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Unlocking the Dream Vision of Enoch – Part I - The symbol of the Bull

This will be the first in a series of posts where we will begin unlocking the hidden esoteric secrets of the Dream Vision of Enoch. 

In the process you will be introduced to many different aspects of the esoteric that will make you question everything you think you know about the ancient, unhidden symbols that surround us and the almost forgotten story they tell.

To begin with, what is the Dream Vision of Enoch

It could possibly be one of the most important stories that you have never hear of. It is virtually unknown to the average person. Even among scholars and theologians this story is normally overlooked.

The Dream Vision of Enoch has been traditionally interpreted as an allegorical or symbolic account of the history of Israel that uses animals to represent human beings and human beings to represent angels.  

In reality, it is the story that unlocks the door to the allegorical symbolism that contains the hidden knowledge that is the basis of the doctrine of the esoteric religion. In addition, it is also the ‘history of creation’ that is often spoken of in many legends, myths, and religions that are related to Enoch. (1)

This allegorical account is in fact the missing piece that so many have sought through the ages. It also unlocks the secret to the actual meaning of the esoteric symbolism we see every day. Not only is it the missing piece to understanding the meaning of the symbolism, but it also gives a radically new timeline and interpretation of the entire idea of our understanding of history that we have all been taught.

We must begin with the first part of the Dream Vision and the creation of man to start our journey into the world of the esoteric and always remember, it is and isn’t what you think it is…

Before I took thy mother Edna, I saw in a vision on my bed, and behold a bull came forth from the earth, and that bull was white; and after it came forth a heifer, and along with this (latter) came forth two bulls, one of them black and the other red. And that black bull gored the red one and pursued him over the earth, and thereupon I could no longer see that red bull. But that black bull grew and that heifer went with him, and I saw that many oxen proceeded from him which resembled and followed him. And that cow, the first one, went from the presence of that first bull in order to seek that red one, but found him not, and lamented with a great lamentation over him and sought him. And I looked till that first bull came to her and quieted her, and from that time onward she cried no more. And after that she bore another white bull, and after him she bore many bulls and black cows. And I saw in my sleep that white bull likewise grow and become a great white bull, and from him proceeded many white bulls, and they resembled him. And they began to beget many white bulls, which resembled them, one following the other (even) many. (Book of Enoch, Chapter 85, verses 3 to 10,) (2)

As you can see, this is the Biblical story of Adam & Eve, Cain, Able, and Seth, even-though some of the details are different there is no doubt that interpretation is the correct one. Many of these other details are explored in THE FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE OF ENOCH, but for this post we only want to focus on the symbolism of the ‘bull’ and the idea of it being a symbol or allegory for the first men.

It is this idea that the symbol of the ‘bull’ or oxen, represents the ‘first men’ created by God is the first step into understanding the greater esoteric knowledge. This may not at first seem to be of much importance, but this small piece of information has major impact on our general understanding of our own history.

It is because it changes our understanding of what we have been reading and seeing all of these years when it comes to what most call ancient mythology. It is only when you understand this idea of what the ancient symbol of the bull represents can you begin unlocking the esoteric knowledge of many ancient stories and begin to see that much larger amount of information is contained within them.

Most are familiar with at least one of the many stories of Greek mythology were the great lord of Olympus, Zeus, would transform himself into a ‘bull’ or use a bull, and seduce some poor lovely maiden. With the story of Europa and the Bull being one of the most famous. Most normally think of an actual bull when they hear these stories and this is one of the reasons on why they are typically thought of only as mythology and not fact.

But as you can now hopefully realize that we have all been incorrect with our thinking about this, Zeus wasn’t transforming himself into an actual bull but was instead transforming himself into a first man to seduce the hapless young lady. This changes the entire story and our understanding of it. It also gives a perfect example of how the allegorical story is hidden within the literal story and how one small piece of esoteric knowledge can change everything you thought you knew about ancient mythology. This is one of the first lessons of learning the actual meaning to the symbols and how the Dream Vision is the secret to unlocking them.

In addition it also provides the first clue on how all the many different cultures of the ancient world can be connected through the symbols, in this case a bull, and how they are all related to the same basic idea and story, the Dream Vision of Enoch.
That will conclude our first look into the Dream Vision of Enoch and one of the many symbolic secrets it holds. In our next post we will begin looking the next ancient symbol as revealed by the story of the Dream Vision of Enoch, the five-pointed-star and the event it remembers.  -RJ-

Jan Brueghel d. Ä. - Europa and the Bull


(     2)    Book of Enoch, by R.H. Charles, SPCK London, Published in 1917. Avaiblable online at

(     3)    The Forbidden Knowledge of Enoch, by R.J. von-Bruening, Tate Publishing, 2013.

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