Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Dream Vision: The most important story you have never heard of.

What is the Dream Vision and why should you even care about it?

If you are, or ever have been interested in the Bible, its books, its stories, its lore, its mystery, its history, its symbolism, and just how this book came to be, either as one of the faithful, or take a more scholarly and historical perspective of it all, then the Dream Vision will come as quite a surprise.

To begin with, what is the Dream Vision? Very simply put, the Dream Vision is an allegorical or symbolic retelling of the Biblical story that uses animals to represent people, men to represent angels, with God being represented as the Lord of the sheep, contained within the ancient Book of Enoch. 

And that is typically all that is ever said about it by anybody, expert or lay alike. Also, the chances are that you have never even heard of this Dream Vision of Enoch. (Here is a link to the Dream Vision: and the Book of Enoch:

But, this little retelling of the Biblical story in the Book of Enoch, known as the Dream Vision, that you have never heard of, will change everything you think you know about the Bible and the story it contains.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

God, the Devil, and the Esoteric

There are many very different ideas about God and the Devil from all around the world. It could very well be one of the greatest subjects of argument and disagreement humanity has ever known. 

There have been countless conflicts over the subject for as long as we have recorded history. It is rooted within the very fabric of our being. In many ways it is at the core of our culture, our civilization, our history.  It helps provide the framework of ourselves on many different levels.

In fact it is so much a part of us that I am sure that very specific ideas and concepts jumped into your mind as soon as you read the words, God and Devil. I would guess that most everybody would have a rather typical monotheist idea that ‘God’ is (in some form) a good, caring, loving, forgiving type of creator of the world and of humanity. And that also a very general idea of the ‘Devil’ as being the exact opposite of that with it basically being the source of all the evil in the world.

Even if you are an unbeliever and take a much more atheistic/materialistic view of the world, you still probably have very specific ideas of what these words mean. You have still been heavily impacted and influenced by the monotheistic idea of God and the Devil.

Now as we all know over the last 50 or so years there is another idea that has been slowly presented to the general public. With that being the basic idea that the religious ideas of God and the Devil is replaced with a highly technologically advanced alien civilization or better known as the Ancient Astronaut Theory.