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The Hidden War of the Esoteric

If you are familiar with the history of politics, economics, social trends, and especially the international aspects of them all and how they are all interconnected with each other, then I don’t need to tell you of the chaos that is engulfing our world. I also don’t have to tell you that almost every single thing we see and hear about in the media appears to nothing more than one massive lying machine that makes George Orwell’s dystopian 1984 look tame in comparison.

In fact it is very hard not to come to the conclusion that it all seems to be nothing more than one huge distraction to keep everybody confused.  Which then raises the question of what are they trying to distract us from? Why all the confusion? Why all the lying? Why all the wars? Why all the double talk? Why does it appear that the ruling class of the world seem so hell bent on destroying everything? What could be so damn important that so many resources, money, and manpower would be used in such a way on such a scale?

To help answer these questions and many more, we must look at them through the lens of the esoteric. In order to do this you must accept or at least be open to the idea that the ruling class of the world belongs to and follows an entirely different religion than the rest of the world. To truly understand this religion and the core story that it is based on you need to read my book, THE FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE OF ENOCH, which is the first and only book ever written that gives you this hidden and forbidden story.

This religion of the elites, is known as the esoteric, which simply put, is a religion that is designed for or understood by the specially initiated alone, typically requiring or exhibiting knowledge that is restricted to a small group or limited to a small circle. I think it is very easy to understand why something like this would appeal to the small group of wealthy and powerful people that make up the ruling classes.

The first thing we must look at is how this esoteric religion is structured, which then in turn will also begin providing some answers to many of the questions about the chaotic events that surround us today.

In many ways this religion is structured and similarly organized much like Christianity on a large scale. It is very similar in the fact that within Christianity even though all believe in the Bible and Jesus Christ, it is broken into a number of dominations and sects that typically hold vastly different viewpoints and interpretations. The esoteric is much the same way, it is broken into a number of different schools of thought or dominations, and also has a large number of smaller sects/brotherhoods that don’t always agree with the larger ones.

One of the things that make the esoteric different and leads to great confusion of the subject, is that instead of having just one major domination that the others broke off of, like with Christianity, namely the Catholic Church. The esoteric has two primary schools of thought, one of which is actually rather well known to most people and the other being largely unknown to all.

The first one that is known to most (in the broadest terms) is popularly known and famously called the ‘Illuminati’. This group is also know by other popular names like the Shadow Government, the New World Order, Rothschild Khazarian-Mafia, the Red Circle, and many more. There may be more misunderstanding about this group than any other. The most popular claims are that this group is nothing more than a bunch of sick and mentally twisted Devil or Satan worshippers. This group and its teachings are much more than this simple idea that has often been promoted by the Catholic Church (and Christianity in general) over the last thousand years in the western world. (Which is a huge subject in and by itself, but unfortunately we won’t being going into in this post.) 

But the Christians are basically correct in thinking that the individual that is at the heart of this school of thought within the esoteric is the same one remembered in the Christian tradition as Lucifer, the Morning star. Within the esoteric, this is the star that fell from heaven, the Great Bringer of Light that brought knowledge and freedom to the first men of the world. To many in the esoteric this is the great God of Light that walked among mankind, not the embodiment of evil that he later became known for in the Judeo-Christian tradition. And for that reason, I typically refer to them as the followers of the Light Bringer.

This group, these followers of the Light Bringer, are the ones behind most of the chaos in the world. The reason for this is because over the last two hundred or so years they have infiltrated almost every single institution on the planet. They have bribed, lied, murdered, threaten, paid-off, and basically forced their way into everything important position of power or influence.

This also includes the other esoteric sect, the other school of thought that most are unaware of. They were also one of the first victims of the followers of the Light Bringer. This sect is more of a mystery than the other one. They have as a whole been much better at hiding within society. But here in the United States, their influence has been huge beyond words and makes up most of the underlying fabric of American thought and ideal of freedom.

Though no one seems to know what they actually call themselves, if anything, their symbolism and practice points in the direction that they are followers of the Goddess or Great Mother as remembered in most all ancient mythologies and legends. This esoteric school of thought is based much more on learning and understanding. It is the esoteric school of thought that gave us much of what is now known as the Enlightenment of the 16th and 17th centuries.

The part that has been missing for most, is that these two schools of esoteric thought are currently involved in a factional battle with each other. This is the first layer in understanding much of the current Geo-political mayhem going on in the world. It is only when look at current geo-political events with this idea in mind, does it begin to make sense. These events must be looked at as an ideological fight between two groups that hold many of the same basic beliefs and overall goals, but disagree on how to practice their faith and accomplish their common goals. To make it even more confusing is that both sides expend a large amount of money, resources, and manpower to keep it all out of the public eye as a whole.

This infighting can be seen at many different levels and has exposed a number of rather strange political alliances that just don’t make much historical sense or have traditionally always been shown as enemies. For one example, Israel and Saudi Arabia working together in Syria, with backing from Great Britain, the U.S., and a number of different NATO Nations. It also gives a peek into why Libya, Yemen, Iraq, and couple of others were ripped apart and destroyed. They provided for or were part of one or the others power-base or support network. These nations were destroyed in order to hurt the other side, this is why these wars don’t make much traditional economic or political sense.

This is also why much of the western world (at least on a governmental level) has turned on Russia and China. Not so much because Russia is following one of the different esoteric schools of thought, but it is much more probable that it is because the current government of Russia has been promoting Russia’s traditional and largest religion, Eastern Orthodox Christianity and the Russian Orthodox Church. Which is one of the traditional and historical mortal enemies of both esoteric schools of thought and makes Russia a great threat to them. China has its own brand of ancient esoteric thought and schools that has a whole don’t agree with the western esoteric, this combined with its new economic power and close ties with Russia is an even greater threat that has the resources to oppose them.

But even knowing and understanding that there is a factional religious war going on behind the scenes, many have noticed that it all stills seems like one big huge distraction from something else, something greater. Which raises the question of what could it be that they are trying to distract everybody from?

This is where it begins to get crazy for many people, but for those who have read my book THE FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE OF ENOCH it will all make perfect sense and give you an insight you may or may not have already thought of. As for those who haven’t read my book and know very little if anything about the hidden esoteric story and history, it might be hard to follow or believe. I will try to give a short summary to help fill in some of the blanks and to also refresh the minds who have read my book.

To begin understanding and answering the question of what are they really distracting us from? We must first come to the understanding of something most have been taught not to believe and is one of the biggest secrets of the esoteric. That esoteric secret is that there was a prior civilization on this planet that existed during the last Ice Age. This civilization was broken into two very different levels. One was highly technologically advanced (much more than we are today, possibly millions of years ahead of us) and the other was rather primitive in its development and exploited by the more advanced level, which were of course, our ancestors. Not only did the more advanced part exploit our ancestors, they also presented themselves or encouraged our ancestors to worship and view them as the ‘gods’.

Within the esoteric it is thought that this almost forgotten Ice Age civilization had existed for tens of thousands of years and possibly much longer, went to war with itself. This war was fought mainly between two of the primary factions of this ancient Ice Age civilization. These two factions have been remembered in the Judeo-Christian tradition as the LORD God and his Angels, and his arch-nemesis the Devil, or Satan and his fallen Angels. And to make this short, these two groups went to war each other and this great-war eventually led this civilization to its total destruction. This ancient war is the one remembered and recorded in the Book of Revelations and other similar ancient stories that speak of the war between the forces of light and legions of darkness that leads all to a great destruction of the world and grand final judgement of humanity.

And even though this Ice Age civilization destroyed itself, there were survivors from both sides. The survivors of both groups went into hiding, using their remaining resources and technology to lick their wounds and more importantly to just survive the aftermath of the great destruction that we know as the Younger Dryas period of when ice age conditions returned to the earth for about 1,500 years between 10,900 to about 9,500 B.C.

One group, the one remembered as the LORD God and his followers went deep underground, with their primary base located on the Antarctic landmass now thousands of years later covered by thousands of feet of ice and snow. The other group appears to have retreated to the Moon. This group is remembered as the Fallen Angels within the Judeo-Christian tradition, this group is also known today as the ‘Gray Aliens’ of UFO lore.

And this then brings us to the esoteric understanding of what is currently unfolding before our eyes. The primary reason for all the distraction is because not only is there infighting within the esoteric, but this infighting is an extension of a greater hidden war going on. This infighting within the esoteric is because there are elements/groups in the esoteric that are basically at war with one of these two surviving factions and allied with the other one.

At first this might sound and be a bit much for some to get their minds around, but to those who have been paying very close attention over the last half-a-dozen years, the pieces should be beginning to fall into place. For if you have been paying attention, then you realize all those crazy little stories, claims, and rumors, that pop up and then quickly disappear, about different Navies around the world battling some strange underwater craft, are related to this bigger esoteric understanding of current events and part of this hidden war.

And that is the missing piece to this whole crazy little puzzle, that there is a covert war going on with a highly advanced species that lives in the deep crust of the earth. This also why there has been the development of highly advanced weapon systems, things like rail-guns, lasers, and hypersonic missiles, to name a few.

This understanding not only provides an explanation to the development of super-advanced science fiction like weapon systems, but it also allows us to explain the current world-wide geo-engineering projects going on. It is highly likely that this geo-engineering we see almost every single day, is a counter-measure to an attack by these advanced beings. All the ancient stories, myths, and legends, tell us time-and-time again, that these beings had the ability to control the weather, in fact it was one of the reasons they were thought to be gods in the first place. And also for a highly technologically advanced species with limited numbers, weather warfare makes perfect sense.

This could be the real reason why all the rains have really failed around the world, this advanced species could be trying to create a water shortages so we are unable to grow crops, and kill us with hunger, without firing a shot or letting themselves be known to the world. This would explain the ongoing secret, but not so secret, geo-engineering projects of cloud seeding and aerosol injections into the atmosphere from aircraft. It is meant to counter this weather attack and isn’t some sinister depopulation project like many have claimed over the years. This would also explain the strange behavior of the powers-that-be when it comes to this subject, where officially in front of the public and the cameras it Is nothing but a crazy conspiracy theory, but unofficially it is in full swing with billions of dollars and dozens of nations working on it with all the paperwork to back it up freely available on the internet for anybody who wishes to actually go and look up geo-engineering and the related science.  

This then brings us to one the primary reasons why it is so important to keep this little war secret in the first place. I think it is because of just ‘who’ these two groups are traditionally remembered as. It isn’t very hard to understand that most people of the world would most likely have a problem with the knowledge that a group people have allied themselves with the ones remembered in the western religious traditions as The Fallen Angels and/or the Devil. It would also likely upset many to find out that they are at war with the one(s) remembered as the LORD God of the Bible.

Again, it isn’t hard to understand the chaos this type of information could create for the ones waging this war if the general public learned of it and more importantly believe it to be true. I think it would be a safe bet to say that there would be a large number of people that would go back to worshipping these beings as gods, while others would wish to speak with them, with even others realizing what an incredible danger they are to all of us. From their point of view it could rip the fabric of society apart if any of this became common knowledge.

And that will bring us to the end of our little journey into the strange world of the hidden esoteric knowledge and the hidden war of the esoteric. And even though the above might sound a bit on the outlandish side and it might even be to much for some, if you do take the time to really think about what is going on in the world with the above idea in mind, you might be rather surprised by what you find. -RJ-

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