are trying to re-create this legendary tower that the ‘Lord’ stood upon. And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out this is basically how the followers of the esoteric religion believe it looked to our ancestors all those thousands of years ago.

In Part V we will take a look at the next secret of the esoteric with the event that is beginning of the end of this great building and the start of a long forgotten war.-RJ-

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