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The Strange Video "I, Pet Goat, II" by HelioFant – An Esoteric Interpretation

No doubt that most reading this have seen the strange little video from HelioFant titled ‘I, pet goat, II’ (link to video: It is also highly likely that most have also read or watched a video about what this video is about. And the truth is every single interpretation of this video that I have seen or read about is 100% wrong in their understanding of this video.

The reason I say this is because not one of them have the core esoteric story or have any idea where it comes from. They also don’t understand the allegory or symbolic meaning of the story and how it tells the core esoteric story. In addition they are all trying to view it from a Christian perspective which is incorrect because the Christian part is only one small part of a much bigger story.

To truly understand the symbolic story this video tells, I highly recommend you read my book THE FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE OF ENOCH and learn the whole of the hidden esoteric story. And if you have already read it, then this will help you understand how the whole of the story ties together to give you a better understanding of how the followers of the esoteric hide and tell this story at the same time.

To begin understanding the story that this little video tells you must know of one of the biggest secrets of the esoteric and the story they hide. This secret isn’t really much of secret in this day and age, but many still have great problems in wrapping their minds around it.

The big secret is that there was a prior civilization on this planet and it blew itself up approximately 12 to 13 thousand years ago. This civilization was two-tiered in the effect that one part was highly advanced, more advanced than, and this part was that our ancestors called gods and recorded in their stories. The other part was much more primitive at a rather low level of technology and intelligence.

This is one of the primary things to keep in mind is that for the followers of the esoteric the stories contained in the Bible and other similar religious books are actually a written record of this prior civilization and of our immediate ancestor known to us a Cro-Magnon Man, who died out around ten thousand years ago. And that all these great stories and books are actually true history and not myth or prophecy. 

This normally messes with people’s heads, because it crosses that line of history and religion, but it all does make sense if you take a few to think about it all. It would explain on how we have these stories in the first place. The thing that screws everybody up is the fact that these ancient stories and books are written in an allegory or symbolic language. And simply put, if you don’t know and understand the actual meaning of the symbols, you don’t and can’t know the whole story. Which is the whole point of the esoteric and that this symbolic knowledge is only for a select few that have been specially initiated to receive this knowledge.

Once you understand the true meaning of the symbols and the almost forgotten story they tell, then the mystery of the esoteric disappears like a morning mist in the heat of the sun. And this is the secret to understanding this strange mind bending esoteric video.

One last thing before we get started on own little journey, a large part of this video comes directly from the Dream Vision of Enoch and like I said before, a much larger and in-depth break-down of the Dream Vision and how it is the core story of the esoteric can be found in my book and it wouldn’t hurt to read most of all the other posts on this blog.

Now we can start pulling apart this video of ‘I, pet goat, II’ by HelioFant. First here is the video:

In the opening scene we are greeted by a goat in a box behind a barbwire fence. The first symbol is in fact the goat itself, most seem to miss this. The symbolic meaning of the goat comes from the old saying ‘ride the goat’. Which in this context has the meaning of representing Satan. 

This meaning comes from when the early Christians adopted and modified the Greek and Roman classics. The Christians modified the Greek god Pan into Satan. To the common mind of the early Christian, the Devil was represented by a he-goat because of his best known features of horns, a beard, and cloven hoofs for feet. When this idea came into contact with the witch stories of the Middle Ages it was commonly said that the Devil would appear riding a goat. It quickly became associated with the idea of raising the Devil, to raise the Devil in a Satanic Rite became known as ‘riding the goat’. 

For many years it was thought by Christians that Freemasons were raising the devil in their initiation ceremonies and the term became very popular for a number of years. Over the last couple of hundred years the original idea and belief have pretty much died out, but the saying and the idea of the goat being related to the Devil remains.

The next scene is rather straight forward in its symbolism and meaning. The big scary, evil-looking hands holding the puppet strings with the big fat golden ring with an “S” on it should be clear to everybody. It represents the idea of Satan pulling the strings of his puppet(s) which we see in the next scene, former President Bush and current President Obama. The esoteric understanding is basically the same idea, the only difference is that they view Satan as the ‘Light Bearer’ or ‘Bringer of Light’. The one that brought knowledge and freedom to humanity and broke the chains of slavery all those many thousands of years ago.

The next scene we come to is one that many have tried to explain. And the truth is most of them are pretty close, if not right on the money. Again, we see Bush being controlled like a puppet making the only statements in the whole video, ‘Fool me once, shame on you’ and ‘Can't be fooled again’. This is also rather clear, that we are all being played. The black-&-white checkerboard floor comes directly from Freemasonry and shows its connection to this all.

The back wall of this scene is totally related to the idea of eugenics and trans-humanism leading to enlightenment. The next part is Bush turning into Obama and him winking that he is in on it with him laughing because of the teleprompter telling him so; represents that he is also just a puppet.

The next scene is the first important esoteric one. It shows Alice, Alice from Alice in Wonderland, holding an apple. This Alice represents a number of different things with all of them relating back to the idea of the great mother of us all, some call her the goddess, others the mother, to Christians she is Mary the mother of god. She also represents Eve the first woman who is also believed to the mother of us all. The hidden esoteric context of her is that she also the one that can tip the balance of power between the two that are fighting. The rabbit in the back-ground not only represents the rabbit from the story of Alice in Wonderland it is also the ancient symbol for Eostre, the goddess of spring. Which again relates back the Mother goddess.

The twelve cardboard like figures behind Alice represent the twelve tribes of man that are spoken of in the old testament of the Bible. The apple that Alice is holding in her hands represents the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge. As she lets go of the apple, we see it roll across the floor to the feet of Obama. The apple has the numbers ‘07’ next to it on the floor. These numbers are related to numerology and the idea of the ‘seventh moon was raging fire’. This is something I don’t have the time to go into here and may be the subject of a future post.

The apple then breaks into two pieces with each piece sprouting a seed that then intertwines and produces a lotus flower. This represents that the forbidden knowledge from the tree of knowledge combined with the knowledge of the goddess creates new life and beauty. This is why Obama begins to sweat and look worried. This is the knowledge that the goddess and the forbidden knowledge that was first given to women is the secret that can destroy them and their plans. Like I said before, she can tip the balance in this little war.

The next scene is pulling away from the classroom and the school building. The most important symbolic meaning in this scene and all the rest that follow is the fact that the world is shown in ice age conditions. This is important because it is showing the connection between that ancient almost forgotten world and civilization of the last ice age and that it is directly influencing the events of our modern world of today.

The US flag being ripped into two and the twin towers falling in the background represent the downfall of America. As the scene again pulls away we see the small figure turn, put its hands out to the side and fall into the water. This represents death and again is related to the death of America.
The next scene we see a man standing in the boat of Anubis, the Egyptian god and protector of the dead moving through a mist. In a moment we will see who this man is, but the more important part is that is the beginning of where we start moving from the present to the ancient past. The meaning of this is to show that there is a direct connection between the two.

The following series of scenes show this connection, symbolical. In the first we see old Osama Bin Laden with an army of one-eyed triangles standing behind him. You can also see the CIA badge on his chest and he is giving praise to the crescent moon you see in the sky. The symbolism is very telling here if you understand it. The crescent moon symbol is an ancient symbol that represents the Fallen Ones and their followers. It comes directly from the ancient cylinder seals. The army of one-eyed triangles is rather easy to understand in this context, they are an army that serves the one the eye and the triangle represent, again, the Light Bearer. Also Osama figure has a set of black angel wings, which also represent the idea that he serves the Fallen Angel and also acts like him. Remember he worked for the good guys (Us) and then went to the dark side, just like the Fallen Angel.

The next scene shows us the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The symbolism of the ink pen and the oil dripping from it represents the idea that the spill was agreed upon and no accident. Interestingly it also gives the idea that somewhere there is paperwork that could prove this.

The next scene we are presented with is a telling one, it shows the torch of freedom and liberty breaking off and falling to the ground with the Star of David being shown as the reason. This represents the Zionist/City of London faction causing the fall of freedom and liberty here in America. 

This idea of taking America out of the picture is a rather constant and consistent theme, which should make you take notice.

The next scene is also one that is rather telling, it shows the single eye of a serpent and its body coiling around a human baby in a womb and watching very closely. This is showing us that we have and are being genetically modified.

We then see the boat of Anubis and learn the man standing in it is Jesus with a number of symbols painted on his body, but he is asleep. The burning heart represents the basic message that he brought, love, life, and knowledge. The knowledge is represented by the third-eye on his forehead. Which then shows you that inner sight or secret knowledge is the key to understanding.

This third-eye gives us a view behind the scenes. We see the Sorcerer casting his spell of lies in order to control the egghead masses. This Sorcerer has the same symbolic body as the one-eyed serpent from before and shows us who controls him.

The next set of scenes is where many get confused. This is because the main point of these few scenes is that the current events of today, have already happened before. It is another point where the past and present overlap and the reason why it all seems like it is following a plan. It a strange way it is because they are just doing what they did all those years ago.

The bombing of the Mosque has an important symbolic meaning. To understand it you must realize that to a follower of the esoteric the war of Armageddon has already happened and that the Muslims were the last faithful followers of God that took part in the last great battle. This is one of the reasons the followers of the esoteric hate the Muslim religion so much, it is because they are ones that fought for the side of God and won. They are just trying to get back at the ones that defeated them all those thousands of years ago.

The next scene we see a small butterfly fly onto the hand of Jesus and turn to flame. The first thing to realize is that from this point forward to the end of the video all the rest of the scenes are of the ancient past and not of our present. This is one of the other secrets of the esoteric and why so many get confused, the present events have already happened before, they are just being recreated. I know, it is hard to your mind around, but once you do, it all makes sense.

This butterfly turning to flame begins a series of events. First we see the small figure of death being pulled back. We then see a holy mother weeping for her young dead son in her lap. She is holding a small bottle that as the angle changes moves under an atomic explosion. This is symbolical showing us this ancient war and that advance weapon systems where being used. It also represents the great pain that the average people suffered under. The following scene of the odd robot like child solider has been misunderstood. It represents the idea the even the children were turned into mindless killers. Remember the war of Armageddon is supposed to be a time when son turns again father, brother kills brother, it was an ax age, an iron age, an age of death.                 

The following scene is the same old lie most of us know, the lie of socialism and communism that will always drown those who fall for it.

The next symbolic scene shows us a small girl waving a white flag in front of a column of tanks and then death himself reaching out to grab her shoulder. This strange scene is showing us that it is pointless to try and surrender or make peace once the dogs of war are on the move and in the end we all die anyway. Also it shows you this is a group you can’t surrender to either.

We then see Jesus again on the boat of Anubis and he is still sleeping, moving through a mist. The mist represents him moving through the mist of time. We then see Sorcerer intensifying his assault on the masses and them suffering from it.

We then move back to the sleeping Jesus on the boat of Anubis. This series of Jesus has to be taken as a whole. It symbolical represents the flame of universal truth that he brought. It then begins burning out the words and voices of the old world as he moves through the mouth. It also shows that he was given power to become holy.

The next scene shows us Kali the goddess of destruction and that she is beginning her dance of chaos and death. It is hard to tell in this view, but Kali is atop a tower.

We then move back to the sleeping Jesus and see a number of fish jump into the boat. This represents the ones that heard and followed his message. The faithful who were taken like fish in a net. We also see the beginning of the light to break through behind him.

We then move to a confusing scene for most. We see a symbolic hand of God come down and light-up a tower with a cross upon it. 

This light then scares the old half naked woman. This represents the Whore of Babylon that is spoken of in the Book of Revelation. This is the whore that we are told corrupted the whole world, including the Church itself. It is also a symbolic representation of the candle sticks (Churches) spoken of in the first part of the Book of Revelations and shows you how they represent the ancient towers that gods stood upon and spoken of by Enoch in his Dream Vision and remembered in tradition as the tower of Babel.

We then again see Jesus and the world beginning to crash down around him. We then move back to Kali and her dance of death.

The next scene of Jesus rising up in a cloud and wiping out the drones below, has a special meaning that has been missed by all. It represents the fall of the great star Wormwood spoken of in the Bible’s Book of Revelation and the destruction that followed. This is why the eye-serpent moves away to hide and the egghead is free. The only problem is shown in the next scene that the dance of death and destruction was still going on.

The following scene of the small figure of death dancing and changing from one animal to another, much like form traditional cultures, can only be understood if you know the Dream Vision of Enoch. 

This is a symbolic representations of the Birds of Heaven and the Beasts of the Field that are spoken of in the Dream Vision. The animals symbolical represent different groups of people, like the dogs represent the Philistines, or the wolfs the Egyptians. This is showing us how the different animals (peoples/groups) were also dancing their dance of death and war.

We then see the Jesus and the boat begin to move into more open water and then he awakes. As he awakes we see a great ice Cathedral begin to crumble into nothing. This is representing the destruction of the old world and fulfillment of the ancient prophecies.

He then turns his eye to the horizon and moves away. We then see him floating toward the sun as small objects fall from the sky destroying the last of the triangles and the evil they bring. It is birth and beginning of a new world, our world.

And that my friends brings us to the end of the video ‘I, pet goat II’ and our esoteric interpretation. I hope you now have a better idea of what this strange little video represents and can understand some of the symbolism it contains. You can learn more about the ancient esoteric symbols and the almost forgotten story they tell in my ground breaking book THE FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE OF ENOCH   -RJ- 

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To learn more about the secrets of the ancient, unhidden symbols that surround us today & the almost forgotten story that they tell, you need to get your copy of THE FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE OF ENOCH today. 

Come and learn the secrets of the Esoteric symbols, the secrets they don’t want you to know !!!


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