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Christmas & the Esoteric

With the holiday season upon us I thought it would be a good time to explore the importance of the Christmas holiday and a few of its hidden relationships to the Esoteric.

The time of Christmas is very important to the followers of the Esoteric and I think it could be argued that it might be the most important time of year for them, even more so than most. The reason for this is because the followers of the Esoteric have a totally different viewpoint of what this time of year represents and what event(s) it is actually remembering and celebrating.

As with everything with the Esoteric, the true secret is hidden within the symbols that they use. But before we can begin, we need to back up for a moment and take a quick look at the Christmas we know today. 

Most are already familiar with the general history of Christmas and that its true roots lie in the ancient pagan world of Europe and is related to the winter festivals around the time of the winter solstice. These festivals were typically interwoven with the winter harvest with the entire community participating in preparing for the long cold winter ahead. Almost every single modern tradition and idea we have about Christmas comes from these winter festivals, people helping each other, giving gifts, family and community coming together, decorating trees with ornaments and lights, and even the idea of ‘Santa Claus’ come from these ‘old world’ traditions.

The only new idea related to Christmas of the last 1,500 or so years is the Christian idea that this ancient pagan holiday is somehow related to the birth of Christ. This is also well known to most everybody and of how at first, the Catholic Church, and then later the Protestant denominations, basically took over the holiday as they came to power in new areas. It was made into a ‘Christianized’ holiday, the only problem was that some of the ideas and traditions where so deeply rooted they couldn’t be removed or changed, so they have been marginalized or the meanings related to other things.

This then brings us to the first marginalized symbol and one of the primary keys to understand the actual meaning to the time of Christmas and why it is so important to not only the followers of the Esoteric, but to so many other people and beliefs too.

The symbol I speak of is the five-pointed-star or pentagram. This is by far one of the most popular and often used Christmas symbols of all. Most mistakenly think it represents the ‘Star of Bethlehem’ that the three wise-men followed to see and offer gifts to the baby Jesus, as spoken of in the New Testament.

Now, for anybody that has actually read the Bible or truly studied the Judo-Christian Biblical tradition you should know that that can’t be correct and that there is in fact an much older story and tradition related to a five-pointed-star. This older story is ‘the morning star’, better known by its Latin name Lucifer, the angel that fell from heaven. This is also the same exact story that is contained within the Dream Vision of Enoch in the Book of Enoch. This is the same ‘star’ that Enoch describes:

And again I saw with mine eyes as I slept, and I saw the heaven above, and behold a star fell from heaven, and it arose and eat and pastured amongst those oxen…And again I saw in the vision, and looked towards the heaven, and behold I saw many stars descend and cast themselves down from heaven to that first star… (Book of Enoch, Chapter 86, verse 1 & 3) 

This ‘star that fell from heaven’ is not only known as Lucifer in the Biblical traditions, but is also recorded and remembered in many other ancient traditions. To the Egyptians this was ‘RA’ coming to humanity bringing a golden age. To the ancient Greeks, this was the great Zeus coming to earth after defeating the mighty and terrible Titans. To the Vikings this was Odin bestowing the gift of knowledge to them. This is the event of the great ‘Bringer of Light’ or ‘Light Bearer’ coming to give the gift of knowledge, the light that would burn away the darkness of ignorance, the one that came to enlighten the world for the befit of mankind, the architect of reason.

This is the reason why the five-pointed-star is so important, it is because it represents the ‘star that fell from heaven’ and brought the light of knowledge to humanity. This is also the very reason on why the early Catholic Church and the Protestant denominations have tried so very hard over the centuries to convince everybody that the star represents something else, like the star of Bethlehem.

This is one of those rare times that you can actually see the conflict that is going on behind the scenes and how they are fighting over it all. Because if either side gives away to much information, most people would began to understand the bigger ideological argument and would most likely start asking a bunch of questions that that neither the Churches nor the followers of the Esoteric really want to talk about. Mainly because it would blow the lid off the whole deal and all their power and control would fall to the wayside.

This is one of the many secrets of the symbols and the hidden esoteric story that they tell. The symbols tell a very different story than the one most think of when they think of Christmas. That the true origin of Christmas and the actual meaning of the five-pointed-star; is the very same event that is known as the ‘fall of Lucifer and his angels’. And that the embarrassing truth is that the whole idea of giving gifts; is actually celebrating and re-creating the events of the gift of knowledge being given to humanity by the star that fell from heaven. It also shows that this so-called ‘fallen angel’ that we have always been taught was such a terrible evil individual may not be what happened all those thousands of years ago.

The next great hidden meaning in the symbols is also a very important Christmas symbol and many would say is the most important of all Christmas symbols, the Christmas tree. You have most likely heard all kinds of stories, myths, and legends, about why we bring a tree into our homes and decorate it with tensile, lights, ornaments, and all the trappings that go with it. We even go to the trouble to put either a star or an angel at the top and surround it all with brightly wrapped presents.

The one you haven’t ever heard is the Esoteric reason on why we practice this strange little ritual. This ritual of the Christmas tree comes from a part of the Esoteric story, that unless you have read my book THE FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE OF ENOCH it might not make a lot of sense to you. The reason is because one of the biggest secrets of the Esoteric is the fact that there is a large part of the story that has been hidden from the general public. This is the secret of the towers and the gods that stood upon them.

The hidden story of the towers is revealed for the first time in my book THE FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE OF ENOCH and I have also briefly touched upon them in some of my earlier posts on this Blog. 

These towers were central to their entire power base and how this ancient society was organized. Everything revolved around these towers and the gods that came and stood upon them. It is also another view into the hidden symbolic story and how you already know this all if you only understand the relationship between the symbols and these stories. These ‘towers’ are also recorded and taught to us today as temples, pyramids, citadels, and all the ancient religious sites around the world. These were the places that the gods themselves came too. That is why they were and are ‘Holy’. These were and are the places that pilgrims and true believers still flock to today in the hope that the gods will look down on them kindly and bestow good things upon.

The Christmas tree we have today is actually a representation of one of these ‘towers’. Not only does it represent a tower, but it in fact represents a very particular tower of a particular individual. It represents the tower of the individual of the gods that gave gifts to humanity, sometimes he is a good guy, others the bad, but always the one that gives us knowledge. And you have already figured it out, it is the one known and remembered as Lucifer, the morning star, the star that fell from heaven.

The tree represents the tower that the ‘Light bearer’ lived in, and once year at the time of the fall, this tower would be lit-up like a huge Christmas tree that could be seen for miles and attract everybody to it. Once everybody had come to the tower, the ‘Light bearer’ would come out and bestow gifts to the ones he thought were worthy. Tradition says he always appeared as an old, grey-haired, bearded, grandfatherly looking fellow, often dressed in red and that had white skin with typically blue eyes, just like our modern idea of Santa Claus. A tradition millions upon millions of us still remember and recreate once a year.

And there you have it, the esoteric meaning to Christmas as told through the symbols and hopefully a little better understanding of the secret and power that they hold. There is an entire hidden history and knowledge about our world and ourselves that most never thought existed that can only be unlocked through knowing the almost forgotten story that is told through the ancient unhidden symbols that surround us today.

I wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday season, may there be peace and goodwill toward all.  -RJ-

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