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The Day of the Testament & The Esoteric

The day of the great Testament of God, the day the seventh moon will rage with fire, the day heaven will cry out for sacrifice, the day the midnight sun will rise, the great and terrible Day of Atonement as foretold in the Bible’s Book of Revelation.

The day the seventh seal is opened and the seven angels with seven trumpets will sound and the mysterious star Wormwood will fall from the heavens and lay waste to one third of the world, the day a great mountain of fire will be thrown into the sea turning it to blood. The great and horrific day that billions of faithful believers have feared that would come in their lifetimes and for many is just around the corner today.

It is a belief that is at the heart of Christianity and believed by the faithful to be divine prophecy foretelling the End of Days, the beginning of the great war of Armageddon and the second coming of the Christ. It is the idea that the vast majority of Christian Churches around the world have used over the years to scare people into believing their interpretation of this story of prophecy contained within their most holy of books.

It is a rather scary idea for both believer and unbeliever alike. That at some unknown point in the future, a terrible world ending war will fall upon us all, bringing death, destruction, on a worldwide scale with a final judgment upon us all at the end of time. Just after the forces of light triumph over the followers of darkness in one last epic battle, Armageddon. A great prophecy that chills many to the bone when they think about it and joy to others that believe it will bring about a kingdom of God upon the earth.

And what if, I told you, that this great prophecy of the End of Times, this idea that so many believe to lay in our near future, was in fact not a prophecy at all? But was instead a historical event that occurred over ten thousand years ago?

To the faithful, that might sound a tad-bit on the heretical side of things. That the great prophecy of the End of Days and the second coming of the Christ, a belief they have built their whole religion around, is not in fact a prophecy at all, but has actually already happened.

In order to understand this ‘heretical’ idea we must enter into the world of the esoteric belief system and the world of modern day science. It is also the greatest of secrets that has been kept from the masses. It is the ultimate dirty little secret of both the Catholic Church and its direct competitor the followers of the esoteric. The Church has totally omitted anything that would even give the idea that it is anything but prophecy and at the same time the esoteric has hidden this very same information, only known to those within the higher mysteries and degrees.

This idea that End of Days as spoken of in the Bible’s Book of Revelation is a historical event and not a prophecy is a bold claim by anybody’s standards and it better have some bold evidence to back it up. And this is where we step deeper into the esoteric believe system and the forbidden secrets it holds.

Within the esoteric there is the idea/belief that there was a prior civilization on this planet, which existed thousands of years before our own.

For those who have not read the book THE FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE OF ENOCH, or are new to reading this Blog, or are just unfamiliar with the esoteric belief system. Then most of this might come as quite a surprise to you. In general the esoteric believe system as a whole, has an entirely different timeline of when they believe most ancient historical events actually occurred.

They basically believe that most of what we typically call ‘ancient history’ (with the fall of Rome normally being the cutoff point) actually happened prior to about 13,000 thousand of years ago. Which is much earlier than we have traditionally been taught to think and believe about our past. Which might sound a bit on the crazy side to most.

But if we take this rather odd idea at face value and look at what we know about the world around 10,000 BC at the end of the last Ice Age and combined it with the esoteric idea that Book of Revelations (and other end times prophecies) are actually speaking of this time, you might be surprised by what we find.

It is a very well-known fact that some catastrophic event occurred on this planet about 13,000 years ago that led to the extinction of a large number of large prehistoric animals, plants, and human cultures/settlements. This event is also believed to have started the return of ice age conditions, known as the Younger Dryas period, lasting about 1,300 to 1,600 years. The great mystery has been what could have caused all of this destruction at about 10,900 BC?

In recent decades the idea that some type large object, possibly an comet or asteroid may have impacted or exploded over the ice sheet that covered much of the North American land mass. Many believe that it must have been an air burst over the ice sheet. It is also typically thought and claimed that there has never been an actual crater found that dates from this time period. Which is one reason many believe it must have been an object exploding high up in the atmosphere.

One of the biggest questions about this event, commonly known as the Clovis Impact Theory, is what type of object could have caused all the effects we know that happened all those thousands of years ago? And why didn’t it leave a large impact crater? There have been many people over the years, (expert and lay alike) that have put forward a number of different ideas of what type of impact event could create the evidence we find related to this time, but outside of agreeing on some type of impact event they all have their problems or counter-points.

This is where we really begin our journey into the hidden knowledge of the esoteric belief system. For it has an entirely different idea of what this impact event was and why it happened in the first place.

It is believed within the esoteric that there was a prior civilization on this planet thousands of years before our own. It is also believed that this civilization consisted of two levels, with one part being highly technologically advanced and the other being rather primitive in comparison. With our ancient ancestors being the more primitive part. The more advanced part was/is remembered and worshiped as the ‘gods’ by our ancestors. Which is nothing new and sounds much like the Ancient Astronaut Theory in many ways.

What makes the esoteric slightly different than all the others, is that they believe that this more advanced part of this ancient and almost forgotten civilization didn’t really live on the surface of earth, but rather lived in a grand ship located in low earth orbit. Now, I know that might sound pretty wild to many and seems more like the beginning of a science-fiction story, but the truth is, you already know this, even if you are unaware of it. If you take a moment and think about it, you have seen, read, or heard about a story that has at its center the idea of some great, massive, powerful, city or ship up in the sky that rules over all below. Sometimes it is aliens, other times it is the gods, and then sometimes it is just one group of people that took different paths and broke into two, with one ruling over and exploiting the other.

This familiar story has its origin within the esoteric and one of the bigger secrets of the symbols, especially the ever famous Eye of Providence or All-Seeing-Eye that we all know and see.
(*NOTE* to help you understand the more symbolic relationship and esoteric meaning of the All-Seeing-Eye and to gain a better understanding of this possible 'ship' please see: The Esoteric meaning to the Eye of Providence’ at: - Additional information can be found in THE FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE OF ENOCH).

Now that you are back from reading up on the old Eye-of-Providence. You can now understand that it represents the magnificent, legendary, abode of the host of heaven, the home of the Gods, the place that all mortal men long to go after death.

And this is what makes the esoteric idea so much different, because it is believed that it was this great ship that was the ‘impacting object’ that caused all the destruction 12,000 to 13,000 years ago and not a natural object like a comet or asteroid.

Again, I know that might sound a bit on the wild side of things, but if we go with this idea and think about it for a few moments, you will find out that it might not be such a wild idea after all. If this idea that the impact event about 12,000 years ago was not a natural event but was in fact a massive ship, then we can easily understand and realize that this would leave evidence behind, but only if you know what to look for.

One of the first things to realize is that if was a massive ship, then there is a good chance that this thing may have never actually hit the ground and exploded, but more likely would have exploded in the air as the friction and the stresses of the air ripped it apart. Even if it didn’t actually impact the ground, the explosion would still leave a large amount of metal behind and that is the first piece of evidence we need to look for if this wild idea is true. There should be an area that was completely devastated by an impact event with an unusually high level of metal content that dates from sometime around 10,000 BC.      

Using what is already known, we know the North American landmass appears to be the center of whatever event happened all those thousands of years ago. The next step to take along this path is; are there any strange areas that have an unusually high level of metal content that could be related to an impact event from about 12,000 years ago located in North America?

The answer might surprise you, because it is Yes, there is a very strange crater that has a shockingly high metal content that also released a huge amount of energy, that dates from about the right time. This strange crater appears to have been overlooked by most, (especially by the people who claim to study this subject, expert and lay alike) and it is known as the Sithylemenkat crater in Alaska, discovered in 1972 by the Landsat I satellite. (Latitude and Longitude for Sithylemenkat crater 66°, 7', 41” N, by 151°, 26’, 56” W). 

This crater has a number of unique features that make it quite unusual. It is about 12.4 Kilometers (7.705 miles) in diameter and has a depth of 500 meters (1,640.42 ft), there is a small three-kilometer diameter lake at the bottom of the depression formed by the crater. Samples taken from inside in the crater revealed an abnormal high proportion of nickel and other heavy metals, which stunned the researchers. The researchers where even more stunned to find that the same strong nickel and heavy metal concentration were also found in the peripheral soil samples outside the crater.

It is estimated that would take a solid iron-nickel (and other heavy metal) object about six hundred meters across (1,968.50ft) to create this crater and leave the high metal concentrations we find today. A magnetic study of the area also indicated a strange negative magnetic anomaly associated with this crater. It is evidence point to an intense fracturing of the crater be below the impact zone and an unusually deep cracking of the bedrock not seen in other craters. In has been estimated that the total kinetic energy that was liberated at the time of the impact was of the order of 1.1x10^20 Joules. This translates into about 26,000 megatons of force. If you look at the valley that contains the crater, it is rather easy to see that at some point in the past this whole area was ripped apart by a massive explosion.

The other strange feature of this crater is that the object that created it, most likely exploded in the air and did not impact the ground. There was no evidence of the impacting object found under the crater in the magnetic study. Which in and by itself, is an impossible feat according to physics, because a solid 600 meter pieces of iron-nickel just do not explode in the atmosphere. To give you a better idea of this all, think about the famous meteor crater in Northern Arizona, which was made by an iron-nickel meteorite estimated to be about 50 meters (160 ft) across and impacted the ground, before exploding and creating the crater we see today. So if a small 50 meter iron-nickel object made it through the atmosphere to hit the ground how did a much more massive object made of the same material, not? The truth is, it would make it through the atmosphere and impact the ground before exploding, an object of this size and density can easily punch through our atmosphere.

So, now we have a crater that is rather odd, it released a huge amount of energy, it has an unusual high level of metal, and whatever created it, seems to have exploded in the sky. This seems to point us to the conclusion that it may have not been a ‘natural event’ that created this crater.

This is where the knowledge of the Dream Vision and how it interconnects into the Biblical story becomes important in understanding the esoteric viewpoint of this event. This esoteric knowledge is knowing that the mysterious ‘Wormwood’ spoken of in the Bible’s Book of Revelation is speaking of this great and terrible destruction when ‘there fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp’ (KJV Revelations: 8:10), is when this mighty ship crashed to earth. This information allows us to begin piecing the puzzle back together again and gives us a rather good idea of the events as they unfolded as this great ship entered into the atmosphere eventually exploding in Alaska creating the Sithylemenkat crater. It also will help answer a few of the mysteries along the way as well as raise new questions about it all.

Which finally brings us to the esoteric version of this story. The first part of this story should be rather familiar to most, it has been a common theme of movie and story for quite some time now. It begins with a covert attack on great terrible evil power that lurks in the sky. Where a small rag-tag group of friends, who through luck, pluck, and love and friendship for one another, with guidance from a mysterious old man, overcome incredible odds and pull-off the impossible and strike a deadly blow against this evil.

Within the esoteric this is the story of when this great ship was damaged beyond repair and eventually led to it falling to earth, leaving nothing but death and destruction in its wake. It is also where the Bible’s Book of Revelations comes in with the understanding that Wormwood is actually speaking of this great ship impacting the earth we can understand what this part of the story is actually telling us.

It tells us that this great ship hit the upper atmosphere and begin to burn up. The Bible seems to tell us that it created a great thermo-pulse of heat that able to burn up one-third of the green grass and trees of the earth. We are then told that it breaks into two pieces, with one hitting the ocean and the other hitting the earth.

This is where it starts to get interesting. If we assume that this object came in from the southeast and moved across North America, eventually impacting/exploding in Alaska and combined this with the description in the Book of Revelations, we will seem to answer a number of questions and also provide some additional proof that this idea might not be so wild after all.

When put together, this gives us the scenario that this great ship was in a semi-polar orbit, (and assuming it took up to one full orbit to come in) would mean, that it entered the upper atmosphere somewhere over the north polar region. It would have been seen in the areas of modern day India/China heading southwest, whipping around the south polar region, then cutting across parts of Africa heading out over the southern Atlantic. 

Somewhere over the Atlantic, the stresses become too great and the ship breaks into two pieces, with one piece hitting the ocean, just off the Eastern coast of America in the area known as the Bermuda Triangle. I would guess that this section would have broken up into many pieces as it hit the surface of the water. 

I think it would be safe to say that many parts and pieces would survived the impact and then sink to the bottom in the area of the Bermuda Triangle. This could be why so many strange things happen in this part of the ocean, there could be pieces of this ship laying at the bottom. With only being able to guess at the level of technology, but some of it may still be active or become active from time to time, when it does, weird things happen in the area, ships and planes disappear, people get lost, time flows differently, and all the other strange things reported over the years.

Image of the Carolina Bays
As this ship broke into two pieces, it is easy to imagine that it would create a large amount of smaller debris. This debris  would then hit the eastern coast of America, creating what is known as the Carolina Bays (Here is some additional information on the Bays and their formation         

The other piece of the ship then roared across the North American landmass eventually exploding in central Alaska with over 26,000 megatons of force, creating the Sithylemenkat crater. This massive explosion would kill everything for hundreds, if not thousands of miles in every direction. Also, if this little scenario is correct and given our modern understanding of just how incredibly toxic high technology is, then this whole series of events would be much more deadly than just a simple impact from a comet or asteroid. It would also explain why the Book of Revelations tells us that the one-third of the waters became bitter and many men died when they drank of them. It would be because the waters became contaminated with highly toxic materials from this massive vessel ripping through the atmosphere. It could also have been radioactive contamination in addition to chemical and material, or a combination of all of them. 

This massive explosion would most likely throw a huge amount of dust and debris into the air blocking out the sun leading to a nuclear winter and possibly an ice age. This would also fit with what we know about the world 12,000 years ago and the event known as the Younger Dryas period, where ice age conditions returned to the earth for about 1,300 to 1,600 years. It is during this time that the great prehistoric animals go extinct and a number of human cultures disappear, especially in the Americas.

This extinction event could be explained by the toxic effects of a massive ship burning up in the atmosphere, leaving a legacy of death and sickness for anybody or anything that came into contact with it. It would also explain why we have found hundreds of thousands of animals that appear to have died instantly and then were quickly frozen where they fell. Additionally it would also explain why we have found so many other animals in Alaska that appear to have all been picked up and killed at the same time and then like the others, frozen in the muck.

Much as the Dream Vision of Enoch seems to tell us.

I saw in a vision [of] how the heaven collapsed and was borne off and fell to earth. And when it fell to the earth, I saw how the earth was swallowed up in a great abyss, and mountains were suspended on mountains, and hills sank down on hills, and high trees were rent from their stems, and hurled down and sunk in the abyss. And thereupon a word fell into my mouth, and I lifted up [my voice] to cry aloud, and said: ‘The earth is destroyed’ (Book of Enoch: Chapter 83 verses 3, 4, 5; The Dream Vision)

In addition, it should also be pointed out that the location of the Sithylemenkat crater appears to be in what is known as the Alaskan Triangle. Which much like the Bermuda Triangle, there have been a number of strange events reported over the years like strange disappearances, mysterious creatures, and UFOs in this vast area of Alaska. 

Could it be that the reason for all the strange things happening in this part of Alaska be because this was the final impact site of the great and mighty ship remembered as the heaven? Could the strange creatures reported over the years be trying to keep people away? Are the strange disappearances because somebody found a piece of this ancient ship and where just getting a little to close for comfort? Could it all be part of a some recovery project to make sure there technology doesn't fall into our hands? So many questions and possibilities began to come to mind. 
And with that my friends, brings us to the end of our journey into the esoteric understanding of the great Day of Testament. This esoteric viewpoint may or may not be true, but it would go a long way in explaining a number of the mysteries of what terrible event happened almost 12,000 years ago on our little blue planet. –RJ-

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