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Silent weapons & Hidden wars

An ever growing number of people are slowly becoming aware that there is a covert Geo-engineering (aka chem-trails) project going on over our heads. If you get on the net you will find what seems to be an almost never ending list of conspiracy theories on just what exactly is going on.

But as a whole, outside of the fact that it is happening, nobody seems to really have any real idea of what the true reason is for it or why so much secrecy.

I personally have been seriously researching the subject since May of 2011, when the full blown daily atmospheric spraying starting here in southwestern Montana. And like most, I have found most of the stuff on the internet to be nothing but a bunch of bunk and/or propaganda, with official sources acting deaf, blind, and dumb about the whole subject. If they do talk about it, they only speak of it in the most theoretical manner and that it will happen sometime in the future.

Then we can go to the other extreme and that it is all part of some vast sinister conspiracy to wipe out most of mankind by some evil shadow group that worships the devil, to just about everything you can think of in-between. But the truth is that none of it really provides any real answers and it all just seems to add to the general confusion about it all.

Much like I do in my book, I think I might have found something that ties it all together and will help provide a clearer picture to the reasons on why all the secrecy regarding Geo-engineering.

The first thing is that you must understand and accept is that what most would call ‘weather weapons’ or the ability to control the weather on a large scale for a long period of time, actually exist and have for quite some time.
A number of them take the form of using ultra low frequency radio waves (normally in the microware range and between 1Hz to 10Hz) to manipulate the ionosphere. This is what the infamous HAARP project in Alaska was doing, these systems can also heat the atmosphere creating a large artificial high pressure zone and high winds from the uplift of the heated air. Given the added fact that most of these waves natural bounce off the ionosphere and the earth, this is also one of the reasons on why you would want to manipulate the ionosphere, it is so you are able to control this bounce so you can direct it to where you want. It doesn’t do you any good to be able to manipulate the weather if you can’t control it in the first place. This allows these systems to have a very long range, theoretically anyplace in the world. These systems can also introduce energy into fault lines and create earthquakes, this phenomenon has been suspected at the real cause behind many of the big earthquakes of the last 20 years.

Methods of Geo-engineering
When these HAARP systems are combined with atmospheric spraying of specially shaped particles/materials that allow the formation of water droplets on their surfaces. This is the material being sprayed out of the aircraft we see all the time and is what most would call cloud creation and/or cloud seeding. This allows you to heat or cool large sections of the atmosphere by controlling the amount of solar energy hitting the ground. Officially this is known as Solar Radiation Management (SRM) and is the bulk of the atmospheric spraying we see. In addition to the particles being the right shape to form water droplets, they are also the right size to be moved by radio energy, much like how your microwave oven moves water molecules back-and-forth, this then allows us to heat and cool large parts of the atmosphere by adding or removing energy from the whole system.

This type of system has many advantages over any other weapon ever created by man. It is the holy grail of warfare, a perfect weapon for the perfect war, you can quietly attack your enemy with a silent weapon of mass destruction and to top it all off, there is no way anybody can blame you, without exposing their own systems and tech. I think one of the primary reasons everybody keeps quiet about it all is because if the average citizen ever found out about it, they would most likely flip out and things like large mobs with pitch-forks and torches come to mind.

Which all brings me to the small bit of information that I ran across. We have to back up a bit and go to the ever-famous claim that some country has/had weapons of mass destruction. This claim of ‘weapons of mass destruction’ has been used as an excuse to go and invade some country, but guess what? No weapons of mass destruction were/are ever found and everybody feels that they were lied too about the whole affair and it all smells like something rotten.

But what if everybody is wrong? What if what we truly have here is a misunderstanding of just what types of weapons everybody was talking about?

Now I know that the officials and the media typically say nuclear, biological, and chemical, weapons, but what if it was a different type of weapon? Say a weather weapon that used ultra-low frequency radio wave? A cheap and easy system to set-up? A simple system that the average person doesn’t even believe can be done, much less actually exist? Easy to hide within your own boarders? Something like HAARP? Like I said before, the perfect weapon system.

Let us say you are the leader of a country that is on the receiving end of one of these weapon systems? What do you do? Do you get on TV and tell your people you country is under attack by a foreign power and they are manipulating the weather? Do you really think anybody would believe you? Think back, what would have you thought if President Bush had said we needed to attack Iraq because they had built a weather weapon of mass destruction and was using that weapon to attack us, silently. Hell, nobody would have believed him, the whole nuclear, chemical, biological angle almost wasn’t enough. And that is the point, what if we have all missed the boat and have been looking at this the wrong way and thinking about the wrong types of weapon systems?

And this is where it starts to get scary. It isn’t just governments of the world that have this technology, there are a number of groups that have bought, developed, or outright stole, this and other technologies. Some may disagree with me, but I think the Church Hearings of the 1970s and how they exposed MK-Ultra program and a number of other dirty little CIA projects from over the years basically let the cat out of the bag, so to speak. I think the Church Hearings exposed a number of technologies and ideas, that once somebody knew you could do it, well it was just a matter of time before somebody else could figure it out too.

A number of these technologies went to the highest bidder or to the people/groups with the best connections to people inside these projects. I would argue that most of what is known as MK-Ultra and MK-Monarch (mind control and manipulation) went to the major Hollywood studios and a number of the largest media companies, mainly the music industry. This is what you see all the time, it isn’t occult or Illuminati , even-though they rely heavily on the esoteric symbolism and what many call occult ideas, it is all MK-Ultra and Monarch, and they are very simply put, manipulating you to believe what they want you to believe.

This is also where it starts to get really confusing for most people, these other ‘groups’ that are typically outside the influence or power of national governments are the ones actually behind most of the trouble in the world. It is this misunderstanding of these groups and how they are put/held together that makes it all sound like a crazy conspiracy theory. First we must take a quick general outline of who these groups are and how they are connected together.

The primary groups we will start with are actually very familiar to most all people and include national governments, religion(s), military, corporate, banking/financial, and a number of what is typically called Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) and think tanks. These primary groups all have long histories and are all pretty easy to follow over the years. What isn’t so easy to follow is the fact that each one of these groups are each broken into different factions that don’t always get along with each other. And many of these factions cross national boarders and operate all over the world. 

Now, I know most know this, but the thing you might not know is just what holds all of this together.
This is where it starts to get interesting, each one of these groups and their many factions are all ruled by some form of ‘council’, with most of them typically presenting themselves as some type of adviser to the group. A quick example of this is the Council of Foreign Affairs (CFA) or a think tank, and how they ‘advise’ members of the U.S. Government, and how most of what they advise about becomes fact sooner-or-later.

The membership of these ‘councils’ are typically required to be a member a secret society. And all of these secret societies are tied together by the same common esoteric religious belief. The main problem here is that outside of the actual membership, nobody has any real clue to what this esoteric religious belief is really about or what it truly believes. It is this lack of information that gives rise to all the hundreds, if not thousands of conspiracy theories out there about the New World Order. This is one of the reasons on why you should get a copy of my book THE FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE OF ENOCH, because it shows you for the very first time the hidden story that is the basis of the whole doctrine of the esoteric religion.

The point I am trying to make here is that it isn’t some conspiracy to take over the world, but actually an ancient religion we are dealing with. And this esoteric religion is just like Christianity, it is broken into a number of different factions that don’t always agree with each other, even though they all claim to hold the same basic beliefs and teachings. This internal conflict within the esoteric religion is a major part of the events unfolding around us today.

Which then brings me back to the original idea and article that led to this whole idea.

The article I read was supposedly written by a U.S Marine that has been assigned to a unit that helped supply and refuel that aircraft being used for atmospheric aerosol spraying. Now I must state that I have no idea if this article I read was true or was/is just a hoax and I have not been able to find it again, also the original link I had no longer works. So please keep in mind the following may or may not be true, I leave it up to you to make up your own mind on the subject.

This alleged Marine, claimed that reason he was coming forward was because he didn’t believe the reason he was given for why all the secrecy around the spraying. He claimed the reason he was given was because it was a matter of national security and that they were building an ‘atmospheric shield’ under the project name ‘Indigo Skyfold’ in order to protect our country and the reason was because other countries were already doing it.

This gave me the idea that we could be under attack by a foreign power that is using an ultra-low frequency radio system to manipulate weather as a weapon. And this ‘foreign power’ may not be a nation state, but actually one of the other groups, or a number of other groups.
This could explain what is happening in the state of California and most of the southwestern United States. Also it appears that most of our water problems started right after the earthquake in Japan in March of 2011. There have been a number of people who have come to the same conclusion that the earthquake in Japan and the nuclear accident that followed (which is still going on) where not a result of a natural phenomenon, but where in fact man made, either through a HAARP type system or possibly a nuclear weapon placed in the fault line itself.

This general idea could explain much of what has been going on the last few years and all the crazy weather and other strange phenomenon reported around the world. It could in fact be the fallout of a war being fought with exotic weapons on a level most don’t believe exist by groups that go beyond national boundaries and loyalties.

Now if that wasn’t enough to get your head spinning, there is another esoteric level to all of this. Not only could a factional esoteric religious war going on with almost science-fiction like weaponry being used, there is also an ‘outside’ influence on all of it. The esoteric hold this belief/idea that the gods, angels, devils, and demons, that our ancient ancestors worshipped and feared, are in fact a highly advanced and very ancient species that is still here on earth and in the nearby solar system.

They think there is at least one, maybe two species (or one broken into two opposing groups, which is the idea I prefer) sharing this planet with us. And that we all totally wrong and what is in fact going on is a war either between us and them or a war between them being fought through us or groups that are aligned with them. And that they are using their advanced technology to control the weather, which appears to be attacking our food supply and they could be basically trying to stave us all out and all of this geo-engineering is in fact trying to stop that. This would/could explain a great number of the stranger things we hear about all the time.

This would also explain the secrecy surrounding it all, just how do you tell the people that we could be at war with an advanced species that our ancestors worshipped as gods when many of those same people would happily go back to worshipping them as gods?  -RJ-

In our next edition we will be returning to Unlocking the Dream Vision and taking a look at the next part of the story, Exodus and the wilderness.   

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