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Unlocking the Dream Vision – Part VIII – War, Cylinder Seals, & the mysterious Shepherds

In this edition of Unlocking the Dream Vision, we will begin our journey back into the text of the Dream Vision and the many esoteric secrets it holds. We will also be entering a part of the Dream Vision that begins pulling a number of different items together that will help provide a context for much of what you have read in this series, which makes it a good time to say; That if you haven’t read the first seven parts of this series and/or read my book, THE FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE OF ENOCH, you might get lost rather quickly. As for everybody else who has read either or both, then this is the one of the posts you have been waiting for.

This is because will we begin taking a look at an almost forgotten war and we also be returning to the ancient cylinder seals. In addition we will begin seeing the actual origin of many of the esoteric symbols we see every single day. This is the point where in many ways we leave the Biblical text, but at the same time gain a greater understanding of it. This is also where we enter into much of the hidden part of the story that is at the heart of the esoteric.

But before we can jump into it all, we need to do a quick re-cap of events up to this point. We also need to begin our understanding that Dream Vision is also the story told on the ancient cylinder seals. This understanding allows us to piece together a few of the things that have been missing on both sides and unlocks not only much of the meaning of symbols, but also their origin.

You must understand that the story that appears on the ancient cylinder seals is the Dream Vision of Enoch, but there are number of things that appear on the cylinder seals that are not contained within the Dream Vision or in the Biblical text. They should be viewed just as we have been viewing Bible, as a source for many of the details for the outline provided by the Dream Vision. I think these details help provide a window into how the Bible (and the whole story in general) has been edited over the years to fit only one certain viewpoint. The point here is that we will be looking at the same basic story, but will use the images and symbols from on the ancient cylinder seals to help fill in the gaps. This process will begin unlocking the hidden meaning to the esoteric symbolism.

In order to do this we will first return to the next part of the Dream Vision from where we left off in Part VII. Then we will back-up again and re-tell part of this story using the ancient cylinder seals as a guide. This will allow is to begin our journey into the hidden heart of the secrets of the esoteric.

And HE gave them over into the hands of the lions, and tigers, and wolves (bears), and hyenas, and into the hand of the foxes, and to all the wild beasts, and those wild beasts began to tear in pieces those sheep. And I saw that HE forsook that their house and their tower and gave them all into the hand of the lions, to tear and devour them, into the hand of all the wild beasts. And I began to cry aloud with all my power, and to appeal to the Lord of the sheep, and to represent to HIM in regard to the sheep that they were devoured by all the wild beasts. But HE remained unmoved, though HE saw it, and rejoiced that they were devoured and swallowed and robbed, and left them to be devoured in the hand of all the beasts. And HE called seventy shepherds, and cast those sheep to them that they might pasture them, and HE spoke [spake] to the shepherds and their companions: “Let each individual of you pasture the sheep henceforward, and everything that I shall command you that do ye. And I will deliver them unto you duly numbered, and tell you which of them are to be destroyed and then destroy ye”. And HE gave over unto them those sheep. And HE call another and spoke [spake] unto him: “Observe and mark everything that the shepherds will do to those sheep; for they will destroy more of them than I have commanded them. And every excess and the destruction which will wrought through the shepherds, record (namely) how many they destroy according to my command, and how many according to their own caprice: record against every individual shepherd all the destruction he effects. And read out before me by number how many they destroy, and how many they deliver over for destruction, that I may have this as a testimony against them, and know every deed of the shepherds, that I may comprehend and see what they do, whether or not they abide by my command which I have commanded them. “But they shall not know it, and thou shalt not declare it to them, nor admonish them, but only record against each individual all the destruction which the shepherds effect each in his time and lay it all before me.” And I saw till those shepherds pastured in their season, and they began to slay and to destroy more than they were bidden, and they delivered those sheep into the hand of the lions. And the lions and tigers eat and devoured the greater part of those sheep, and the wild boars eat along with them; and they burnt that tower and demolished that house. And I became exceedingly sorrowful over that tower because that house of the sheep was demolished, and afterwards I was unable to see if those sheep entered that house. And the shepherds and their associates delivered over those sheep to all the wild beasts, to devour them, and each one of them received in his time a definite number: it was written by the other in a book now many each one of them destroyed of them. And each one destroyed many more than was prescribed; and I began to weep and lament on account of those sheep. An thus in the vision I saw the who wrote, how he wrote down every one that was destroyed by those shepherds, day by day, and carried up to the Lord of the sheep (even) everything that they had done, and all that each one of them had made away with, and all that they had given over to destruction. And the book was read before the Lord of the sheep, and HE took the book from his hand and read it and sealed it and laid it down. And forthwith I saw how the shepherds pastured for twelve hours, and behold three of those sheep turned back and came and entered and began to build up all that had fallen down of that house; but the wild boars tried to hinder them, but they were not able. And they began again to build as before, and they reared up that tower, and it was name the high tower; and they began again to place a table before the tower, but all that bread on it was polluted and not pure. And as touching all this, the eyes of those sheep were blinded so that they saw not, and [the eyes of] their shepherds likewise; and they delivered them in large numbers to their shepherds for destruction, and they trampled the sheep with their feet and devoured them. And the Lord of the sheep remained unmoved till all the sheep were dispersed over the field and mingled with them [i.e., the beasts], and they [i.e., the shepherds] did not save them out of the hand of the beasts. And this one wrote the book carried it up, and showed it and read it before the Lord of the sheep, and implored HIM on their account, and besought HIM on their account, as he showed HIM all the doings of the shepherds, and gave testimony before HIM against the shepherds. And he took the actual book and laid down beside HIM and departed. (Book of Enoch, Chapter 89, verses 55 – 77)  

Now I know that seems like a ton of information and your mind is most likely filling with questions, but this all breaks down into a rather easy to follow format once you realize how familiar you are with much of this.

This is the story of the fall and destruction of the first Temple and Citadel of King Solomon and the Babylonian captivity or exile of the Hebrew people. It is also their return and the rebuilding of the second Temple. And as you can easily realize that the traditional Biblical account appears to leave out a very important part of the story.

This ‘missing’ part about the shepherds and the general death they unleash upon the sheep, under the orders of the Lord of the sheep, is one of the most hidden parts of the esoteric. This is also a perfect example of how the Biblical text/tradition has been edited to fit one narrow viewpoint, much like we saw in the last part. 

What makes this one different is that many reading this, who are familiar with the Biblical text, will most likely have no idea of or remember reading anything about shepherds causing great death upon the people in the Bible. In fact, most will think of references that speak of how the Lord or Jesus looks over humanity as a shepherd looks after his flock and might even argue that the above verses from the Dream Vision must be wrong. And that my friend is where you would be so very wrong in your thinking. The Bible does in fact speak of the shepherds and also uses the exact same symbolism of the Dream Vision. This is where you will see how the literal story of the Biblical text also contains the allegorical/symbolic esoteric story without even the experts realizing it.

Because within the Bible’s Book of Ezekiel, Chapter 34, Ezekiel is told to prophesy against the shepherds by the Lord God. It should be noted, that the events contained in Ezekiel come a tad bit later in the story, but it shows you that the shepherds of the Dream Vision are spoken of in the Bible. In addition, the Bible leaves out all the death that these shepherds wrought against the sheep. And I don’t think I really need to make any comment on how the Catholic Church (or any of monotheistic religions in general) would care for this part of the story and how it paints the Lord God in a very poor light or how anybody that was fighting against this wholesale death would be viewed as the good guy.
Now, just who these shepherds are is a complete mystery, even to the followers of the esoteric, so your guess is as good as any as to who they were/are. And to be honest I really don’t have any idea either, but I think the Dream Vision gives us a vital clue that should be pointed out. It speaks that there were seventy of these shepherds and many a researcher has pointed out the fact that the number seventy shows up in many ancient legends, myths, religions, and texts. I think the two are connected somehow and when you run across the number seventy (or sometimes seventy-two) in the ancient stories it is related to these shepherds in some manner. I will leave it up to you to wonder about more it.

Even though these shepherds are a mystery, they play an important role for much of the rest of the story. As we read in the verses above, these shepherds unleash great death against the sheep under the orders of the Lord. We are also told that the Lord of the sheep calls and sends another one to watch and record the actions of the shepherds, knowing they will destroy more than they were told. Which brings us to our first cylinder seal and our first real understanding of what we are looking at.                 

This cylinder seal is now easy to interpret with the above verses of the symbolic Dream Vision. We can see the ones that Enoch calls the shepherds destroying the ones that were duly numbered. We can see these shepherds bringing animals to an altar to be sacrificed. If we look to the figure on the right side of the altar, we can see he is holding a knife and we can also see a human head just above it, clearly symbolizing it has been cut off. With knowing that the different animals represent different groups of people, this seal appears to be showing us that there was more than just the sheep being targeted in this slaughter.

The next important items to be aware of is the symbolism on the upper part of the image, moving left to right. First we see the eight-pointed-star symbol that represents the Lord God of Biblical tradition. The next symbol we see is one of a face, now with knowing the Dream Vision, we can understand what this face represents; the one that was commanded by the Lord of the sheep to watch after the shepherds and record all that they do. In the center we can see the image of a bull, which we now know represents the first men and I think this image it represents humans in general. It could be that the artist of this seal used a bull instead of a sheep to represent humans and is the main focus of this of this image.

And then finally on the upper right we see the symbols of the crescent moon and the solar-disk together. When taken as a whole, we can now understand that these symbols are showing us; the political associations of the three different groups and the primary focus of the seal. With it appearing that the crescent moon and solar-disk groups are aligned with each other against the eight-pointed-star group. We also see the primary focus of the scene represented by the bull and we also see the one commanded to watch over the shepherds as they carried out their task of killing the duly numbered ones.

When we add in the idea that the solar-disk symbols represents the female part of this society and look closely at the above seal. You will notice that the shepherds appear to be both male and female with the male figures being on each side of the altar. I think this might be also showing us the female part (solar-disk) were the ones rounding up the ones to be destroyed and the male part (crescent moon) were the ones actually doing the killing.

This understanding of what we are seeing on this cylinder seal, combined with everything else we have covered up to this point, now allows us to go back and examine other ancient cylinder seals and began truly unlocking some of the meaning of the esoteric symbolism.
We will begin with the image that was made famous by the late Zecharia Sitchin and known as Cylinder Seal VA-243 in the Berlin Near Eastern Museum.          

Outside of the overall scene, at moment we only want to focus on a couple of the many symbolic elements contained in this image and the others we will be looking at to help keep it simple this first time through.

The first symbol to take notice of is the staff that is beside the seated figure. This is the Caduceus or staff of the gods, you are most likely very familiar with this symbol. This is because it is mistakenly used as a symbol of medicine in the western world as a staff with two snakes curling around it, with two wings at the top. It is also the first good look into how these symbols and their ancient meaning are still used today by the esoteric today.

It is no accident that this symbol of the Caduceus is used for medicine instead of the actual traditional symbol of medicine, the rod of Asclepius, which has only a single serpent and no wings. It is only when you begin to understand the symbols true meaning can you begin to understand the reason behind their use. 

In this case the followers of the esoteric are trying to associate the symbol of the Caduceus (which is traditionally viewed as some type of communications device that was used by the gods) with medicine. This is done to put the idea that this knowledge of medicine comes from the gods and to associate it with the ancient idea that the gods control healing and health, and not humans. They are also trying to change you perception of where this knowledge came from. This is one of the most common themes for the many uses of the symbols, using them to change your perception of where you think this information came from in order to undermine the traditional viewpoints. Slick little devils are they?

In the next image, we see the same scene as above, but in this one we get a better view of the Caduceus. In it we can see that the staff has much more mechanical look to it and looks much like a modern day satellite dish. I think this view allows you to easily imagine how this type of technology could be misinterpreted by our ancestors and over time become the symbol we know today.

The next symbolic item to look at before we move on is the object the seated figure is sitting on. In the first it appears to be throne, in this one it appears to something else than a throne. The answer lies in a third cylinder seal.

This third seal clearly shows a more beehive like object, which is in fact a very important esoteric symbol that is typically used by the Masonic branch of the esoteric and has the meaning of industry and a symbol of an obedient people. They also apply the ancient Egyptian idea that of all the insects of the world, only the bee had a king.

When it is all put together you can realize its true esoteric meaning. The beehive is the symbolic representation of the mountain of God(s) and Him sitting on his throne. And the Caduceus is a way to communicate with this God(s).

The next cylinder seal we will examine appears to show us the tower and information related to its construction. We can see three separate parties and their symbols above them. This symbolism appears to indicate that all three parties were working together or at least viewed as equal parties. 

It also appears that the center figure is female, which supports the idea that one of these factions consisted of the female part of this society.

In the next image we can see something that doesn’t appear in the Dream Vision or the Biblical tradition, but again helps provide a better understanding of the some of the circumstances behind these events recorded in the ancient stories.

With understanding the symbolism of the towers, we can quickly and easily interpret what we are seeing here. We can see that the faction represented by the crescent moon symbol is clearly removing or stealing items/technology from one of the towers and constructing their own. This could be some of the great evil that was done in sight of the Lord as the Bible states.

And we know from the Dream Vision, the Bible, and a number of other cylinder seals we saw in Ancient Cylinder Seals & the Esoteric – Part V that this evil leads the Lord to call and send a number of messengers to His people/sheep. Who in turn mock and kill all the messengers and prophets, but one, who manages to escape and then is eventually rescued by the Lord, as seen in the next image.

This event leads to the Lord calling the shepherds and the unleashing of what sounds like a systematic extermination of the sheep/humans, with one to watch over them. Which we saw above in on the very first cylinder seal.

The Dream Vision tells us that ‘three of the sheep turned back…And they began again to build as before, and they reared up that tower’. We are also told that it and the offering, was polluted and not pure. The symbolism on next cylinder seal could be showing us why it was polluted. The symbolism of the crescent moon on top of the tower appears to indicate that the new tower may not have been built quite as before and was in fact under the control by the other faction. This interpretation may not be correct, but it does help fill in the gap of what was wrong with the second tower or second Temple of Solomon.

Which then leads to even greater destruction of the sheep until they were dispersed over the field and mingled with the beasts. This is recorded in the Bible and the Book of Ezekiel, Chapter 34, when Ezekiel is told to prophesy against the shepherds of Israel. This is also a hint to much of what the Book of Ezekiel is speaking about and is another of the secrets of the esoteric. That the traditional religious interpretation that the Book of Ezekiel is a book of prophecy is incorrect, but is in fact speaking of a war that already happened, it is history, not prophecy, from an esoteric viewpoint.

If you go and read Chapter 34 of Ezekiel, you will notice that while the Lord is speaking to Ezekiel, he conveniently leaves out his part in it all. This gives me the impression that there is quite a bit of propaganda, politics, and censorship, at play here and smells of a set-up. It sure seems to me that the Lord of the sheep set-up the shepherds to take the blame for his orders. This is another good example of how/why a follower of the esoteric doesn't have a real good view point of the one remembered in the tradition as the Lord God and look to the other side as the good guys.    

That is as far as we will go in this edition. But before I go and leave you to your thoughts, I would like to make a small side note to the followers of the Masonic branch of the esoteric.
It is my understanding that in the Legend of the Royal Arch Degree, (aka The Legend of Enoch in the Scottish Rite) you have a particular legend of ‘three weary sojourners’. It is also my understanding that this legend has been traditional viewed by the Masons as a mythical legend, due to the fact that there wasn’t any known historical or traditional reference to this legend. I think your interpretation of this legend (and many others you have) as being mythical without any historical or traditional reference is incorrect, the Dream Vision itself proves that. I don't think you quite truly understand what you have. 

Also I think it is a good example to everybody else that Masonic branch of the esoteric may know many things, but they don't know it all, for if they did, they would have know the secret of the Dream Vision and the forbidden knowledge it holds.

In Part IX of Unlocking the Dream Vision we will look at the next phase of this war and the great destruction it brings to this world and take our first look at the ancient monsters of myth. We will also being our journey into the esoteric understanding of Bible’s symbolic Book of Revelation. And finally we will unlock the secret meaning to the Pleiades Cluster of stars and the hidden timeline they hold.  -RJ-   

To learn more about the secrets of the ancient, unhidden symbols that surround us today & the almost forgotten story that they tell, you need to get your copy of THE FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE OF ENOCH today. 

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