Monday, September 5, 2016

Jesus Christ & the Esoteric

[***Disclaimer*** If you haven’t read THE FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE OF ENOCH and been reading this Blog, then I wouldn’t waste your time reading this post. It is written from the perspective that you the reader are familiar with both THE FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE OF ENOCH and the esoteric interpretation of the Dream Vision of Enoch. For I will be trying to answer a number of different questions related to the esoteric understanding of Jesus Christ.]

I was recently asked about how the followers of the esoteric viewed Jesus? In trying to answer this question, I quickly realized that it was a vastly more complex question than it first seems. 

The esoteric religion as a whole basically goes out of its way to avoid the whole subject of Jesus and the hand full of others that had similar teachings or stories associated with them, with Buddha, Mohammad, Mithras, Krishna, etc…being some quick examples of these ‘others’. In fact the esoteric religion has very little to next to nothing to say about Jesus, Mohammad, or Buddha, or any of the others.

There are a couple of reasons for this, one is because most ‘esoteric’ belief systems has as one of its corner stones, (that provide its principles, legends, and symbols), is the belief that their knowledge preceded the advent of Christianity or the other similar Savior God belief systems started by many others that we will look at here in shortly. Within the esoteric it is generally believed that theirs is an ‘ancient priesthood’ that has it roots from before the time of Noah and his immediate descendants. An interesting side note is that the 2014 movie ‘Noah’ presented a number of esoteric elements in this retelling of the story. That is why it only roughly followed the Biblical story.

The second reason and I think most importantly is because the followers of the esoteric hold a totally different viewpoint of the timeline of history. This is were trying to explain the esoteric viewpoint of Jesus becomes rather messy for the typically Christian believer. It is this entirely different hidden esoteric timeline of historical events that is the key to ultimately understanding the individual remembered as Jesus Christ and the true meaning of his message.