Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A Brief History of the Origin of the Esoteric Religion

Since I have written THE FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE OF ENOCH, I have been doing some research into the ‘origin’ of the belief system known as the esoteric religion, and think I have now actually found the starting point for this system. 

There is actually a place, a time, and a small group of people that we can point at and say that this is the starting point of what will one day become known as the ‘esoteric religion’. And much like my book, once you know the few missing pieces of the story, everything just falls into place all on its own.

Our starting point for the origin of the esoteric begins thousands of years ago with the legendary Library of Alexandria, not so much of the actual Library itself, but the school that it housed. This school became known as the ‘Alexandria School of Philosophy’ and was founded at almost the same time as the great Library by Alexander the Great. This school was born of the Alexander’s intention of making Alexandria the seat of his empire; he invited learned men from all nations with their peculiar notions and philosophies.

This had the effect of bringing together of Orientalists, Jews, Egyptians, and Greek thinkers and teachers. Even by today’s standards the school became eclectic in character and exhibited a great mixture of opinions of the Egyptian priests, Jewish Rabbis, Arabic teachers, and the many disciples of Plato and Pythagoras.

It is from this school that Gnosticism and the Kabbala have their origin. It is also where the esoteric religion gets their system of symbolism and allegory which lay at the foundation for most esoteric thought. This system of esoteric symbolism and the method of communicating it through the ages is a little easier to understand once you realize that some of the greatest minds in all of human history had a hand in creating it and that it is based on theories and philosophies taught at the Library of Alexandria.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A New Take on Aliens - Part II

In my post ‘A New Take on Aliens’, I presented you with the esoteric idea that these ‘Aliens’ could be originally from earth and the reason they came back home was because their great, interstellar civilization was destroyed in some vast unknown calamity. (Link: ‘A New Take on Aliens’)

The aspect that I would like to speculate about in this little scenario is the ‘ship’ and the possible make-up of the crew. I think you might be a little surprised by what we come up with when we expand on this idea.

The general idea is that this ‘ship’ that was used by these ‘beings’ was in fact some type of massive colony ship (I think it was just one of many that were already in existence). The idea that most people are most likely familiar with would be from science fiction; and that it might have been a type of multi-generational ship that was designed for voyages that could take thousands of years to complete with everything needed to establish a new colony on a new world.

It would literally be an entire city in space with all the equipment, machinery, and technology to extract the raw materials needed, not only for establishing a new colony, but also to re-supply the ship after such a voyage. I also think it would have all the manufacturing capability needed to accomplish a feat of this magnitude until the colony had built its own manufacturing facilities. Once the colony was up and running, the ship would then leave, returning home, to get ready for the next one.

With the general idea being that when this ship was originally designed and built, it wasn’t for a one-way trip. But was more likely re-used on a regular basis and with the reason being just because the building a ship that was large enough that it could do something like this, would be such a huge undertaking (even with a highly advanced civilization) and would require such a massive amount of resources to do, that it just doesn’t make any sense that it would only be used once.