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A first look at the Esoteric & Christianity

Most are very aware of the fact that traditional religion, but especially Christianity, has been under a rather constant assault over the years. If you go on to the internet you can find all kinds of stories, books, blogs, and information on the subject from all sides with dozens of opinions. 

The thing you won’t find is the reason on why it is being done in the first place or what the real motivation is behind it. And the reason you won’t find it is because it is intimately linked to the esoteric religion and their recondite or hidden knowledge of the past.

This is one of those things that the followers or students of the esoteric really go out of their way to avoid talking about too much with anybody that isn’t a fellow follower. The reason is because it might give away too much, which could expose their hidden history to the world, before they believe it is ready for it. Also it appears that the followers of the esoteric truly fear that if the whole thing isn’t handled very carefully they could set off a religious war that they would most likely lose.
But to truly being understanding the reason on why traditional religious belief systems are under constant attack, we must journey down the rabbit hole that is the esoteric.

The primary reason on why the followers of the esoteric have been attacking the old traditional religious ways is really quite simple, it is because they know and understand that the history that we have all been taught is just flat out wrong. But it isn’t ‘wrong’ in the sense that we have all been fed a bunch lies about our past, the vast majority of the stories are correct, the problem is primarily with the timeline of events. I think this is one of the points that generates a lot of confusion for many people.

One of the primary problems (from an esoteric point of view) is that over the last 1,500-or-so years, beginning with the Catholic Church, there has been only one interpretation of history and of the timeline of when it is believed that certain historical events took place. But a true follower/student of the esoteric understands that the timeline of events that everybody believes, is incorrect. The real problem lays in the esoteric knowledge that the timeline of history that has been presented to the masses, which has become part of the foundation of all of western culture, thought, and civilization, is much older than any believe. So much so that if you disagree with the accepted traditional timeline of historical events for he last 6,000 years, you are highly likely to be labeled as some type of nut job.

And I will give you a perfect example of this and what I am trying to get at here. It is a very well-known fact that the man that is remembered as Jesus Christ, lived about 2,000 years ago. I don’t think anybody (but an esoteric) would argue with that statement and would see no reason to doubt it, believer or non-believer alike.

In fact most would argue and even defend that statement and idea to the bitter end. But there is slight problem here, there is no physical evidence that the man remembered as Jesus Christ, actually lived 2,000 years ago. So why does everybody believe it? It is because that is what at first the Catholic Church taught. It has also been repeating it non-stop for over 15 centuries. Not only repeating it, but it is also a well-known historical fact that the Catholic Church has gone out of its way to stomp out any and all other competing ideas, so that only one was left, theirs.

At the time of the Protestant Reformation stating in 1517, this idea that Jesus Christ lived only 1,500 years earlier was firmly cemented into the very fabric of the whole culture and civilization. The Protestants kept with that idea, and since then it has been defended as fact, by all parties.

'The Baptism of Christ' by Aert de Gelder 1710 
But to a true follower/student of the esoteric, they think that the whole idea that the man remembered as Jesus Christ living 2,000 years ago is completely wrong. They think that the actual truth is closer to the idea that he actually lived about 13,000 years ago. Not only that, he also thinks that the events that are recorded in the Bible’s Book of Revelation are not prophecy but are in fact a symbolic historical record of things that happened long ago in a world much different than our own of today.

This is the problem for the esoteric, how can he tell or convince anybody that the esoteric viewpoint could be the correct one and the more traditional idea we all know, is the incorrect one? Especially when the very idea itself, is typically rejected out of hand without a second thought. In fact many reading this have already rejected it as a crazy idea that can’t possibly be right in any way, shape, or form.

And that is the reason on why the followers of the esoteric have been attacking and trying to break-down most traditional religions. They are trying to sow the seeds of doubt, by introducing new ideas and possibilities about our past. They are also trying to break-down the idea that these beings, that our ancestors and the vast majority of people today believe were/are gods, devils, angles or demons, are actually something else. 

The current idea being dripped fed to the general public is that they were some type of ancient astronaut of possible alien origin. They are also trying to put forward the idea that what our ancestors called magic was in fact some form of advanced technology that they themselves didn’t understand.

I think most people can realize how incredible difficult it is to change an idea once it is imbedded into the cultural make-up of a civilization and the society it creates. You can’t just come out and say the other idea is wrong, even if you have all the evidence in the world, because a true believer may never believe it, no matter what happens, including death. The history books are full of stories of people who fought to death over something they believed to be true beyond all doubt, but only to be later proven wrong.

But the truth is that there is a little more to it than just that. You still need to be aware of the motivation behind it all. This is the next part that either confuses people or just loses them completely. I think it is because many are not aware that this is as much a religious belief as any other and some of it has to be taken on faith. 

The symbolism indicates and the followers of the esoteric give the impression that the true motivation behind it all is because parts of the higher leadership of the esoteric religion(s) have been in contact with these ancient beings our ancestors called and worshiped as gods. 

This is one of the biggest secrets to understanding the esoteric, they believe that the so-called ancient gods, never left, but are in fact still here today, in hiding, working behind the scenes. Many speculate that these 'ancient ones' are the ones actually in charge and pulling all the strings. They are the ‘aliens’ you keep hearing about and why the powers-that-be, spend so much time, money, and resources on the whole UFO phenomenon trying debunk it, but also trying to disclose it at the same time.

And that brings us to the end of our journey through the rabbit hole that is the esoteric, because for you to understand the rest of the reasons behind this, you are going to have to know much more about the esoteric belief system and the hidden symbolic story that is at the heart of it all. 

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Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws. – Confucius

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