Sunday, May 31, 2015

Unlocking the Dream Vision - Part VI - The beginning of the forgotten war

We have finally reached the point where we can begin looking at the heart of the hidden esoteric story and the origin of much of the meaning to some of the symbolism we see around us today.

In the first five parts of this series we have looked at a few of the many different aspects of the symbolic Dream Vision and how it is the key to unlocking the allegorical part of the Biblical story. 

We have also seen how this symbolism and its meaning, changes the context of much of what we have be taught to believe and call religion that is suppose to be made-up of myth and legend. And additionally we have seen that this esoteric interpretation the symbolic Dream Vision provides an entirely new timeline of history, which appears to answer a few of the mysteries of our almost forgotten past. In the next part we will take a closer look at this new timeline.

But we must first look at the meaning of some of the symbols and begin our understanding of how it connects to the ancient cylinder seal artifacts that seem to support it. We will also begin looking at the actual origin of the esoteric symbolism that we see every single day and how it is rooted in an almost forgotten war that led to the destruction of entire world.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Unlocking the Dream Vision – Part V – Exodus

In the first four parts of this series we have taken a small look into the Dream Vision of Enoch and began unlocking some of the hidden meaning behind the esoteric symbolism and the almost forgotten story they tell.

We have looked at the esoteric meaning of the symbol of the Bull or Oxen, and how it represents the first men. Not only does it represent the first men, but it also represents the first men that were corrupted by the Watchers, or Fallen Angels.

This understanding not only changes many of our perceptions of ancient stories and myths that contain this symbolism but it also gives new meaning to more familiar stories like the Exodus.

The story of the Exodus that is contained within the Dream Vision of Enoch is almost exactly the same as the one contained in the Bible. There are only a few minor differences between the two versions, which we will only look at one of these differences today in this post. 

I think the more important thing to understand and realize here, is that this gives a perfect example to the lay person of how the Dream Vision of Enoch and the Biblical story are one and the same. This also allows you to see how Dream Vision is the general outline of the story and the Biblical text provides many of the details.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Silent weapons & Hidden wars

An ever growing number of people are slowly becoming aware that there is a covert Geo-engineering (aka chem-trails) project going on over our heads. If you get on the net you will find what seems to be an almost never ending list of conspiracy theories on just what exactly is going on.

But as a whole, outside of the fact that it is happening, nobody seems to really have any real idea of what the true reason is for it or why so much secrecy.

I personally have been seriously researching the subject since May of 2011, when the full blown daily atmospheric spraying starting here in southwestern Montana. And like most, I have found most of the stuff on the internet to be nothing but a bunch of bunk and/or propaganda, with official sources acting deaf, blind, and dumb about the whole subject. If they do talk about it, they only speak of it in the most theoretical manner and that it will happen sometime in the future.

Then we can go to the other extreme and that it is all part of some vast sinister conspiracy to wipe out most of mankind by some evil shadow group that worships the devil, to just about everything you can think of in-between. But the truth is that none of it really provides any real answers and it all just seems to add to the general confusion about it all.