Saturday, September 19, 2015

What is The New World Order?

(Note: The point of this post is to introduce you, the reader, to the general historic outline of the origin of what is known as the New World Order. It is not meant to provide all the answers or really any answers, but is to help the curious and truth seekers get a better idea of the overall historical structure. It is only meant as guide to help point out a path that is normally never traveled when dealing with this subject. And as always with the esoteric, you will find that it is, and isn’t, what you think it is.)
No doubt that you have hear the term The New World Order. In fact you have most likely have looked it up on the net to find out more about it. And truth be told, if you put that question into Google you will get about 741,000,000 results back.

And if you take a few minutes to read some of if it, you will quickly understand that the basic idea is that it is some type of conspiracy theory referring to the emergence of a totalitarian one world government, with one religion, one economic system, and one military. You will find just about everything you can think of about it and many things you haven’t.

But the truth is, that the vast majority of what you will find on those 741,000,000 websites and pages is totally full of crap (outside of the basic idea). In fact, as I have studied the esoteric over the years I have been amazed by the sheer amount of bad information floating around out there, not only on the net, but also put out and believed by average people.