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The Door

The esoteric belief system has vast number of diverse aspects that lead to many different paths of understanding and enlightenment of hidden knowledge for each individual. Some of these paths lead to science, mathematics, engineering, and forgotten histories of humanity. Others follow the secrets of the symbols and the allegorical story they hide within. And still others have a much more mystical, spiritual, and even a metaphysical side to them. With all of them being smaller parts of a much greater whole.

In this post we will take a slightly different journey into the esoteric than we have been exploring on this blog. This will be a short journey down one of the more mystical/metaphysical paths of the esoteric.  

Over the last few of years, since I began writing my book, THE FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE OF ENOCH and also since it has been available for sale, I have had the unique chance to meet a number of people and discuss a number of different ideas and experiences that I would normally never have had before.

In the course of some of these discussions I have had a small number of people that have spoken to me about a rather strange experience that they have had. And as time has gone along and I have interacted with more people, I have noticed that these individuals are having a rather similar experience, in the fact that they all involved a door.

Now, for everything else I am about to say may sound strange or maybe even a little bit crazy to the people who have never had this type of experience, but to the people who have had it, it will all make perfect sense. So as I go along here and if you have never had this type of experience, you might just want to stop reading and check something else out, because I do not wish to waste your time or spend any time trying to explain something that cannot be explained to somebody that hasn’t had this experience. In addition I am in no way diagnosing, treating, or providing any advice on a medicinal or mental health condition. The following only refers to what can only be described as dreams and not a hallucination.   

Unfortunately some parts of the esoteric can’t be understood by everybody and there are a number of reasons for this, for some they don’t care or want to learn or understand, for others they can’t or are not quite ready, and for others they refuse to even try, so many of the secrets and mysteries are closed to these people. And finally and maybe the most important reason is because some of the esoteric is based on personal experiences that may be totally unique to each individual. But some of these personal experiences appear to be shared by many, with many similar traits, but even these can be unique to each person.

So again if you have never had some type of strange experience, then you might want to go do something else because I don’t want to waste your time, for everybody else, let’s go down the rabbit hole that is the esoteric.

The experience that I wish to speak about in this post is one that seems to be a complete mystery to many of the people that have had it or are currently experiencing it. This experience seems to be unique to each individual that has it, with the only thing that seems to connect them together is that at the end the all have the exact same ending.

This common ending appears to always be the same no matter what else was seen, experienced, or felt. This common ending always ends with them standing in front of a door that they cannot open. It is a strange door and doesn’t have any door knobs, hinges, seams, openers, keypads, or anything that seems or looks like it would or could open it. And that is where the mystery of the whole thing is, the people having this experience just end up just standing in front of a door at the end that they can’t figure out how to open it.

I have also noticed that some people seem to have had very similar lead ups to where they end up standing in front of the door. With many of them describing some type of great destruction or large numbers of dead, much like the aftermath of a large battle in some great war, it is often described ‘as if it is almost like a dream of a memory that isn’t theirs’.

Some of these individuals often describe that it seems as if they could be seeing the future. They say this is because so much of it seems so familiar and very much like our own world of today, but then at the same time they said it is all somehow different. Many times they seem to be at a loss of words on how to describe it, as if they don’ quite know how to put it in words. But most all think that they are really seeing something from the past and not the future.

In one example, the person describes that they keep having the same dream all the time. This person claims that every single time the dream is the same, it starts with them standing in the middle of a burned out or possibly a bombed out city. With the smell of smoke and death hanging in the air and fires burning every where they look.

Not only fires and destruction, but bodies, dead bodies, hundreds, maybe thousands of dead, lying everywhere. Old, young, man, woman, all dead, all broken, all with the same look of terror on their faces. They say it is as if the hand of God himself had reached down from heaven and destroyed this city without mercy.

They then say they look down at their feet and see the body of an old woman. They say she looks like she might have been a shaman or maybe a medicine woman and that outside of that, she is like all the others, dead, broken, bloody, with the look of deep terror on her face.

After a moment, they say a strange small silver spider crawls out of the medicine woman’s mouth and moves its legs in the air as if it is trying to get their attention.  It then crawls off slowly through the great field of death. The person begins to follow the small silver spider and it eventually leads to them standing in front of a door of a great citadel that looks as if it has been untouched by all the death and destruction that surrounds it. And this is where the dream always ends, with them standing in front of this door and they can’t figure out how to open it.

In another, the person describes it more as a ‘daydream’ or maybe a better description is the one they use and call it a ‘waking dream’ that they see in their mind’s eye, that seems to happen when they are in a very relaxed state with no distractions around. Again they describe it as if it is a dream of a memory of that isn’t theirs.

In this one, the individual says it as if they are looking through the eyes of somebody else, a middle aged man. They say they see what looks like a typical house, furniture, nice tile work, plaster walls, wood floors, etc… a typical home, they say it looks very modern, but are unsure if it actually is. They then describe having the feeling that this ‘man’ whose eyes he is looking through, is waiting for something. He also describes how he gets the feeling that this man knows something really terrible is going to happen. What that is, they don’t know, but they think it is something important.
After a time they say they see what they think is a ship that is basically your typical circular, glowing, UFO. It lands and two big burly guys dressed in Roman or Greek like armor get out and tell him to come with them, he then tells them ‘no’ and then something to the effect that not until his wife and daughter are taken care of.

They say one of the big guys go into the ship and after a short amount of time comes back out. He says something to the man and it appears to be to his satisfaction, and then he enters the ship and leaves with them. And this ship rockets straight up until it leaves the atmosphere and goes into space and just for a moment they say they can see what seems to be a huge circular ‘mothership’, possibly with some type of dome covering a large part of it. After that fleeting scene they say the next thing they know they are walking down a long corridor that ends with them standing in front of a door that they can’t figure out how to open.

These two are just a couple of examples of the many different, but similar stories I have heard over the last few years. But in all of them, they always end up, standing in front of a mysterious door that they can’t figure out how to open.       

Now this is for all those who have had this type of experience and are rather confused on what exactly is going on, do not worry, you are not going crazy or losing your mind, even though it might feel like it ever so often. And I also understand that you most likely tried to tell somebody about this and they basically freaked out on you and since then you pretty much decided to keep it all to yourself.

Which is all understandable, because what you are ‘seeing’ and experiencing is something we normally don’t deal with, in fact in the western world we have all been taught it is impossible to happen, but in the strange world of the esoteric, there is a possible answer.
But the problem is that the answer isn’t one that can simply be put into words and that is because it has to be personally experienced by the individual having it. So the only thing I can do is help you take the next step so you can find the answer for yourself.

You also need to be forewarned that this next step is nothing more than opening the door, but once you open that door and go through it, you can’t turn around, you can’t un-see what you see, you can’t unlearn what you will learn. It is a one way journey that you may not be ready for. So again, be warned, once you go through the door there is no coming back from it.

Now that you have been warned, it is clear you want to know how to open the door, or you wouldn’t still be reading this. The solution to opening the door is so simple you might want to kick yourself in the butt and wonder why you didn’t figure it out in the first place.

The secret to opening the door is to realize that it isn’t there in the first place. It only exists in your mind. Which should make you realize that you don’t open door, because you can’t, again because it only exists in your mind. So you don’t open it, you go through it. And that is it. The next time in your dream and you end up standing in front of that door you haven’t been able to open for so long, just step through it as if it isn’t there and be prepared for what you might experience on the other side.

See, so simple, don’t you feel a bit foolish for not figuring it out sooner? Don’t feel bad, it took years of study and practice to learn the secret of the door. For those who have understood this blog post, I hope it helps in your journey to greater understanding. For everybody else that hasn’t had this experience and kept reading anyway, I hope this may have sparked your interest and made you a bit more curious of what the esoteric has hidden within its walls of forbidden knowledge.

In our next post we will return to Unlocking the Dream Vision and explore the final parts of the almost forgotten story that is told through the ancient, unhidden symbols that surround us today. And remember, truth points to itself.   -RJ- 

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