Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Secret of the Pleiades Cluster

If you have already read THE FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE OF ENOCH then much of this post will be very familiar to you, but there is a bit of new information that wasn’t presented in the book.

To everybody else that hasn’t read my book and/or has just been reading this blog, then this will be something totally new to you and will help you understand that the esoteric isn’t based on just some crazy old story from a dusty, almost forgotten book. It will also help establish a new timeline of many ancient events based on a solid scientific understanding of astronomy with an independent form of dating. Dating that can’t easily be dismissed or faked.

That may seem like a rather bold claim to make, but as with much of the esoteric, the devil is in the details and sometimes you have to take a slightly different perspective than you have been taught.
Before we can begin our journey into the secret of the Pleiades Cluster of stars, we must first explore a couple of scientific facts about the night sky and the stars we can see with the naked eye.
The first being the fact that the stars we see are not fixed upon the night sky, but then do in fact move position over long periods of time. This phenomena is known as ‘Proper Motion’ and it is because the stars we can see are moving independently of our own solar system. (Additional information on Proper Motion: