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Unlocking the Dream Vision – Part VII – A Brief Look Back at the Gods of Old

In the first six parts of this series we have been exploring how the allegorical story of the Dream Vision contained within the ancient Book of Enoch is the key to understanding and unlocking the true meaning to the esoteric symbolism that surrounds us today.

We have looked at a number of items that at first might sound a bit on the far-out side, but then later appear to answer some of the more mysterious questions we have about our past. We have also taken a tiny peek into realizing that there seems to be possible evidence to support it all. And we have seen that the esoteric has a vastly different interpretation and timeline of history.

In this edition, we will be taking a pause from the Dream Vision and will step back to a time before this story began. This is necessary because before we can move into the next part of the almost forgotten war, you must be aware of a few elements that help provide an understanding of what the possible motivations of the gods were. And in order to understand that, we must look at just who these beings could be and to do that we must go to a time that is shrouded in mystery, myth, legend and speculation.

It should be noted that most of this story is speculation on my part. It is my own interpretation of possible events based on, and extrapolated, from my research into the esoteric religious belief system. I think many followers of the esoteric may find this as heretical as any main-stream traditional religious belief, like Christianity for example. But the truth is you already know much of it as the Ancient Astronaut Theory and as you will see, it is, and isn’t, what you think it is, just like the rest of the esoteric.

To begin with, I must have you jump back to a few earlier posts that will help get you up to speed, so to speak. This is necessary so we can begin trying to understand some of the political structure and possible motivations to the actions of these gods of old.  

As you can see this story of the gods of old begins in the vast dark mists of a time forgotten by all, but perhaps the gods themselves. But if the idea that these beings originally evolved and developed here on earth, millions and millions of years ago, and they advanced to the point that they could reach for the stars, and then returned, is correct. Then this could provide us with a few insights into how this beings operated and were organized. Especially if the esoteric idea of their great civilization being destroyed is also correct.

This seems to be one aspect that most avoid and I think it is because most have been conditioned to believe that it is some type of sin to question the origin of the gods. Even the Ancient Astronaut Theorists appear to avoid this and just claim that they are from some other planet. They all seem to act that it is somehow beyond our understanding. This is also another good example of what the esoteric is and that it doesn’t think questions like this are beyond us, or that we can’t understand them. They just think that most are not ready for it yet, especially the Christian Churches, mainly because it is all a threat to their power and control. But that is getting off track and ahead of ourselves.

If we pick up where I left off in the earlier posts, listed above, and these beings were in fact a group of refugees/survivors that were rescued by the crew of a massive colony ship, who then began a long journey to earth. We may be able to tease a few bits of information from the ancient stories and get a peek into the workings of the gods.

If we think about this for a few moments, it is easy to understand that in order to make such a trip, there are certain constraints and limitations on the amount of resources you can take with you. Even if this ship had the ability to produce all their own food, there are still practical limits to how much you could produce. This would force them to put great limits on the size of their population and its growth. I think it would be safe to assume that it would be necessary for them to have zero population growth while they were aboard the ship. And if the ancient stories are correct and they were also immortal or had very long life spans, either naturally or artificially, this would place even greater restrictions on their growth.    

I think it is reasonable to think that one of the ways they would solve this problem would be by separating the sexes and controlling the interaction between them as a group and for individuals. I also think that most will quickly realize that this type of arrangement would add a complex dynamic to any society. I think over time this could make sex into a very powerful weapon and highly sought after, especially if a small group controlled this interaction.

This would help explain on why such a technologically advanced species would be so fascinated and concerned with sex. It could be because sex and reproduction was so highly regulated out of necessity. It would also give a realistic idea to just why any of them would eventually want to have sexual relations with our early ancestors. And given the idea that these beings might be immortal by our standards, I again think most reading this can grasp the idea (sorry to put it so bluntly) of just how hard-up these guys could have been. Then may have gone centuries, or maybe thousands of years without any actual physical sexual contact with the opposite sex. And I think most would agree, that the idea of living thousands of years without any actual sexual contact with another person, just sounds like a living hell and many would rather die than live like that. It could be a very lonely and horny existence.

If correct, this would explain the fascination with sex that these technologically advanced beings appear to have had (and possibly still do). It would also provide an idea to just why the ones remembered as the Watchers, would have been attracted to our ancestors and have sexual contact with them. To get a better idea at what I am trying to get at here, we need to back up slightly and start putting the pieces together.

We must go back to the time of when they first arrived. I think it is logical to think that after a long voyage it would be necessary to resupply the ship in addition to building new facilities. The ancient stories appear to tell us that once this was all accomplished, the real problems began starting. It is said that the lower gods that were providing the labor, started to have problems with that fact that they had to keep working in order to keep their new system in place. This then led to what we would call a general labor strike, some traditions give the impression that this dispute may have led to open warfare with the different parties, the first Great War in heaven that many traditions remember. And all the traditions agree that the solution to this problem was the creation of a slave race, Man. With the general idea that this new slave race would be looked after by the ones that rebelled in the first place, the ones that are remembered to this day, the Watchers.

The general idea is that this slavery was rather brutal and harsh. It is thought by many that the ‘gods’ as a whole were an uncaring lot when it came to their new creation of man and basically thought of, and treated them as animals, just like we do today with our livestock. It appears that they viewed the first-men as a resource to be exploited and used. Many legends and myths of many ancient cultures and traditions speak of this time, as a time of darkness and fear. Where the gods of heaven cared not for their creation of man and moved like the forces of nature.

It is this brutal treatment in a time of slavery that gives us a possible clue to why the Watchers became closer to the first men. I think they had come to learn that the first men were much more than a simple animal that they had created, but was in fact much closer to them than any of the others would admit or thought. Then add in the fact that these Watchers most likely haven’t had any sex, in possibly thousands of years. Well, I think you can fill in the rest on your own.

This then leads to the event that is remembered in the Judeo-Christian tradition of the fall of Lucifer and his angels. This is where the esoteric and more main-stream religious traditions begin having their problems with each other and gives us the next clue to the political arrangement. It is at this point the original group breaks into two factions, which I refer to in my book as the Main-Group and the Fallen-Group to help keep them straight.

When you combined it all together we can actually piece some of it together that gives us a greater understanding of the overall situation.

These beings first created man (Neanderthal) to be a slave. Over time, a group of these beings that were watching over these slaves, discovered that this creature that they created, were more intelligent than most of the others of their kind thought. And this could be the reason for it all, that these Watchers started to become emotionally involved or attached to these first men and began to have an ethical or possible moral problem with what they were doing. Add in the possibility that these same Watchers hadn’t had any type of actually physical sexual contact in thousands of years and boom, you have the perfect mix for a rebellion.

This is where I think many have their problem with understanding of just how anybody could think the one remember in the Judeo-Christian tradition as the Devil, could be viewed as good. It is because he was the one that led the rebellion and freed the first men and brought the knowledge of civilization to them. He brought the light of freedom and broke the chains of slavery. He also brought the light of knowledge and civilization and became known as the Bringer of Light, the star that fell from heaven.

And the reason for the all the confusion is because we have only had one side of this story, the side remembered as the Lord God in the Biblical tradition. And history tells us this is because the early Catholic Church went out of its way to destroy the other side of the story. Mainly because it paints the Lord God in a bad light as nothing more than an oppressor and tyrant that created the first men to be nothing more than slaves.

You have admit, it doesn’t sound too God-like and in our modern day, could be viewed as evil. And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see how the whole of the Christian religion and many others wouldn’t care too much for this idea to be floating around in people’s minds.  And it is easy to realize that to may religious people, this would, could, and is, to be viewed as a grave threat that needs to be stomped out by any means necessary.

This rebellion, or as I like to think of it, this Fall, leads to the time of the Nephilim, Giants, Elioud, and the half-god/half-men that became known as great men of renown. It is also remembered as a time of great violence and evil against man and beast that results in the Great Flood. The thing that is forgotten and revealed in the Dream Vision is that the fallen stars, were not destroyed in the Flood, but where in fact punished.

The Dream Vision tells us that they were imprisoned in an abyss of the earth, but the Biblical tradition holds a different idea and that these fallen ones where punished not by being imprisoned, but by being stripped of their power and then physically transformed into what later became known as a demons. or devils, that where exiled to earth.

This is a little piece that most have missed and I think it is because it is a point that religion and the Ancient Astronaut Theorists have the same idea and both don’t want to admit it. Because this traditional idea of the fallen ones being physically transformed into a different looking body, is in fact also telling us the origin of the ones known today as the Grey Aliens of UFO fame. And again, it is very easy to see the problem here.

Then we can easily understand that the ones remembered as the Fallen angels of the Biblical tradition, and the modern Greys are one in the same. And that their punishment was being imprisoned in those asexual bodies, for their crime of having sexual relationships with a lesser being. And this could provide an answer to the whole alien abduction thing. It also provides an insight to all the reports and claims made about the Greys in UFO lore, that their bodies appear to some type of artificially constructed lifeforms.

If this idea is correct, then the reason is because they are a artificially constructed body designed as a prison for somebody that committed a grave sexual crime. I have to admit, it is one way to deal with a sexual criminal, if you have the technology to do it. It would be cheaper than locking them up and it would make sure they never did it again. It also could be the reason to why sex appears to such an obsession with anybody connected with these beings, because they are what most would call sexual perverts/criminals.     

I think this helps to provide a more logical idea to why these Greys would be abducting humans in the first place. They are most likely trying to get out of those bodies and are experimenting on humans for that reason. It would explain all the reports of some type of human/alien hybrid being created. They could be trying to combine their current artificial bodies with ours in order to create one that they minds could exist in. I also think this is why they hide from the public eye, because I think most would figure out just who they really are and then would quickly figure out the rest. All starting to make a strange bit of sense now?

This is another one of the secrets of esoteric and how the Dream Vision of Enoch is the key to unlocking the rest of the story and provides an entirely new understanding of what you thought you knew about our past and how it connects to today. Now I know you head is spinning and it might even hurt a bit, but we still have a couple of things to look at before I leave you to wonder about this all.

This all creates a new dynamic leading up to where we left off in Part VI. You can now see how we actually have these beings broken into three separate groups, with one almost forgotten. And it gives the idea that this conflict in not really about us, but over us and how we are used. It appears we have one side that views us much as animals to be used and trained as needed and one side that views us as more than that, with an almost forgotten third party that could be broken between the two.
If the above ideas are correct and this almost forgotten third party was in fact the female part of their society, then it becomes easy to understand how they could very easily be equal to either of the other two or even more powerful than both combined. It is not hard to understand that they would have great control over the actual sex and in turn, give them great influence, if not outright control because of it. Again, the ancient stories tell us time and time again that sex was always being used by the gods and goddess, to the point that they would go to war over it. Which then brings us to the almost forgotten war and a return to the Dream Vision of Enoch, which we will return too in Part VIII.

And that will bring us to end of our little journey into the esoteric for this edition of Unlocking the Dream Vision. But before I leave you to wonder about it all, I would again like to point out, this is only one small peek into the many possible motivations of these beings and again, it is largely based on my own interpretation of the esoteric, but you have to admit, it sure does seem to fit what we know. And as we move along with the rest of the Dream Vision and deeper into the esoteric,  most of it won’t seem so far-out there.  

In the next part of Unlocking the Dream Vision we will begin taking a closer look at the ancient cylinder seals and the symbolism of the eight-pointed-star, the crescent moon, and the solar-disk, and how they help fill in the gaps in the story and the beginning of an almost forgotten war. We will also begin to see that a number of the other esoteric symbols that still surround us today have their origin on these ancient seals and the almost forgotten story they tell.   -RJ-

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