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Secrets of the Esoteric

As I wrote in my last post (A Brief History of the Origin of the Esoteric) one of the primary things about the Esoteric Religion is that it is built on the ancient theory that there are two stories contained within the Bible and other similar ancient religious texts. 

A literal story for the common person and then an allegorical or symbolic story that is contained within the literal story that is only for those who have been initiated into the esoteric knowledge.

It is this allegorical/symbolic story that has been missing for the vast majority of people and is the reason why there is so much confusion when it comes to the understanding exactly what exactly the Bible as a whole is about. Because the truth is that if you don’t know the allegorical/symbolic story, you only have half the story. Not only do you only half the story but some of the parts that you do have, are in the wrong order and a large part of the meaning is lost, to put it very simply, it is out of context.

The secret to understanding the hidden allegorical/symbolic story is by knowing the meaning of the symbols and the specific stories associated with each one. And this is the piece that has been missing for everybody and that is the actual meaning of the symbols. In addition, this is one of, if not the, biggest secrets of the esoteric and they have a large part of this symbolic story that is missing for everybody else.

The key to unlocking this symbolism is contained within the ancient Book of Enoch, specifically the section known as the ‘Dream Visions’, or ‘the prophecy of the animals’. This story is agreed by all to be an allegorical account of the Biblical story, or a symbolic account of the Biblical story. The great secret is that the symbolism contained within this story is the first key that is needed to unlock the hidden meaning to all the esoteric symbolism.

This is the primary subject of my book THE FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE OF ENOCH, it gives you for the very first time, the actual story that is the basis for the esoteric symbolism. And once you know this hidden story, you can understand the meaning behind all of the symbolism. This meaning then provides the missing half of the story by putting the literal story into context. This has the effect of changing everything you thought you knew about our history and the Biblical story most of us are so familiar with.   

A perfect example of what I am trying to get at here is the Bible’s Book of Revelation. Now, there is no doubt, or argument, that this book is loaded with symbolism and symbolic language. And that this symbolism is built into the literal story itself. It is in fact this symbolism & symbolic language that has generated the vast majority of confusion and conflict over the centuries when it comes to this book. The thing I would like to point out is the fact that you can read this book without understanding any of the symbolism or symbolic language and still understand the overall story of what many would call the ‘End of Days’.

The main confusion about this book is because next to nobody understands the meaning behind the symbolism or the symbolic language. And without understanding the symbolism, the entire story is taken out of context. Not only is it out of context, but it changes the perception of the events described in the book. The point I am trying to get at is that the esoteric religion has a totally different viewpoint on the events that are contained within the Book of Revelation, and as I have written before, they think of these events as actual history and not prophecy. And the reason they believe this is because of their knowledge and understanding of the symbolic language.

Now, too many people that might sound a little on the odd side, that the Bible’s Book of Revelation is actually history and not prophecy. But if you think about it for a few moments, it does make sense, it would explain on why we have these stories in the first place. The main problem most (if not all) will have with that idea, is that for the last two thousand years we have all been taught that it is either prophecy or myth and that there is absolutely no evidence to support it in any way.

And that is correct, if you only know about the literal story, but if you know the allegorical/symbolic story the entire story changes and it all appears to go from being mythology & legend that has to be taken on faith, to one that is rooted in our own forgotten history. For an example of this are my older posts on ‘Symbolism of the Golden Calf’ and ‘Bigfoot & the Esoteric’. In both of these I give you a couple of small pieces of missing information on the symbolism and the whole meaning of the story changes. It provides context to the rest of the story and better understanding of the individuals involved. Because how many have read ‘Exodus’ over the years and never knew that the ‘Golden Calf’ actually represented the fallen angel called Lucifer and the first men that were corrupted by him?

The truth is almost every single person that has ever read the story of Exodus has never had a clue that this was its true meaning. And the reason is because next to nobody has ever read or known that the secret to understanding the symbolism was contained within the ancient Book of Enoch.

Now, image if you will for a moment, all of the symbolism that is contained within the Book of Revelations and then being able to unlock most all of it for the very first time. How do you think the story would change or your personal understanding of it, if you understood the symbolism?

What if you knew what the seven golden candlesticks and the seven stars meant? Or the actual meaning to the four horsemen of the apocalypse? Or even better, what exactly is/was the star called ‘wormwood’ and why was it so destructive? Just who were the two witnesses that prophesy? What if you knew what all of that meant and much more? Do you think it might change the way you look at it all? 

I think it will. Not only that, but I think I can guarantee that you have never read or heard the interpretation that I give you in my book THE FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE OF ENOCH about the Bible’s Book of will never be the same after reading it.

And that my friends is one of the many secrets of the esoteric. It is something that everybody has been missing; the actual meaning to the symbolism and symbolic language that is contained within the Bible and other similar ancient religious texts. It tells the almost forgotten story that is told through the ancient, unhidden symbols that surround us today and is available for the very first time in THE FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE OF ENOCH. -RJ- 

The Garden of Earthly Delights is a
triptych painted by the early
Netherlander master Hieronymus
Bosch (c. 1450–1516),

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