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The Dream Vision: The most important story you have never heard of.

What is the Dream Vision and why should you even care about it?

If you are, or ever have been interested in the Bible, its books, its stories, its lore, its mystery, its history, its symbolism, and just how this book came to be, either as one of the faithful, or take a more scholarly and historical perspective of it all, then the Dream Vision will come as quite a surprise.

To begin with, what is the Dream Vision? Very simply put, the Dream Vision is an allegorical or symbolic retelling of the Biblical story that uses animals to represent people, men to represent angels, with God being represented as the Lord of the sheep, contained within the ancient Book of Enoch. 

And that is typically all that is ever said about it by anybody, expert or lay alike. Also, the chances are that you have never even heard of this Dream Vision of Enoch. (Here is a link to the Dream Vision: and the Book of Enoch:

But, this little retelling of the Biblical story in the Book of Enoch, known as the Dream Vision, that you have never heard of, will change everything you think you know about the Bible and the story it contains.

To begin our journey into this almost forgotten part of our past, we must first start with an understanding of the book we call the Bible. We all know that this book, the Bible, has been edited, revised, and changed, over the many centuries to fit a number of different belief systems, agendas, and interpretations of this book. In addition, we also know there are a number of typos, mistranslated, and omissions, which have happened over the years that add much of the general confusion surrounding this book.

One of the most important events in the creation of the Biblical text or Bible, we know today happened in 364 A.D. and the Council of Laodicea. This Council of Laodicea, for all practical proposes, gave us the Bible we know today. They decided on which books would be included in the official Cannon and which ones would be removed or omitted from the Bible and Church teaching.

Of the many books that were omitted or removed, the vast majority of them over time just fell out of favor and use and through old fashion neglect became lost to the western world. Over time they became the famous ‘Lost books of the Bible’ that contained some type of forbidden knowledge or teachings. Today we have recovered the vast majority of these so-called lost books of the Bible and are typically known as the Pseudepigraphal and Apocryphal texts/books, including a number of Lost Gospels of the New Testament.

One the most famous of these lost books, is the Book of Enoch. This book took on a type of legendary awe in the middle ages. There were many stories that surrounded this book and the mysterious information it contained. By the 1600s there where many forgeries made and sold claiming to be this infamous Book of Enoch containing secret knowledge.

The actual Book of Enoch was not rediscovered by the western world until the famed explorer James Bruce returned from Abyssinia with three Ethiopic copies of the book in 1773. It wasn’t until 1821 the book was translated into English by Richard Laurence and published. In 1912 the more famous and well-known R.H. Charles translation was published.

And this is where it begins to get very interesting and important to understand this tad-bit of history about the Book of Enoch. The Book of Enoch was for all practical proposes a lost book for about 1,400 to 1,500 years. In fact, it was basically sitting in Ethiopia gathering dust, not being edited, revised, changed, mistranslated, or anything to fit somebody’s agenda or belief system. And this is the important part to understand here, the ancient Book of Enoch, which was at one time part of the Bible, contains an unedited, unchanged, unrevised, older version, of the Biblical story in the allegorical/symbolic Dream Vision.

This is first of many things that makes the Dream Vision the most important story you have never heard of; it is an older, unedited version of the Biblical story that we know for a fact that predates the text we have today. It is basically a general outline of the entire Biblical story that contains enough detail for you to actually read with your own eyes the parts of the story that have been changed, edited, or just outright omitted from the Biblical text over the last 1,400 years.

This unedited, and possibly original outline, of the Biblical story has a number of items and information within it that totally changes the whole of meaning of the Biblical story and what you think you know about it. As a whole it basically fills in many of the largest gaps in the Biblical story. It also provides new information on a number of well-known major events of the Bible from start to finish.

Within the Dream Vision, we learn that the most fundamental and best known stories of the Bible have been changed. Starting with the very first story of the creation of man, with Adam & Eve and their sons Cain and Able. The Dream Vision tells us something vastly different than the traditional Biblical text with the first being that Eve was brought forth from the earth as Adam was. It also tells us the ones remembered as Cain & Able where not the sons of Adam & Eve, but where also brought forth from the earth as Adam & Eve where. That all four were brought forth from the earth more or less at the same point in time. The most shocking part of the unedited version of the Biblical story is that the one known as Eve, first mated with the one we call Cain, after the death of the one we call Able and gave birth too many that looked like him and followed him. After a time she goes looking for the one remembered as Cain and finds him not and begins to lament for him. The first one, Adam goes to her at this time and she stops lamenting for him and has many children that looked like him and followed him.

It tells of the most famous story that isn’t in the Bible and the star that fell from heaven and lived among the line of Cain. Giving birth to the legendary Nephilim, the Giants, and the mysterious Elioud and the violence that they brought to the world. It speaks of how this violence leads to war that ends in the great flood, but not of the whole world, but it speaks of an enclosure. It also tells us that it wasn’t actual animals that were taken upon the ark, but the animals are a symbolic representation of different groups of people. Which is just one of the many secrets of the animal symbolism contained with this forgotten Dream Vision of the Biblical story.

It tells us the same basic story of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph as contained in the Bible. It also tells us of the great Exodus and the founding of Israel with the building of the great temple and citadel of King Solomon that the Lord stood upon.

It then speaks of the beginning of an almost forgotten war and a mysterious group of 70 seventy shepherds that were called by the Lord and ordered to slaughter a certain number of humans over a long period of time. This slaughter leads to a much greater war upon humanity that leads to one of the greatest and most shocking things about the Dream Vision that the faithful will have with it all.
And that greatest of all the hidden secrets about the Dream Vision is that it tells us that the great war of Armageddon, the End of Days, the terrible destruction and final judgement that it brings to all of mankind, has already happened. The war, the destruction, the second coming of Christ and the judgement as described in the Bible’s Book of Revelation, has already happened.

Not only happened, but actually happen around 13,000 years ago and that we, everybody who is alive today are actually the children of the remnant that was saved at the end of time after the judgment.
If that wasn’t enough of a shock to challenge and rock your ideas, beliefs and knowledge about he Bible, the next level of the Dream Vision is realizing how the animal symbolism it uses, represents actual groups of people we know about from history and spoken of directly of in the Biblical text. This animal symbolism is a small piece of the puzzle that takes the Dream Vision to level that has never been seen before in any other story or idea about the Biblical story.

This animal symbolism is one of those little things that appear to cut across all the different cultures and ancient traditions. It is one of the most important pieces in understanding the importance of the Dream Vision. There are a great number of ancient artifacts that contain animal symbolism, especially the ancient cylinder seals of the Middle Eastern cultures.

These ancient cylinder seals and their animal symbolism are the most important. This is because if you take the time to read the Dream Vision and then go and look at the images/pictures of the ancient cylinder seals available on any search engine on the internet, you will quickly see that they contain the same or very similar animal symbolism in the same type or similar scenes as described in the Dream Vision. It makes it next to impossible to deny that the story of the Dream Vision is the same one as shown on the ancient cylinder seals and a great number of other ancient artifact from around the world. And when you realize that the animals shown of the cylinder seals actually represent people or groups of people, which in turn are directly related back to the animals used throughout the Dream Vision, which is also the Biblical story, you can actually see the story of the Dream Vision told in little pictures recorded on these most ancient of artifacts.

These ancient cylinder seals not only contain the same animal symbolism of the Dream Vision, but they also have the same exact esoteric or occult symbolism we see all around us today. These seals have also been linked to a number of ancient cultures that are believed to never have be connected to the Biblical tradition and are thought to have totally different belief systems and ideas about the gods.
All of this ends up connecting the Dream Vision which is directly connected to the Biblical story and tradition, to the ancient cylinder seals of the Middle Eastern cultures, which are directly connected to a vast number of different ancient cultures and beliefs, with the additional element of these cylinder seals also contain the same esoteric/occult symbolism we see around us every single day.

And that in a nut-shell (as the old saying goes) is why the Dream Vision is the most important story you have never heard of. It is an unedited, unrevised, unchanged, retelling of the Biblical story you only think you know.  

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