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God, the Devil, and the Esoteric

There are many very different ideas about God and the Devil from all around the world. It could very well be one of the greatest subjects of argument and disagreement humanity has ever known. 

There have been countless conflicts over the subject for as long as we have recorded history. It is rooted within the very fabric of our being. In many ways it is at the core of our culture, our civilization, our history.  It helps provide the framework of ourselves on many different levels.

In fact it is so much a part of us that I am sure that very specific ideas and concepts jumped into your mind as soon as you read the words, God and Devil. I would guess that most everybody would have a rather typical monotheist idea that ‘God’ is (in some form) a good, caring, loving, forgiving type of creator of the world and of humanity. And that also a very general idea of the ‘Devil’ as being the exact opposite of that with it basically being the source of all the evil in the world.

Even if you are an unbeliever and take a much more atheistic/materialistic view of the world, you still probably have very specific ideas of what these words mean. You have still been heavily impacted and influenced by the monotheistic idea of God and the Devil.

Now as we all know over the last 50 or so years there is another idea that has been slowly presented to the general public. With that being the basic idea that the religious ideas of God and the Devil is replaced with a highly technologically advanced alien civilization or better known as the Ancient Astronaut Theory.

The reason I am bringing this up, is because I have noticed that there is a rather large number of people that have a very difficult time trying to wrap their minds around the idea that the one remembered as the Devil, Satan, or sometimes Lucifer, could in any way be viewed as the ‘good guy’ and God as the ‘bad guy’. In my book, I give much greater details of the story than I will here, but to understand how this could be, we must go back to the beginning of the story and look at the events that led up to the event that is remembered in the monotheist traditions as the Fall of Lucifer and his angels that had turned against God.

The esoteric interpretation of this story is slightly different than that one. The reason for this is because the esoteric takes into account the events that led up to the fall of the angels, which are typically overlooked, glossed over, or outright ignored, by the traditional monotheist religions of the world. And these events are more along what most call the Ancient Astronaut Theory.

And this is where we begin our journey into the esoteric.

In order to understand how the Devil could be the good guy, we must first take a small peek into the world of myth and legend of the time that is said to have come before the Fall of Lucifer. There is a reason the traditional religions tend to overlook this part of the story, it raises too many hard questions they just don’t want to address.  

With the first being, why did Lucifer rebel against God in the first place? Traditionally we are told it was because Lucifer wanted to be like God (or something along those lines). But if we look deeper into the Biblical tradition we find much different story. In it we find (at least in the beginning) God wasn’t so much the good guy as he is now. We find that the one remembered as God, appeared to be a rather uncaring, oppressive, and rather tyrannical to his creation, humanity.

To understand this we must remember to think in a more esoteric way. We must look at the other traditions, especially the ancient ones, like the Greeks, or Egyptian, we find very similar stories. The have to be taken as a whole. If you do this you will quickly find that it is very hard to deny that they give the idea that the first humans where created as a slave race that were treated very poorly by their creator.

To get a better understanding of the esoteric viewpoint we must turn to the the ancient Book of Enoch. In it we are told, it was the ones called ‘The Watchers’ that rebelled against God. Enoch also tells us, like all the other traditions, that these ‘Watchers’ began to have some type of relationship with the humans under their care and this is the primary reason for the rebellion.

Every single ancient tradition that I am aware of pretty much agrees on this point, the reason for the event that is remembered in monotheistic religions as the Fall of Lucifer and his Angels was because of personal relationships with the first humans and these Watchers. As remembered in the Bible in Genesis 6:2, That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair and they took them wives of all which they chose (KJV)  

The point that is normally left out, is the reason why these relationships happened in the first place. This is where the esoteric takes a different path. It looks at the other ancient creation stories that are typically viewed only as myth or legend, with little to no basis in fact, like much of Greek mythology. In all of these stories we are told, that this rebellion was also because God was an uncaring lot to his creation and the angels that followed him. The myth of Zeus rising up against his father Cronus and the other great Titans of myth who cared little for anything around him, is a good example.

It is this little bit of information that changes the whole understanding of the story. This oppression of early humanity by its creator is the reason why the ones known as the Watchers began to get closer to humanity. This oppression appears to have grown so bad that the Watchers begin trying to protect our early ancestors and in the process became closer to them. The general idea is typically that they learned that early humanity was much more than just a dumb slave to be used without feeling, but actually living, thinking, loving, people, not animals and the Watchers fell in love with them or the so the story goes.

What is important here, is the whole idea of the oppression that led to the great rebellion in heaven that is remembered in the monotheistic tradition as the Fall of Lucifer and his fellow angels. This is where the idea that God was the ‘bad guy’ comes from within the esoteric. You will also notice that much of this is very similar to the whole Ancient Astronaut idea mentioned before.

The next part is the event of this Fall of Lucifer itself. This is where the idea that the Fallen one is the good guy comes from. Almost all the information we have on this event comes from two main sources. The first being the ancient Book of Enoch and the second being the mythologies of a great god of light coming from heaven to live among mankind, sometimes remembered as a star that fell from heaven. In every single tradition, this individual is remembered as the great ‘Bringer of Light’. With ‘Light’ normally being the symbolic representation of ‘Knowledge’. The knowledge that came from the gods themselves.

This symbolic meaning that Light represents Knowledge is the first step into understanding how this individual could be the ‘good guy’ at one point. Again we must turn the ancient Book of Enoch to understand what this ‘knowledge’ or light was. Enoch and the other mythologies tell us this knowledge that was the knowledge of freedom and civilization. It was math, metallurgy, medicine, writing, building, astronomy, all the information that is said to have come from the gods to humanity.

If the idea that mankind was created as a slave race that was so brutally oppressed and exploited that it led to rebellion in heaven of the very beings that created them. Then this is not very hard to understand, if true, then this individual and his followers most likely would be viewed as good, helpful, caring, the bringers of freedom and knowledge that broke the chains of bondage. They would be looked at as the good guys, again at least in the beginning.   

Now, we all know the rest of the story from here, the Fallen Ones take human wives and mate with them, producing the Nephilim, Giants, and other legendary creatures and monsters. Which then leads to a time of great evil and horror upon the earth. An evil and sin so great that God had to bring the Great Flood upon the surface of the earth to bring an end to it all.

It this part where the Bringer of Light starts to become the ‘bad guy’ and the other one remembered as God begins to become the ‘good guy’. And this is one of those places in understanding the esoteric viewpoint that you realize there is much more to the story and just why the more traditional belief systems avoid this part of the story.

It is also the point that the esoteric, the ancient astronaut theory, and more traditional religious thought come together and allows us to realize that the ancient astronaut theory and the esoteric ideas are basically one and the same. This is because the ancient astronaut theory comes from the esoteric religious belief system.

This is where many with strong religious convictions tend to have their problems with understanding the esoteric on this subject. But it is important if you wish to understand how a follower of the esoteric could view the one remembered as the source of all evil in the world as a force of good for humanity.

In order to do this we must take the next step and combine the traditional religious story, ancient mythology, and the more modern ancient astronaut theory into one esoteric interpretation. This will give us a slightly different perspective on this most ancient of stories.

Which gives us the basic little story of a highly technologically advanced species that came to earth many thousands of years ago. This species was/is so highly advanced that they have what many would call, god-like power and knowledge. It is highly likely that this species is millions of years ahead of us in everything, they know and can do things we can’t even imagine yet. And this species has some type of civil war that results in them taking an existing species from earth and modified its genetics to create humanity as slave race to provide the needed labor to support their system.

This slavery was thought to cruel, brutal, and oppressive. That the leader of the ones that ordered the creation of this new species called human, was a tyrant and demanding in order and for others to be submissive to him. This led the ones watching over the newly created humans to rise up and defend they creation from this pain and suffering.

The leader of this uprising was viewed and for a very long time, remembered as the great bringer of light that came to earth, like a star that fell from heaven, a savior of humanity that brought freedom, knowledge, and the promise of new way of life free of cruelty of slavery.

This is the time remembered by most ancient traditions as the time when the gods themselves walked among mankind. To many this time is remembered as time of paradise, a golden age for humanity, to others it was a time of darkness when evil filled the hearts of men and violence ruled the land. An evil and violence so great that great flood came upon the earth and destroyed it all.

Within the esoteric these events are viewed in a much more political than religious context. And that what this story is telling us, is that the original group broke into at least two separate factions with opposing views on the subject and treatment of their creation, humanity. With one side appearing to view humanity as nothing more than a resource to used and controlled and the other seeing us as something more than an a beast of burden.

Now, we have reached the point that most with strong religious convictions begin to have their problems in trying to wrap their minds around the esoteric perspective. It is also a point that most all have their trouble in understanding the esoteric belief system in general. This is because in order to truly understand the esoteric viewpoint you must realize and understand that much of what is known as the ancient astronaut theory comes directly from hidden esoteric story. It is only when you understand this, can you begin to understand just how a true follower of the esoteric views this whole subject and it is much different than what you think it is. (NOTE* The full details of how and why the ancient astronaut theory comes directly from the esoteric religious belief system can be found in ‘THE FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE OF ENOCH’.)

To a true follower of the esoteric, these entities that all the religious of the world remember as angels, demons, gods, and devils, are actually one highly technologically advanced species and not ‘gods’. Not only highly advanced, but one that is literally millions of years more advanced than ourselves, so advanced that one could say they have God-like power and knowledge. And this is the first part in understanding the esoteric perspective on this, these entities are not gods, but they do have God-like power and knowledge when compared to our own level.

This is where the esoteric perspective is very different than the more traditional view, including the ancient astronaut theory. These advanced entities using their knowledge and technology created us, humanity, which does make them our creators, but that also doesn’t make them gods. And to a follower of the esoteric that understands this, the idea of ‘worshipping’ these entities in the traditional religious sense doesn’t really apply.

This is the part that I have noticed that seems to screw everybody up in understanding this. The followers of the esoteric are not ‘worshipping’ these entities as gods in any religious way and why it must be viewed in much more political way. The rituals they perform do honor and respect these entities as something greater than us and as our creators, which does have many religious like qualities, but they are also showing their loyalty to the ideals these entities have come to represent.

Within large parts of the esoteric, their loyalty is more focused on the one remembered as the Light Bringer, along the ideal of the great one that sacrificed everything by standing against his own kind, to bring the light of knowledge and freedom to an enslaved humanity. And this ideal of knowledge is what is important to understand here, this is the primary focus of the esoteric, this quest for knowledge.

This is where the esoteric is vastly different from the monotheistic religions. The esoteric seeks out this knowledge, where the monotheistic religions go out of their way to hide or destroy it. With the monotheistic religions typically branding this knowledge as occult, witchcraft, Satan or devil worship, in order to discourage people from following it and driving most all of it underground over the last thousand years.

From an esoteric perspective, the story and history shows us that the one remembered as the God of the Biblical tradition and his followers are oppressors, ruled by a tyrant that is the destroyer of knowledge and freedom that was given to humanity to save us from slavery by the great Bringer of Light.

That brings us to the end of our little journey into the esoteric and one of the many different interpretations of this most ancient of stories of us. I hope this helps provide a bit of clarity to those who have had difficulty in wrapping their minds around the idea that the one remembered as God could be the bad guy and the one remembered as the Devil could be viewed as the good guy. Until next time, remember, the truth points to itself.  -RJ-

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