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The Secret of the Pleiades Cluster

If you have already read THE FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE OF ENOCH then much of this post will be very familiar to you, but there is a bit of new information that wasn’t presented in the book.

To everybody else that hasn’t read my book and/or has just been reading this blog, then this will be something totally new to you and will help you understand that the esoteric isn’t based on just some crazy old story from a dusty, almost forgotten book. It will also help establish a new timeline of many ancient events based on a solid scientific understanding of astronomy with an independent form of dating. Dating that can’t easily be dismissed or faked.

That may seem like a rather bold claim to make, but as with much of the esoteric, the devil is in the details and sometimes you have to take a slightly different perspective than you have been taught.
Before we can begin our journey into the secret of the Pleiades Cluster of stars, we must first explore a couple of scientific facts about the night sky and the stars we can see with the naked eye.
The first being the fact that the stars we see are not fixed upon the night sky, but then do in fact move position over long periods of time. This phenomena is known as ‘Proper Motion’ and it is because the stars we can see are moving independently of our own solar system. (Additional information on Proper Motion:

They are all moving at different speeds, different directions, and typically over thousands of years, the stars slowly move from their current positions from our line of sight. Which means that if you were to go backward in time (or forward), say, 5,000 years, the night sky would look a little tad-bit different that it does today. It wouldn’t be very much, but you would notice that a few of the faster moving stars (typically the closest) would be out of place and would make a few of the constellations look slightly different than they do today. The farther you go in time the more pronounced this effect.

This is something that appears to have been pretty much overlooked by just about everybody, this fact of Proper Motion and that the stars actually move position over long periods of time or why it is important. The first thing that makes it important is that we can measure this movement very precisely and also to very precisely date it. You can buy a number of astronomy programs that show this movement.

The second important part is realizing that when we apply this understanding of Proper Motion to a cluster of stars, like the Pleiades, which are not only slowly moving across the night sky, but the stars of the cluster are interacting with and orbiting around each other. This added factor of the stars within the cluster interacting with each other amplifies the movement of the visible stars and shortens the amount of time needed to see the changes.

Which of course is nothing new to most people, especially those familiar with ancient history and mythology. Most all known ancient cultures and civilizations recorded the Pleiades Cluster of stars. There are thousands of artifacts showing this cluster of stars, it is so common that nobody, including the experts give it a second thought. The only thing that is typically noted is the fact that the ancient artifacts show seven stars and not the six visible ones of today. Which of course means that enough time has passed for one of the stars of the Pleaides Cluster to move out of our line of sight and just can’t be seen now. In fact the ancient Greeks have a story about how one of the seven sisters (as they called the cluster) had become lost. Again, nothing new, nothing not already known by most people.

And this is where begin our journey into the true secret and understanding of the Pleiades Cluster of stars.

In earlier posts on this blog and in my book, I have presented you with a number of ancient cylinder seals from a number of ancient cultures from around the Middle Eastern areas. And a number of these cylinder seals have the Pleiades Cluster of stars recorded on them. In addition they not only have the cluster recorded on them, but they also show the cluster with additional stars. Not only do they show additional stars they also show the cluster changing shape. These two facts are what is important and when we add the additional understanding of Proper Motion we can understand that this is showing us the changes of the cluster over time.

This is information that could only been known one of two ways. The first being that somehow our ancient ancestors could measure and calculate the movements of the Pleaides Cluster, which I find highly unlikely given the information we have. And the second one being that the individuals that made these artifacts where recording what they actually were seeing in the night sky at the time.

When we look at the Pleiades cluster as recorded on the ancient cylinder seals with the additional stars and changing shape. Then combined it with our understanding of Proper Motion of the stars. We get the realization that what we are actually looking at; is that the Pleiades Cluster was being used to record the passage of time, it was/is a clock. And that this clock was recording events over thousands upon thousands of years. And we can use our modern understanding of Proper Motion and movement within the cluster to actually figure out when in time the Pleiades Cluster would/could have looked the way it is recorded on these ancient cylinder seals.

This is where is gets wild, if we do this, we discover that the number of stars and the different configurations as they are recorded on the ancient artifacts had to have taken place many thousands of years earlier than we have believed. In fact all the events recorded on the ancient cylinder seals (using the Pleiades cluster as a clock), appear to have happen before 10,000 B.C. Like I said, pretty wild.

Before we go any farther, we must start looking at the actual cylinder seals and how the Pleaides Cluster is recorded on them. I will only be trying to focus on the actual Pleaides Cluster here, to understand how the Dream Vision of Enoch, the symbolism on the ancient cylinder seals tie together, please refer to THE FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE OF ENOCH and the earlier blog posts UNLOCKING THE DREAM VISION.

The first seal we will look at is one that the late Zecharia Sitchin made famous the VA-243 seal.

All scholars, (but Mr. Sitchin) agree that the small cluster of stars shown on the seal are in fact the Pleiades Cluster of stars. What is typically ignored by all is the fact that this seal shows eleven stars in the cluster (not counting the large center star-like object, again please see my book for more on that symbol). Below is an image giving a better idea of what the Pleiades Cluster would have looked like in the night sky as recorded on the seal.

The next image is one that is also rather famous and has been all over the internet and on a number of TV shows over the years.

You will notice that the configuration of the cluster has changed to two rows of four with a star at each end, giving us a total of ten stars now. Below is an image giving a clearer view of this arrangement of the stars.

The next cylinder seal shows the famous event of Enoch being taken up away from the generations of the earth. It also shows the Pleiades Cluster as eight stars in two rows of four. This is only one of a number of seals showing this event and the cluster in this way.


Again, below is a image of the cluster as shown on this seal.


For those who have read my book, you will notice that above stars are now named. Based on my research and work into this idea, I now believe I can identify the actual stars seen on the cylinder seals as you can see above. Also you will notice the orientation of the image is different from the one in the book. This image and the following ones are now correctly orientated based on the actual movements of the Pleiades Cluster over time. (It should be noted that I still have rather large amount of uncertainty that these are the correct stars, and should be viewed as a best guess or estimate at this point in time.)    

Even with my uncertainty that I have the correct stars, this information has allowed me to roughly calculate some possible dates for when these configurations of the Pleiades Cluster where visible in the night sky.

This next seal shows the Pleiades Cluster in the more typical manner when they think about the ancient world. With seven stars in two rows of three with the seven one between the rows, just slightly off to one side.

The next two seals we will look at both have only seven stars, in two rows of three, but the seventh star is the important thing here. When added to the one above, you can actually see the movement of this one star over time, it is unmistakable. This could be one of the most important parts of understanding the importance of what these ancient seals are showing us, this unmistakable movement of one single star of a very well-known and studied star cluster.

Now if we take all of these images and compare them to the actually movement of the stars of Pleiades Cluster, we can actually give a general ballpark date for when the cluster would have looked, as recorded on the ancient cylinder seals. This is why the last images have the names of the stars. These are the very same stars we see today in the cluster and have been identified by plotting the movement of the visible stars of today backward through time.

This last image is a modern one of how the cluster looks today and how much it has changed since the time recorded on the ancient cylinder seals.

When we take all of this as a whole, you can see with your own eyes that everybody, and I mean everybody, expert and lay has missed this. It even appears that the followers of the esoteric missed this one and this understanding. 

That the Pleiades Cluster of stars as recorded on the ancient cylinders seals (and other artifacts) is in fact being used as a clock, or at least can be used as a clock to provide a totally independent means of dating these events as shown on the seals.

When this information is combined with the additional esoteric understanding that the Dream Vision of Enoch, (which is an allegorical or symbolic retelling of the Biblical story) is in fact the same/similar symbolic story as told on the ancient seals. You can begin to actually understand the true secret of the Pleiades Cluster of stars and how they give us a new way to actually date these ancient events.

Starting with the first image. The configuration of eleven stars appears to be visible prior to 32,000 to 34,000 B.C.

The second image of ten stars, appears to have been visible between 30,000 to 24,000 B.C. With the time around 27,500 B.C. being the best fit based on my research.

The third image, with Enoch being taken away from the generations of the earth, of eight stars in two rows of four, is the first one that. This configuration appears to be visible around 14,500 B.C. (+1,200 yrs.).   

The last set of images showing the movement of the star Maia are visible between about 13,500 to around 10,500 B.C. (+1,000 years).

And finally, I estimate that it has taken approximately 11,000 to 12,000 years for the stars of the Pleiades Cluster to mover to their current positions from the last image recorded on the ancient cylinder seals.

This is where we will leave the traditional understanding of our past and enter into the realm of the forbidden knowledge of Dream Vision and the esoteric belief system. This is also where our journey into the secret of the Pleiades Cluster comes to an end.

The rest of this story and how it all fits into the mysterious, symbolic, Dream Vision of Enoch and the almost forgotten story it tells, you will have to read THE FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE OF ENOCH.  -RJ-

To learn more about the secrets of the ancient, unhidden symbols that surround us today & the almost forgotten story that they tell, you need to get your copy of THE FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE OF ENOCH today. 

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