Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Nemesis, A new idea about an old hypothesis.

Most people are aware of the Nemesis hypothesis, but for those who haven’t heard of it or need their memories refreshed. The Nemesis Theory in short proposes that our Sun may have an undetected companion star in highly elliptical orbit that disturbs the comets in the Oort cloud approximately every 26 million years, causing an increase in the number of impact events on Earth causing mass extinctions on Earth. Over the years this idea has also become known as the “Death Star” hypothesis.

This Death Star hypothesis came about because of a discovery first made by paleontologists David Raup and Jack Sepkoski, published in a 1984 paper claiming that they had identified a 26 million year cycle of mass extinctions occurring over the last 250 million years. They identified 12 extinction events that statistical averaged out to a time interval between events of 26 million years.

Newer data and improved dating going back to 500 million years appears to support the original discovery of mass extinctions occurring about every 26 million years. The newer information adds about a million years to the interval between extinction events, making them closer to 27 million years between events.
This led to the Nemesis hypothesis to possibly explain this repeating cycle of extinctions. Over the years this hypothesis has fallen out of favor, primarily because there has been no other supporting evidence found to back it up. Only two of the known extinctions events can be tied to major impact events, the Eocene-Oligocene of about 35 million years ago and the much more famous dinosaur killer of the Cretaceous-Paleogene event of 65 million years ago. Plus, astronomers have been unable to find any evidence of a dark companion star orbiting our sun.

And as of this moment in time, modern science doesn’t have any idea of what could have caused these extinction events with such regularity, it is a modern day mystery.

Since I have always been fascinated by this discovery and the question of what could be causing these mass extinction events every 27 million years. I decided to take a look at this through the lens of the esoteric to see if I could find anything or get any ideas to what could cause something like this to happen.

And this has led me to a rather unique idea of what could be behind these events. It also could explain a number of other modern day mysteries that many wonder about.
This idea is that what if we are looking at this the wrong way? What I mean is, what if it isn’t a natural event that has been causing these extinctions? What if we are really seeing is the development of technologically advanced civilizations?

I think it could explain what we have found. Based on what we know, 27 million years is more than enough time for a species to evolve and develop to a high level of technology, just like we have. Also we are quickly learning that technological advancement is very destructive to the overall ecosystem of the planet, leading to what many believe is a mass extinction of planets and animals today.

I think it is very easy to imagine that about every 27 million years a technologically advanced species evolves and develops on this planet. As it becomes technologically advanced it wrecks the environment of the planet, either killing them or forcing them off the planet or if that isn’t an option, possibly going deep underground into the crust of the Earth.

Once they are gone, then over the next 27 million years, the Earth repairs itself, slowing wiping out all traces of these civilizations and at the same time forces the evolution of a new species that one day will develop intelligence and become technologically advanced, repeating the pattern.

This would explain every single ‘out-of-place’ artifact ever found. These strange and mysterious artifacts could be a few little traces of these possible prior civilizations. It could also explain just ‘who’ these mysterious Beings are, that are recorded and remembered as the ‘gods’ in all our ancient stories, religious, and myths. They could possibly be survivors from one of these prior civilizations and not aliens as many believe.

If any of this idea is correct, then based on what we know, I think it is safe to say these unknown Beings that still reported today as ‘Aliens’ are not really aliens as most think. In addition, given the time periods of millions of years being involved, I think it is also safe to assume that this unknown species could be millions, upon millions of years more advanced than we are today. So advanced that we can’t even imagine what they know and can do. It is very possible that their technology and knowledge would seem ‘God-like’ or magic to anybody who came into contact with it.

This idea could also explain why they hide and don’t make open contact with us, as a whole, we are just too underdeveloped and dumb to make it possible. Given our own history of more technologically advanced cultures coming into contact with less developed ones with horrible outcomes, it isn’t hard to understand this. There is also the possibility that they communicate in a way we can’t understand or are unable to do with our current level.  

There are other possibilities than these, but I think that is enough to give you the basic idea that has floating around in my head. So what do you think? Do you think we might be looking at it all in the wrong way? Would love to hear any comments or ideas you have about this.  -RJ-

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  1. didnt know about this but i sort of figured that earth has been thru many civilization cycles. makes sense. stories just dont pop up from no where. it has origins.

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    Beyond that , I dont buy new world order , even with somebody else's purple monopoly PLAY MONEY !


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