Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Dream Vision: The most important story you have never heard of.

What is the Dream Vision and why should you even care about it?

If you are, or ever have been interested in the Bible, its books, its stories, its lore, its mystery, its history, its symbolism, and just how this book came to be, either as one of the faithful, or take a more scholarly and historical perspective of it all, then the Dream Vision will come as quite a surprise.

To begin with, what is the Dream Vision? Very simply put, the Dream Vision is an allegorical or symbolic retelling of the Biblical story that uses animals to represent people, men to represent angels, with God being represented as the Lord of the sheep, contained within the ancient Book of Enoch. 

And that is typically all that is ever said about it by anybody, expert or lay alike. Also, the chances are that you have never even heard of this Dream Vision of Enoch. (Here is a link to the Dream Vision: and the Book of Enoch:

But, this little retelling of the Biblical story in the Book of Enoch, known as the Dream Vision, that you have never heard of, will change everything you think you know about the Bible and the story it contains.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

God, the Devil, and the Esoteric

There are many very different ideas about God and the Devil from all around the world. It could very well be one of the greatest subjects of argument and disagreement humanity has ever known. 

There have been countless conflicts over the subject for as long as we have recorded history. It is rooted within the very fabric of our being. In many ways it is at the core of our culture, our civilization, our history.  It helps provide the framework of ourselves on many different levels.

In fact it is so much a part of us that I am sure that very specific ideas and concepts jumped into your mind as soon as you read the words, God and Devil. I would guess that most everybody would have a rather typical monotheist idea that ‘God’ is (in some form) a good, caring, loving, forgiving type of creator of the world and of humanity. And that also a very general idea of the ‘Devil’ as being the exact opposite of that with it basically being the source of all the evil in the world.

Even if you are an unbeliever and take a much more atheistic/materialistic view of the world, you still probably have very specific ideas of what these words mean. You have still been heavily impacted and influenced by the monotheistic idea of God and the Devil.

Now as we all know over the last 50 or so years there is another idea that has been slowly presented to the general public. With that being the basic idea that the religious ideas of God and the Devil is replaced with a highly technologically advanced alien civilization or better known as the Ancient Astronaut Theory.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Secret of the Pleiades Cluster

If you have already read THE FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE OF ENOCH then much of this post will be very familiar to you, but there is a bit of new information that wasn’t presented in the book.

To everybody else that hasn’t read my book and/or has just been reading this blog, then this will be something totally new to you and will help you understand that the esoteric isn’t based on just some crazy old story from a dusty, almost forgotten book. It will also help establish a new timeline of many ancient events based on a solid scientific understanding of astronomy with an independent form of dating. Dating that can’t easily be dismissed or faked.

That may seem like a rather bold claim to make, but as with much of the esoteric, the devil is in the details and sometimes you have to take a slightly different perspective than you have been taught.
Before we can begin our journey into the secret of the Pleiades Cluster of stars, we must first explore a couple of scientific facts about the night sky and the stars we can see with the naked eye.
The first being the fact that the stars we see are not fixed upon the night sky, but then do in fact move position over long periods of time. This phenomena is known as ‘Proper Motion’ and it is because the stars we can see are moving independently of our own solar system. (Additional information on Proper Motion:

Saturday, September 19, 2015

What is The New World Order?

(Note: The point of this post is to introduce you, the reader, to the general historic outline of the origin of what is known as the New World Order. It is not meant to provide all the answers or really any answers, but is to help the curious and truth seekers get a better idea of the overall historical structure. It is only meant as guide to help point out a path that is normally never traveled when dealing with this subject. And as always with the esoteric, you will find that it is, and isn’t, what you think it is.)
No doubt that you have hear the term The New World Order. In fact you have most likely have looked it up on the net to find out more about it. And truth be told, if you put that question into Google you will get about 741,000,000 results back.

And if you take a few minutes to read some of if it, you will quickly understand that the basic idea is that it is some type of conspiracy theory referring to the emergence of a totalitarian one world government, with one religion, one economic system, and one military. You will find just about everything you can think of about it and many things you haven’t.

But the truth is, that the vast majority of what you will find on those 741,000,000 websites and pages is totally full of crap (outside of the basic idea). In fact, as I have studied the esoteric over the years I have been amazed by the sheer amount of bad information floating around out there, not only on the net, but also put out and believed by average people.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Who did Cain & Able Marry? An Esoteric View

This could be one of the best known questions when it comes to the Genesis story in the Bible, just who did Cain & Able marry if they and Adam & Eve were the only humans on the planet? (According to the story)

The first thing to point out is that it is apparently clear that nobody reads their Bible and only repeat what they hear, because if they had then they would realize that Able never married. The Bible gives the impression that Able was killed by his brother before he could ever take a wife. With knowing this information we can now understand the correct question is not who did Cain & Able marry? But who did Cain marry?

Over years I have heard a number of different answers given, with the idea that they/he married their/his sister being one of the more popular ones. But the truth is the Bible doesn’t provide any information on the subject. So will we ever be able to figure this out? Is the story in Genesis just some made up fantasy about the creation of man? Or could we all be missing something?

The truth is we have all been missing something very important and that something is one of the big secrets of the esoteric and the Dream Vision of Enoch contained within the ancient Book of Enoch. It is also a piece that can only be answered by understanding the Dream Vision and the symbolism it holds.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Strange Video "I, Pet Goat, II" by HelioFant – An Esoteric Interpretation

No doubt that most reading this have seen the strange little video from HelioFant titled ‘I, pet goat, II’ (link to video: It is also highly likely that most have also read or watched a video about what this video is about. And the truth is every single interpretation of this video that I have seen or read about is 100% wrong in their understanding of this video.

The reason I say this is because not one of them have the core esoteric story or have any idea where it comes from. They also don’t understand the allegory or symbolic meaning of the story and how it tells the core esoteric story. In addition they are all trying to view it from a Christian perspective which is incorrect because the Christian part is only one small part of a much bigger story.

To truly understand the symbolic story this video tells, I highly recommend you read my book THE FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE OF ENOCH and learn the whole of the hidden esoteric story. And if you have already read it, then this will help you understand how the whole of the story ties together to give you a better understanding of how the followers of the esoteric hide and tell this story at the same time.

To begin understanding the story that this little video tells you must know of one of the biggest secrets of the esoteric and the story they hide. This secret isn’t really much of secret in this day and age, but many still have great problems in wrapping their minds around it.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Door

The esoteric belief system has vast number of diverse aspects that lead to many different paths of understanding and enlightenment of hidden knowledge for each individual. Some of these paths lead to science, mathematics, engineering, and forgotten histories of humanity. Others follow the secrets of the symbols and the allegorical story they hide within. And still others have a much more mystical, spiritual, and even a metaphysical side to them. With all of them being smaller parts of a much greater whole.

In this post we will take a slightly different journey into the esoteric than we have been exploring on this blog. This will be a short journey down one of the more mystical/metaphysical paths of the esoteric.  

Over the last few of years, since I began writing my book, THE FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE OF ENOCH and also since it has been available for sale, I have had the unique chance to meet a number of people and discuss a number of different ideas and experiences that I would normally never have had before.

In the course of some of these discussions I have had a small number of people that have spoken to me about a rather strange experience that they have had. And as time has gone along and I have interacted with more people, I have noticed that these individuals are having a rather similar experience, in the fact that they all involved a door.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Unlocking the Dream Vision – Part IX – Lambs, Monsters, & Destruction

In this edition of Unlocking the Dream Vision we will explore an almost forgotten war that is also very well known by hundreds of millions of people around the world as the war of Armageddon. It is also one of the starting points to the biggest secrets of the esoteric religion.

To begin understanding this dichotomy of how the war of Armageddon that is believed by millions today to be prophecy as told by the Bible’s Book of Revelation, is actually an ancient almost forgotten war that destroyed the world that came before ours. We must return to once again to the ancient cylinder seals with our new understanding that they symbolical retell the Dream Vision.

It should be noted, that if you haven’t read the first eight parts of this series and/or my book THE FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE OF ENOCH, this post may be hard to follow or even understand. For those who have been reading this series and especially the book, then you should find this one rather enjoyable and will hopefully answer a couple of questions you have.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Radio and Podcast Guest Appearances

Here are the links for all the shows I have had a guest appearance on. Included are the links to the website for each show and the archives. Intrepid Radio doesn’t have many archived shows and mine isn’t one of them. 

Spaced Out Radio with Host Dave Scott

Tuesday, July 14th 2015 at 10:00 pm (PST) 

Conspirinormal Podcast with Host Adam Sayne 

Inside the Eye - LIVE !!! with host The Fetch

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Unlocking the Dream Vision – Part VIII – War, Cylinder Seals, & the mysterious Shepherds

In this edition of Unlocking the Dream Vision, we will begin our journey back into the text of the Dream Vision and the many esoteric secrets it holds. We will also be entering a part of the Dream Vision that begins pulling a number of different items together that will help provide a context for much of what you have read in this series, which makes it a good time to say; That if you haven’t read the first seven parts of this series and/or read my book, THE FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE OF ENOCH, you might get lost rather quickly. As for everybody else who has read either or both, then this is the one of the posts you have been waiting for.

This is because will we begin taking a look at an almost forgotten war and we also be returning to the ancient cylinder seals. In addition we will begin seeing the actual origin of many of the esoteric symbols we see every single day. This is the point where in many ways we leave the Biblical text, but at the same time gain a greater understanding of it. This is also where we enter into much of the hidden part of the story that is at the heart of the esoteric.

But before we can jump into it all, we need to do a quick re-cap of events up to this point. We also need to begin our understanding that Dream Vision is also the story told on the ancient cylinder seals. This understanding allows us to piece together a few of the things that have been missing on both sides and unlocks not only much of the meaning of symbols, but also their origin.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Unlocking the Dream Vision – Part VII – A Brief Look Back at the Gods of Old

In the first six parts of this series we have been exploring how the allegorical story of the Dream Vision contained within the ancient Book of Enoch is the key to understanding and unlocking the true meaning to the esoteric symbolism that surrounds us today.

We have looked at a number of items that at first might sound a bit on the far-out side, but then later appear to answer some of the more mysterious questions we have about our past. We have also taken a tiny peek into realizing that there seems to be possible evidence to support it all. And we have seen that the esoteric has a vastly different interpretation and timeline of history.

In this edition, we will be taking a pause from the Dream Vision and will step back to a time before this story began. This is necessary because before we can move into the next part of the almost forgotten war, you must be aware of a few elements that help provide an understanding of what the possible motivations of the gods were. And in order to understand that, we must look at just who these beings could be and to do that we must go to a time that is shrouded in mystery, myth, legend and speculation.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Unlocking the Dream Vision - Part VI - The beginning of the forgotten war

We have finally reached the point where we can begin looking at the heart of the hidden esoteric story and the origin of much of the meaning to some of the symbolism we see around us today.

In the first five parts of this series we have looked at a few of the many different aspects of the symbolic Dream Vision and how it is the key to unlocking the allegorical part of the Biblical story. 

We have also seen how this symbolism and its meaning, changes the context of much of what we have be taught to believe and call religion that is suppose to be made-up of myth and legend. And additionally we have seen that this esoteric interpretation the symbolic Dream Vision provides an entirely new timeline of history, which appears to answer a few of the mysteries of our almost forgotten past. In the next part we will take a closer look at this new timeline.

But we must first look at the meaning of some of the symbols and begin our understanding of how it connects to the ancient cylinder seal artifacts that seem to support it. We will also begin looking at the actual origin of the esoteric symbolism that we see every single day and how it is rooted in an almost forgotten war that led to the destruction of entire world.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Unlocking the Dream Vision – Part V – Exodus

In the first four parts of this series we have taken a small look into the Dream Vision of Enoch and began unlocking some of the hidden meaning behind the esoteric symbolism and the almost forgotten story they tell.

We have looked at the esoteric meaning of the symbol of the Bull or Oxen, and how it represents the first men. Not only does it represent the first men, but it also represents the first men that were corrupted by the Watchers, or Fallen Angels.

This understanding not only changes many of our perceptions of ancient stories and myths that contain this symbolism but it also gives new meaning to more familiar stories like the Exodus.

The story of the Exodus that is contained within the Dream Vision of Enoch is almost exactly the same as the one contained in the Bible. There are only a few minor differences between the two versions, which we will only look at one of these differences today in this post. 

I think the more important thing to understand and realize here, is that this gives a perfect example to the lay person of how the Dream Vision of Enoch and the Biblical story are one and the same. This also allows you to see how Dream Vision is the general outline of the story and the Biblical text provides many of the details.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Silent weapons & Hidden wars

An ever growing number of people are slowly becoming aware that there is a covert Geo-engineering (aka chem-trails) project going on over our heads. If you get on the net you will find what seems to be an almost never ending list of conspiracy theories on just what exactly is going on.

But as a whole, outside of the fact that it is happening, nobody seems to really have any real idea of what the true reason is for it or why so much secrecy.

I personally have been seriously researching the subject since May of 2011, when the full blown daily atmospheric spraying starting here in southwestern Montana. And like most, I have found most of the stuff on the internet to be nothing but a bunch of bunk and/or propaganda, with official sources acting deaf, blind, and dumb about the whole subject. If they do talk about it, they only speak of it in the most theoretical manner and that it will happen sometime in the future.

Then we can go to the other extreme and that it is all part of some vast sinister conspiracy to wipe out most of mankind by some evil shadow group that worships the devil, to just about everything you can think of in-between. But the truth is that none of it really provides any real answers and it all just seems to add to the general confusion about it all.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Unlocking the Dream Vision – Part IV – The black wild boar and the sheep

In the first three parts of this series, we have explored a few of the great many different aspects of the Dream Vision of Enoch and some of the meaning behind the esoteric symbolism. 

This esoteric symbolism and how it relates directly to the Dream Vision of Enoch and how the Dream Vision, is then directly related to the Biblical story is one of the keys to understanding the esoteric belief system and the hidden knowledge it holds.

Here in Part VI we will take our first real look at how the symbolism contained within the Dream Vision of Enoch, is the key to unlocking whole of the esoteric story. 

This is also the point that we begin exploring the true secret of the forbidden knowledge and how it actually ties a vast number of seemingly unrelated subjects together in way you haven’t thought of before.

We will begin our journey down the rabbit hole of the esoteric where we left off in Part III, the time after the great Flood and the sons of Noah. First we will start with the Dream Vision.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Unlocking the Dream Vision – Part III – The Nephilim and the Flood

In Part II of Unlocking the Dream Vision we took a look at the event that is remembered in the western Judeo-Christian tradition of Lucifer and his fellow angels fall from grace and the five-pointed-star symbol that represents it. We also looked at how this simple symbol actually contains a vast amount mathematical information and that is one of the secrets of these esoteric symbols.

Here in Part III, we will take a closer look at the events that came after this fall from grace of the one remembered as the Bringer of Light and his coming to earth to live among mankind.

As we saw in Part II, the Dream Vision tells us that the stars that fell from heaven mated with the oxen, who then bare elephants, camels, and asses. Who tradition tells us were the Nephilim, the Giants, and the Elioud. The Dream Vision and the Biblical tradition tell us that these offspring of the Sons of God, or better known as the Watchers as Enoch calls them, bring great evil with them. This evil becomes so great that it results in the great Deluge that almost wipes mankind form the face of the earth.

Most have heard of Nephilim and their offspring the Giants, even-though most get them confused and think they are one and the same. And most have never heard of the Elioud at all. The thing that most are not aware of is that truthfully there isn’t very much in the way of information about any of these beings or the events that surround them. Most all of what we have comes from the Book of Enoch and the Biblical oral tradition. But these sources are rather limited and we must turn to the esoteric religious belief if we hope to learn anything new.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Unlocking the Dream Vision of Enoch – Part II - The Fall

In Part I of Unlocking the Dream Vision of Enoch, we took a first look at some of the esoteric meaning of the ancient symbol of the bull. We also touched upon how it represents the ‘first men’ that were created and how this understanding changes the context of many of the ancient mythologies that use the symbol of the bull.

Here in Part II, we will look at next event in the Dream Vision of Enoch and the symbol that represents it. This next part of the story is one that is, and isn’t, known by everybody. What I mean by that is that we have all heard of this story in one form or another, but that very few of us actually know the origin of the story we have today.

The next part of the Dream Vision speaks of the event that corrupted the first men. In the Western Judeo-Christian tradition this was the fall of Lucifer and his angels, in ancient Greece it was Zeus coming to earth after defeating the mighty Titans. To the ancient Egyptians, it was RA coming from the sky to create paradise on earth. To Enoch, it is a star that falls from heaven

And that is where we will begin our journey today into the Dream Vision and the hidden esoteric knowledge it holds.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Unlocking the Dream Vision of Enoch – Part I - The symbol of the Bull

This will be the first in a series of posts where we will begin unlocking the hidden esoteric secrets of the Dream Vision of Enoch. 

In the process you will be introduced to many different aspects of the esoteric that will make you question everything you think you know about the ancient, unhidden symbols that surround us and the almost forgotten story they tell.

To begin with, what is the Dream Vision of Enoch

It could possibly be one of the most important stories that you have never hear of. It is virtually unknown to the average person. Even among scholars and theologians this story is normally overlooked.

The Dream Vision of Enoch has been traditionally interpreted as an allegorical or symbolic account of the history of Israel that uses animals to represent human beings and human beings to represent angels.  

Friday, February 27, 2015

A first look at the Esoteric & Christianity

Most are very aware of the fact that traditional religion, but especially Christianity, has been under a rather constant assault over the years. If you go on to the internet you can find all kinds of stories, books, blogs, and information on the subject from all sides with dozens of opinions. 

The thing you won’t find is the reason on why it is being done in the first place or what the real motivation is behind it. And the reason you won’t find it is because it is intimately linked to the esoteric religion and their recondite or hidden knowledge of the past.

This is one of those things that the followers or students of the esoteric really go out of their way to avoid talking about too much with anybody that isn’t a fellow follower. The reason is because it might give away too much, which could expose their hidden history to the world, before they believe it is ready for it. Also it appears that the followers of the esoteric truly fear that if the whole thing isn’t handled very carefully they could set off a religious war that they would most likely lose.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Esoteric meaning to the Eye of Providence

We are all very familiar with the Eye-of-Providence, or also known as the All-Seeing-Eye. This symbol has typically and traditional been interpreted as a symbol representing the eye of God or divine providence watching over humankind. 

It has been used by many different cultures around the world throughout the ages with ancient Egypt and the Eye of Horus being one of the best known today. It is also well known to be associated with Freemasonry. It is this association with Freemasonry is one of the primary reasons of why it has become such a conversational symbol for many.

As I said, we are very familiar with this symbol; the thing you are not familiar with is the reason on why it is so important to the esoteric religion in general. So important in fact that it is put on just about everything you can think of, including our money. So why is this symbol so important to the followers of the esoteric? What special meaning does it hold for them? Just what does this symbol really and truly represent?

(Note: This post is written with the idea that you have read THE FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE OF ENOCH, if you haven’t, then much of this might be hard to follow or understand.)

To answer these questions we must go back down the rabbit hole that is the esoteric.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Legends of Enoch

Since THE FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE OF ENOCH has been published, I have had the opportunity to speak with a larger group of people than I normally would have before. As I have spoken with many of these people, (with some being well educated) I have noticed that there is a general misunderstanding of the Biblical patriarch known as Enoch. I think this has happened because for the majority of people, their only knowledge of Enoch comes from the Book of Genesis in the Bible, and to be truthful, there isn’t much there. The vast majority of people appear to completely unaware that there is a large tradition and a number of legends that surround this mysterious patriarch. 

Today I would like to explore some of the mystery that surrounds Enoch and also some of the legends that are related to him. Enoch has a rich traditional history that is virtually unknown to the general public, but at the same time is familiar to many because bits-and-pieces of this tradition have made it into people’s minds over the years. Here we will take a more Esoteric view of Enoch and some of the more interesting stories and legends associated with him.  

All that we can learn from the Book of Genesis on the subject of Enoch and his life is that he was the seventh of the patriarchs; the son of Jared, father of Methuselah, grand-father of Lamech, and great-grandfather of Noah. Traditionally it has been accepted that his was a life of “eminent virtue”, so much so that he is described as “walking with God”; and that after 365 years of life, tradition says “his earthly pilgrimage was terminated, not by death, but by a bodily translation to heaven”.