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The Esoteric meaning to the Eye of Providence

We are all very familiar with the Eye-of-Providence, or also known as the All-Seeing-Eye. This symbol has typically and traditional been interpreted as a symbol representing the eye of God or divine providence watching over humankind. 

It has been used by many different cultures around the world throughout the ages with ancient Egypt and the Eye of Horus being one of the best known today. It is also well known to be associated with Freemasonry. It is this association with Freemasonry is one of the primary reasons of why it has become such a conversational symbol for many.

As I said, we are very familiar with this symbol; the thing you are not familiar with is the reason on why it is so important to the esoteric religion in general. So important in fact that it is put on just about everything you can think of, including our money. So why is this symbol so important to the followers of the esoteric? What special meaning does it hold for them? Just what does this symbol really and truly represent?

(Note: This post is written with the idea that you have read THE FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE OF ENOCH, if you haven’t, then much of this might be hard to follow or understand.)

To answer these questions we must go back down the rabbit hole that is the esoteric.

To begin with, you need to understand that there is a very specific esoteric meaning to the Eye-of-Providence and what it truly represents. And to understand this esoteric meaning, you first need to understand on why it is thought to be the eye of God or divine providence in the first place. It is only when we answer this question that you can understand the hidden esoteric meaning of the symbol.

The answer to this question lays in the fact that the followers of the esoteric know that the Eye-of- Providence represents the ‘heaven’. And this heaven was the ‘abode of the Host of Heaven’ as Enoch put it. It was also remembered as Olympus to the ancient Greeks, in Norse mythology it was known as Asgard, in all cultures it was the physical place where the gods themselves called home. What you need to understand is the esoteric meaning of this mysterious place remembered as the heaven. To the followers of the esoteric they know and understand that this heaven was actually (and sorry to put it so bluntly) a massive circular ship in low-earth orbit.
(*For a better idea about this ship and beings on it, please see A New Take on Aliens – Part I: & A New Take on Aliens – Part II: - Additional information can be found in THE FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE OF ENOCH)

This great and magnificent ship could be seen from the ground with the naked-eye and it was recorded by every single ancient culture on the planet. Not only could it be seen from the ground by our ancestors, but it actually looked like a huge eye-ball looking down from the heavens above. 

This is one of those 'little pieces' of information that has been missing for most people and completely changes the story. Because even though at the moment you are thinking to yourself that this might be a little on the loony side, there is a surprising amount of evidence to back it up. 

It is this fact that this ‘ship’, this heaven was recorded by our ancestors not only in writing, but also in art. Not only was it recorded, but it was talked about in great detail, it was Mount Olympus, where in never rained or snowed, nor day or night, but was always lit and pleasant, a place where none wanted, for all had everything they needed. In the Bible and the other monotheistic texts, this ship was ‘heaven’ the home of God and his angels. And there are countless other similar stories from all around the world speaking of this place, this abode of the Host of Heaven.

All of the ancient writings speaking of this great ship, this heaven as it was known, is amazing by itself, but when added with the fact that it was also recorded in art, makes it all very hard to deny it might be true and not so loony after all.

As I said before, this heaven could be seen from the ground by our ancestors and it looked similar to a huge eye-ball looking down. This is what was recorded in the artwork, a large circular ship that looked like an eye. This is a fact that seems to have been overlooked by just about everybody (but the followers of the esoteric), that every single ancient culture on the planet has the same similar circular object recorded in their artwork. Not only that, but over the last 20 or so years, (unless you have been living under a rock) the average person has seen this and not noticed it at all. It might be due to the fact that most of the time the general public is told that these symbols represent ‘calendars’ or ‘gods’ and many don’t put much thought into it past that.



Native America - Sand painting

Chinese Zodiac





Eye of Horus
Ancient Middle Eastern

As you can see, each and every one of these symbols is clearly representing the same thing, the great ship that was seen in the sky by our ancient ancestors, the abode of the Host of Heaven; the great eye of God always looking down.

This symbol has slowly evolved over time into the more familiar Eye-of-Providence we see on the back of every single dollar bill, but its esoteric meaning has never changed. It still always represents this ship that looked like a great eye of God looking down from above; the home of the gods themselves. And given the fact that each one of these symbolic representations of the heaven have many of the same basic features in common. In addition that they all come from many different cultures spread around the world, makes it very hard to deny that we have to be dealing with something that was real, not just some myth or legend.

Based on the images above and the many descriptions given in the ancient stories, I have put together three rough sketches of what this ship or heaven might have looked like. The first sketch is a bottom view of this craft with possible lay-out of which parts were lighted. It could also be that these parts were just highly reflective and would only be visible when sunlight would hit it at the right angle. I think it is very safe to say that the very center did have some type of bright light source that could be controlled and looked like an eye from the ground. I think it is a safe assumption that most of the area on the underside would be part of the propulsion system and when it was used, it just happened to look like an eye from the ground. Based on the description given in the Book of Enoch and the ideas from my earlier posts ‘A New Take on Aliens Parts I & II, I would speculate that the four rectangular protrusions could be large cargo bays or maybe a type of docking bay for the movement of material and equipment.        

The center sketch is a side on view, trying to give the idea that the dome structure may have been semi-transparent and the underlying structure was most likely in a step-pyramid design. It would be a good way to maximize the use of the space. It would also explain the reason on why so many different ancient cultures built step-pyramids; it was because they were trying to recreate the world above, the heaven. In addition, if this dome structure was actually semi-transparent, it would make sense from an engineering point of view that it would be coated in gold to protect it from the harsh radiation of space, just like we do today with much of our own satellites and other space hardware. It would explain why ‘gold’ was needed by the gods.

The final sketch is a top-down view and should give you a better idea of the possible step-pyramid design of the interior structure. I can’t help but wonder if this is where the idea of different levels of heaven might have come from, because I can easily imagine how this step-pyramid design could give somebody the idea of different levels you had to go through to reach the next one. Again, it would explain a few mysteries of the ancient stories.   

Based on information provided in my book THE FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE OF ENOCH, I estimate that the mass of this ship could have been around 350,000,000+ tons. And given this general design and mass, it may have been between six(6) to ten(10) miles across. Which to help you understand just how big this thing may have been, that is roughly equal to about 5,000 Nimitz-class aircraft carriers.

Now if that isn’t enough to get your head spinning, there is another aspect to these ancient calendars that appears to be only known to the followers of the esoteric. (Again, if you haven’t read THE FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE OF ENOCH this next part might not make too much sense).

To understand this other aspect we have to go back to the Dream Vision of Enoch and realize that ‘animals’ that he uses in the story, actually represent groups of people, for example: how the sheep are the tribes of Israel or the ‘dogs’ are thought to be the ‘Philistines’.

It is this realization that the ‘animals’ represent different groups of people and knowing that the ‘gods’ always came and demanded some type of sacrifice or offering. That you can actually understand for the first time that these ‘calendars’ were probably not really calendars to keep track of time, but more likely a ‘schedule’ of when these so-called ‘gods’ would arrive to collect their offerings from each group. This would explain where the ‘animals’ of the zodiac come from, they don’t represent ‘stars’ in the night sky, but really represent the different groups of people that were represented as animals and the time period of when the ‘gods’ would come to each group.

Based on the Dream Vision, the reason there are twelve animals in the zodiac is because there were twelve tribes of man, with each one representing each tribe. And these animal symbols were then connected to the night sky and the lunar and solar cycles to make a crude clock.

This clock is then tied to the symbol that is at the heart of it all, the heaven, typically located in the center to represent its importance. The followers of the esoteric believe that what we have here is actually a symbolic representation of this great and legendary ship of the gods and an ancient schedule of when these gods would come to each tribe, standing upon their high towers to receive their offerings and sacrifice, so each group could then in turn receive their blessings from the gods.

This is the true esoteric meaning to this symbol; it represents the ship remembered as the heaven, the great abode of the Host of Heaven and the Ancient of Days, it is a symbol of the ultimate power that was seen in the sky by our ancient ancestors, always looking down, always keeping watch, always a mystery to those who looked from below…until that one fateful day…But that is a story for a different time…  

And with that we come to the end of this little journey through the rabbit hole that is the esoteric and the hidden meaning of the Eye-of-Providence. -RJ-   
Heaven wheels above you displaying to you her eternal glories and still you eyes are on the ground - Dante

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