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What is The New World Order?

(Note: The point of this post is to introduce you, the reader, to the general historic outline of the origin of what is known as the New World Order. It is not meant to provide all the answers or really any answers, but is to help the curious and truth seekers get a better idea of the overall historical structure. It is only meant as guide to help point out a path that is normally never traveled when dealing with this subject. And as always with the esoteric, you will find that it is, and isn’t, what you think it is.)
No doubt that you have hear the term The New World Order. In fact you have most likely have looked it up on the net to find out more about it. And truth be told, if you put that question into Google you will get about 741,000,000 results back.

And if you take a few minutes to read some of if it, you will quickly understand that the basic idea is that it is some type of conspiracy theory referring to the emergence of a totalitarian one world government, with one religion, one economic system, and one military. You will find just about everything you can think of about it and many things you haven’t.

But the truth is, that the vast majority of what you will find on those 741,000,000 websites and pages is totally full of crap (outside of the basic idea). In fact, as I have studied the esoteric over the years I have been amazed by the sheer amount of bad information floating around out there, not only on the net, but also put out and believed by average people.

I think the reason for this is because every single one of those websites, books, and articles, about the New World Order looks at the idea through the lens of a Christian viewpoint/interpretation of history. And to be perfectly blunt about it, you will never, ever, understand it by looking at it from the traditional Christian interpretation. Because in order to understand the New World Order, you must understand the esoteric religious belief system. And in order to understand the esoteric belief system you have to understand where it came from.

To understand where it came from and how it became a political force in the world, we must look back through history to a time where it all began. Luckily, we only have to go back to the time of Charlemagne and the start of the argument of Church vs. State.

Our story begins with Charlemagne and the Catholic Church becoming allies to conquer and convert a large part of Europe for the Christian faith. The history books are full of stories about how Charlemagne conquered the tribes and people of Europe forcing them to convert to the Catholic faith. With the beheading of almost 4,500 Saxon tribal leaders for a good example of the brutal conversion that was imposed. But almost all the history books leave out the more pragmatic truth of the situation and that Charlemagne and the Church couldn’t always just cut people’s heads off if they didn’t convert as he did with the Saxons.

There were some local leaders, land owners, and other wealthy individuals, that had enough power, control, and influence that they couldn’t be forced to anything they didn’t want to do. With these powerful people, Charlemagne and the Church had to work with them. And as the history books tell us, that over a rather short amount of time, most of these powerful men and families all agreed to publicly and officially convert to the Christian faith, usually with much fanfare, but privately, they and many of their followers, vassals, knights, or allies, practiced the old ways as they always had.

It is just like today, if somebody showed up and told you to convert to their religion or they would kill you, most would convert to keep their heads, but as soon as those people were not around or behind closed doors, you would still think, believe, and practice, the same way you always have. This time in history was no different.

This is the beginning of the political aspect of the esoteric religion and leads to what we call today, The New World Order. This practice of following the old ways in secret, being led by the local political/religious, leaders/strongmen, gave birth to the first of what would later become known as the secret societies that seem to always be lurking in the background. It is also how the esoteric became the religion of much of the traditional European leadership/Royalty class.

It wasn’t long before the Catholic Church figured out what was going on and that the truth was that they hadn’t been as successful as they thought they were in stomping out the old ways. This began the Church’s long and never ending campaign to demonize anything and everything that went against Church teachings. What they couldn’t demonize they took over, with many of our modern day holidays being the best examples.

This had the effect of forcing the early esoteric underground. And in the beginning most of this was simple folk lore and knowledge for the common people. For the elites and the educated, it was Greek and Roman thought and an almost forgotten history that was forbidden by the Church. Much of this ancient knowledge had been persevered in the few private libraries. Much of this becomes what we know today as Hermitic thought and is the great-grandfather of modern science. This all ended up creating two separate ideological camps, on the one side the Catholic Church and on the other what would in time become in time the esoteric.   

This was the basic picture until the Crusades and the many different groups of Knights that went to fight the infidel in the Holy Land in the name of Christ.

Within the esoteric writings, they make it perfectly clear that the Knights Templars were the single most important group of Knights that went to the Holy Land. It is written that they brought back the vast majority of the secret esoteric information and thought. They speak of how this knowledge that was brought back by the Templars, became the basis of a large part of modern day esoteric thought.

This is all very well known to people who study this subject matter. What is normally overlooked is the fact that the individuals that made up the Knighthood were typically from wealthy educated families and classes, that could read and write. And they also made up a large part of the upper classes. These people were the very people that were practicing the old ways behind closed doors out of sight of the prying eyes of the Church and their spies. This is one of those little details that they like leaving out of the history books in school.

This new esoteric thought and practice brought by the Templars gave new life to the traditional European esoteric religion. It began to move from being a traditional religious idea rooted in folklore and tradition, to a more mature religious thought only being practiced in the higher classes of society. It is where it starts to break away from the average person and becomes the secret religion of the elites and the powerful. The final break can be seen in history when in the late Middle Ages and early Renaissance period the upper classes stop taking part in traditional holidays celebrated by the lower classes and the birth of the first modern nation states.

To get a rather good idea of the secret esoteric thought and teachings that were brought back to Europe, what tiny bits that leaked out to the public gave birth to what we know as the great Renaissance and rediscovery of classical knowledge. This is another point that the history books like to overlook and that is where this knowledge originally came from. I have spoken of this before and that this esoteric actually comes from the Library of Alexandra which was persevered by the Arab cultures of the Middle East and this is where the Templars originally came into contact with it, bringing it back to Europe.

This knowledge and the power it holds, leads to the destruction of the Templars and again forcing most of all the esoteric back underground. It also begins the battle between the Church and the followers of the esoteric. The battle between Church and State and the prize of power and control of the masses. Again, the history books are filled with stories and tales of this battle, a battle that is still going on today.

This is the piece that is missing for most everybody in trying to understand all of this. It isn’t a conspiracy to take over the world, it is an ideological fight between two different religions. One public and well known, the other secret and hidden from the public eye.

Up until the 1600s, the Church had always had the upper hand in the fight, mainly because they had won the hearts and minds of the common person and could use them to counter the elites, who controlled the money and the militaries. It wasn’t until the 1600s that society and the new Nation States became powerful enough to push back against the Catholic Church. And again, the history books are full of information about this.

This is the time that the followers of the esoteric started to come into contact with each other and start banding together. This is where the real battle between Church and State begins. The esoteric started to fight back against the Church and its teachings, but they quickly learned that the Church still had great power and influence over people. Though they attacked and pointed out the corruption of the Church and even began presenting new ideas and information that made a mockery of traditional Christian belief, they couldn’t dislodge it. In fact in time, the followers of the esoteric learned that it would take much more than simple doubt and corruption to bring down the Christian faith.
The truth is the followers of the esoteric have been trying for almost 400 years to break down the Catholic Church and Christian thought in general, but they still haven’t been able to do it, though they have greatly damaged it over the years.

This brings us to a point that I have already written about in earlier posts, and that is some of the details of the, who, what, when, why, and origin of the esoteric religious and symbolic system of the last 400 years. These posts can be found at the following links: A Brief History of the Esoteric & Secrets of the Esoteric.

We now go down a path that has been much less traveled than most others and look at one aspect of this conflict that creates great confusion for most, but it will help in understanding the greater picture of the New World Order and some of its motivation.

This conflict between the Catholic Church and the followers of the esoteric is the battle that is going on in the back ground. The reason it is so misunderstood is because not only has the Church gone out of its way to suppress much of this or demonize the other side, the esoteric hasn’t helped the matter by hiding in the back ground fighting a covert war. Because they have both spent so much time, money, resources, and man-power, on confusing everybody about the real fight, that neither side can really tell the truth without destroying it all and themselves.

There is one other factor that isn’t spoken of by either side to the masses in this whole mess, and that is the dirty little secret that both the Church and the followers of the esoteric have been in contact with the entities that our ancestors called and worshiped as gods.

This is the one point that many have a hard time accepting or just getting their minds around and both sides use to their advantage. With the Church telling you they are God and his angels and the esoteric telling you they are some advanced extra-terrestrial aliens, leaving most confused or lost in the process. And the truth is that is something you have to decide for yourself. But for another possibility of who and what these entities are can be found here: A New Take on Aliens -Part I & A New Take on Aliens -Part II.

These ‘aliens’, ‘gods’, ‘advanced beings’ or whatever you wish to call them, is one of the missing pieces that help to create some of the confusion when trying to understand the overall picture. The truth is that it doesn’t really matter if you personally believe it to be true, the thing to realize is that there are people who do believe it and believe it to be fact and they believe it religiously to be fact beyond any doubt. But I do think that there is enough evidence to draw the conclusion that there is clearly an outside force directly influencing the upper leadership(s) around the world.    

It is this hidden contact with these powerful and advanced entities within the esoteric and the Catholic Church that both sides go out of their way to hide from the general public. This is where all the goofy, crazy, weird, stories of Visions, Dreams, Calling forth demons, Possession by spirits, etc…etc… come from. They are all cover for this contact, the Church calls the contact with the followers of the esoteric, demon/devil worship, the occult, and just plain evil. While at the same time the followers of the esoteric use science and mental illness to condemned the contact with the Church as crazy, myth, or fantasy. This also includes the alien abduction phenomena that is debunked or ignored by both sides.

This contact is one of the biggest secrets of the esoteric and the Churches and is also the unseen hand that seems to be pulling the strings. If the ancient stories and legends are true, then these entities have been interfering with us for thousands upon thousands of years. And that what is really going on is the same thing that has always gone on. You just have to go and read the ancient stories, holy books, and legends, and the picture becomes clear.

It appears that we are caught between at least two opposing powers that have historically used us to fight through. It is much like when two parents are fighting with each other through their children. They are just worried about who is right and who is wrong, never thinking about the damage they are doing to their children. And we, like children, play our part in this sick little game, some getting involved and taking sides and others trying to hide and stay out of the way. Still others shut down and act like nothing is wrong.                   

If that isn’t enough to make your head spin, there is another level of complexity to this whole mess. And that is the fact that both sides, the Churches and the esoteric are not monolithic groups. They are in fact broken into a number of different factions. With each one competing with each other for power and control, while trying to fight the other side. It also appears that a number of the more powerful factions are each in contact with these advanced entities, with little to no knowledge of the contact with the other groups. That in short and just like the ancient stories, each group is being played off the other. The real reason for this deception, is at the moment anybody’s guess. And I will leave it up to you to decide what is and isn’t true for the real reason behind it all.

This brings us to a point that most never make it too in trying to understand the overall picture of the New World Order. That we are not dealing with one small group called the Illuminati hell-bent on world conquest in some great conspiracy. But we are in fact dealing with two primary religious groups that are broken into different factions, all fighting for the same goal. Total power and control of the great masses of people of the world, all based on two totally different religious ideologies. Which are based and apparently controlled by the two primary powers that our ancestors worshiped and called gods.

So you can understand, we aren’t dealing with one or two conspiracies, but are in fact caught between a religious war to win the hearts and minds of the people to blindly serve the ones they call/worship/follow as gods. Which in my opinion is much worse and more terrifying than some old conspiracy theory.       

And that my friends will bring us to the end of our journey into the world of the esoteric and the forbidden knowledge it holds.

I hope this aids you in your general understanding of the idea of the New World Order and how to follow it through history. I also hope that it helps you to realize that in order to truly understand this subject and the esoteric religion at its heart, you have to be willing to explore strange new ways of thinking and traveling different paths of viewing history.  -RJ-

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