Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A New Take on Aliens - Part II

In my post ‘A New Take on Aliens’, I presented you with the esoteric idea that these ‘Aliens’ could be originally from earth and the reason they came back home was because their great, interstellar civilization was destroyed in some vast unknown calamity. (Link: ‘A New Take on Aliens’)

The aspect that I would like to speculate about in this little scenario is the ‘ship’ and the possible make-up of the crew. I think you might be a little surprised by what we come up with when we expand on this idea.

The general idea is that this ‘ship’ that was used by these ‘beings’ was in fact some type of massive colony ship (I think it was just one of many that were already in existence). The idea that most people are most likely familiar with would be from science fiction; and that it might have been a type of multi-generational ship that was designed for voyages that could take thousands of years to complete with everything needed to establish a new colony on a new world.

It would literally be an entire city in space with all the equipment, machinery, and technology to extract the raw materials needed, not only for establishing a new colony, but also to re-supply the ship after such a voyage. I also think it would have all the manufacturing capability needed to accomplish a feat of this magnitude until the colony had built its own manufacturing facilities. Once the colony was up and running, the ship would then leave, returning home, to get ready for the next one.

With the general idea being that when this ship was originally designed and built, it wasn’t for a one-way trip. But was more likely re-used on a regular basis and with the reason being just because the building a ship that was large enough that it could do something like this, would be such a huge undertaking (even with a highly advanced civilization) and would require such a massive amount of resources to do, that it just doesn’t make any sense that it would only be used once.

So this ship would have normally been loaded up, with all the equipment, machinery, supplies, and people, needed to set-up a new colony. Once they arrived in orbit, they would select the best area(s) with the necessary resources, they would deploy some type of massive mining equipment to start extracting the metals and materials the needed. In addition to the mining operation(s), they would also being clearing land and starting to build the infrastructure they needed. Until the colony was up and running, the ship would supply the manufacturing capability, with ships ferrying raw materials up to the ship and returning with finished products for the building of the colony. And again, once the colony was done and the ship re-supplied, it would return home for a new mission.      

If that idea or assumption is correct, then I think it would be reasonable to assume that this ship would have a regular ‘crew’ that maintained and operated the ship. And this ‘crew’ would be highly organized and disciplined with a clearly defined chain of command, just like we basically do today.

Now, with the above in scenario mind, I would like to go down the rabbit hole to see what we can find.

Starting with the idea and the aftermath of their great civilization being destroyed leaving only small pockets of survivors behind. I think it is possible that these ‘colony ships’ were basically untouched and that after the dust settled and the smoke cleared, that the crews of these ships went around and picked up all the survivors they could find. After this, they decided to leave the ruins behind and set out in search of a new home.

This idea that the ‘complement’ of this ship now consisted of the original highly trained crew and all the survivors or ‘refugees’ they picked-up might give us an insight to the origin of the conflict that appears to exist with these beings. Because if any of this is correct, then it is very easy to understand that the refugees would most likely come from all walks of life and that many of them might not agree with the whole situation. There are a ton of stories dealing with this type of situation; with it typically being the conflict between a military and civilian authority, to help give you a general idea. 

And it is also seen in most all of the ancient stories and traditions that speak of a conflict between the ‘gods’ and how they typically broke into two different groups that led to a great war(s) in heaven.

Something like this could explain a great number of mysteries and questions many have about this whole subject and some of them are explored in more depth in my book THE FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE OF ENOCH.

The next aspect I would like to speculate about is the arrival of this ship here at earth and the possible way our ancestors might have viewed this event. Staying within the general ancient astronaut theory’ with the idea that this arrival happened hundreds of thousands of years ago; when our ancient ancestor Homo erectus still walked the earth.

There are a number of very ancient stories that seem to speak of this time and event, with the very oldest speaking of a time of before the coming of the gods and of their arrival. One of the best examples we have of this type of story is from ancient Greek Mythology of Father Heaven (Ouranos) and Mother Earth (Gaea) who are thought to great monsters that were somewhat like men and yet un-human at the same time. They are said to have had the shattering and overwhelming power of earthquake, volcano, flood, and storm. In the few tales we know about them, they don’t seem to be really alive, but only the tremendous movements of irresistible forces that scoop out seas and built mountains. The Greeks represent these creatures as a type of living being, but they make them unlike any other form of life.

The stories tell us that Ouranos and Gaea gave birth to a number of powerful beings. Three of them where the monsterswith a hundred hands and fifty heads, that were monstrously huge and strong with great power to move the very earth itself with thunder, lightning, and earthquake. To three others were given the name ‘Cyclops’ (the Wheel-eyed), because each had one enormous eye, as round and large as a wheel in the middle of their foreheads. The Cyclopes were also thought to be gigantic, towering over the mountains and devastating in their power. The last to come were the Titans. There were a number of them and they were also thought to just as powerful as the others in size and strength, but they were not thought to be purely destructive as the others.

The Greeks also tell us that Heaven turned out to be a poor father and hated the things ‘with hundred hands and fifty heads’, even-though they were his sons. They say he imprisoned each one in a secret place within the earth. The Titans and the Cyclopes he left at large. 

This mistreatment of her children by their father is said to have enraged Mother Earth and she appealed to her other children to help her. Only the Titan Cronus was bold enough. He lay in wait for his father and terribly wounded him, thus killing him. From his blood the Giants and the Eriyes (Furies, ‘those who walk in darkness’) were born. The rest of this story should be rather familiar to most and leads to the great battle in heaven between Cronus and Zeus.

Many may not be very familiar with this story from ancient Greek mythology, but I think it could be providing a few details that could dramatically change the way we look at these and other ancient stories. Because if we look at these stories with the idea in mind that a large mining operation was going on, in order to re-supply the ship and to start building a colony, many of the mysteries of these stories appear to disappear.

Because when I think of the things ‘with a hundred hands and fifty heads’ and all the power they are thought to have had, I can’t help but think that these were a massive pieces of mining equipment. I also can’t help wondering, if this was a piece of equipment that was a self-contained, factory-like machine with mining, ore-processing, and the ability to smelter the ore all into finished metal, all in one huge moveable set-up. And that the Cyclopes were actually some type of transport ship(s) to move individuals and material back-and-forth between the mining operation and the main ship. I also get the idea that the Titans where some type of construction equipment/machinery that was clearing land, digging foundations, and basically doing all the earth work necessary to build a new colony.

Then add in the idea that our ancestor Homo erectus might have been the ones seeing all of this. It starts to make a strange bit of sense and could be a huge break-though in our understanding of these stories.

Because it gives me the impression that we might have been looking at all of this in the wrong way. And what our ancestors called the ‘gods’, could actually be the ‘equipment’ and ‘machinery’, and not the ‘individuals’ running it. This could explain the strange duality that seems to exist in all the ancient stories about the ‘gods’.

Using the Bible as an example and how it refers to 'God'. Sometimes it is called just ‘God’, but at others it is called the ‘Glory of God’ and is unknowable. At other times it is called ‘Lord’ and presented as an individual. The same goes for the Angels and even Satan, they all seem to have this strange duality about them in the stories. With it appearing that on the one hand they are described as some type of ‘thing’ that could be interpreted as machinery or technology and on the other they are described as an individual person that looked human in their appearance.

This could be why there has always been so much confusion about this whole subject of the ‘gods’ and what our ancestors were talking about. It could also explain why our ancestors described these beings as being somewhat like men and yet un-human at the same time and how they don’t seem to be really alive, but more like an irresistible force, but still some type of living creature. Huge pieces of machinery, heavy equipment, high-tech ships flying around, could explain why our ancestors described them the way they did.

With the final idea being, if our ancestor Homo erectus was the one that actually saw something like this, then how could he have described it any other way? I mean we know a little about Homo erectus and their level of cultural development. It is thought they had some type of language and could past on their knowledge from one generation to the next. But over all-over they are thought to be rather primitive and most likely wouldn’t understand any type of technology if it saw it. In fact, based on what we know about Homo erectus (and most of the other hominids up to us), I don’t think he could have understood technology in any other way than as some type of living creature. I don’t see how he could ever understand anything about it, he would never understand the engineering, the materials, or the power sources behind it all; they just didn’t have the mental capability to do it.

I can easily imagine how a small group of Homo erectus saw all this equipment coming down from the sky and being set-up by these advanced beings and thought it was all the work of the ‘gods’. I can also easily imagine how a huge piece of mining equipment that is ripping up the earth and sucking it inside, shaking the surrounding area, with all kinds of smoke and fire with tremendously loud noises that have never been heard before ringing out would scare and fascinate our early ancestors.

If something like this actually happened, I can’t help but wonder if a couple, or maybe just one, of our ancestors tried to approach one of these pieces of equipment and were (to put it bluntly) quickly squished, like it didn’t even know or care that it was there. 

Something like that could explain why the stories make these creatures out to be something to be feared and avoided at all cost. I also wonder if maybe the individuals that were running all this equipment where just kind of being butt-heads and were killing our ancestors for sport and fun. That they basically just viewed them as some dumb animal that kept getting in the way and were just a nuisance, not realizing they were a bit more intelligent than believed.

And that my friends, brings us to the end of our journey through the rabbit hole and back into the light of the real world…

Which then leads us to the final little things to wonder about…Could any of the above be true? Could something like this be what happened? Is this were we have made our mistake? Was it the ‘equipment’ and ‘machinery’ that was thought to be the gods and not the individuals running it? Is this were the duality in the stories comes from?

Or…is it all nothing more than an interesting little journey into an idea that never was?   -RJ- 

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