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The Hidden War of the Esoteric

(*** NOTE *** A message for those who are unfamiliar with the Esoteric, haven’t read my book THE FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE OF ENOCH or been reading this Blog, you might not want to waste your time reading this post. This post is written for those who have read my book. It is also very helpful if you have a good grasp of the Dream Vision of Enoch and how it is at the center of the esoteric religion in general. It wouldn’t hurt if the reader is familiar with the work of Mr. Preston James, Ph.D and his Secret Space War series (the link is below). In addition, you should also be familiar with the ideas of D.U.M.B.S. (Deep Underground Military BaseS) and the possibility of a High Tech Break-Away Civilization/organization building and occupying these underground bases.***)

*** This is just one possible esoteric interpretation. It is hoped that you the reader will come to your own conclusions based on all available information. ***

For those of us that study the Esoteric religion and its nasty political offspring The New World Order the US Presidential Election with all its ‘leaks’ and tens of thousands of emails released was a treasure throve of information and evidence that proves beyond all doubt the existence of a vast Worldwide Criminal Network of corruption, payoffs, blackmail, pedophile and human trafficking rings, backroom deals, and an overall general lying and bullshitting of much of the ‘Ruling Classes’, that is also known as The New World Order.

Now I don’t think I need to tell anybody about the huge shift in political power that has occurred and is currently ongoing in much of the world. I also don’t think I need to say much of anything on the behind the scenes power struggles and battles going on because of this shift in power. The thing I would like to look at in this post is the fact that all of this is a reflection of great and hidden war currently going on within the Esoteric Religion as a whole. A war the general public isn’t supposed to know about.  

This hidden war of the Esoteric Religion is actually the driving force of what we all see in the media every single day. This may sound a bit confusing at first but as with many things with the Esoteric, it takes a totally different viewpoint of the whole situation. This includes the knowledge that most everything we see in the media is cover to distract the masses from the real events occurring in the background. This is one of the keys to a deeper understanding of what is actually going on. It also helps to provide a clarity through the mass of confusion of the never ending propaganda of lies, half-truths, and the overall manipulation with misinformation, disinformation, and no information, at most all levels of media.

Now, with that in mind, let us begin our little journey down into the rabbit-hole that is the Esoteric.

To understand what is currently going on, one must first understand the primary players and have a rough outline of how the Esoteric Religion in general is put together. This will also help clear up many misunderstandings floating around out there on the Net.

The first thing to understand is the Esoteric Religion is not some monolithic block of one big evil group, but is in fact broken up into a rather large number of different factions that hold many different beliefs and schools of thought. To keep this simple and easy to understand, it is easiest to think of the Esoteric Religion as broken into Three Primary Schools of Thought.

What might be surprising to many is that the first one we will look at is very well known to billions of people around the world and known as Christianity. Many forget or are never taught that Christianity was once a ‘mystery religion’ or an Esoteric Religion. A religion that holds secret knowledge only for the few that have been chosen to learn the secret rites. In the case of Christianity, it is the secret knowledge of salvation and everlasting live through belief in Jesus Christ.

What really makes Christianity different from the other branches of the esoteric, is the fact, it is the only ‘mystery religion’ that ever went fully public trying to convert everybody it came into contact with to its beliefs and practices. It has also has been trying ever since to push out and/or destroy any and all other esoteric schools of thought and belief in general. I don’t really think I need to go into any of the details of this history or beliefs of the Christian Religion of the last 1,500 years. The main point here is the fact that it is one of the three primary schools of Esoteric thought that has had a huge impact on our world.

The second main Esoteric School of Thought is also rather well know, though there is much misunderstanding about it as a whole. Many mistakenly call it the ‘Illuminati’ or believe it to some type of Zionist/Masonic group that worships the Devil or something like that. The truth is much more interesting than what is typically found on the Web. In a few moments we will take a closer look at this one.

The third main Esoteric School of Thought is much more mysterious and in many ways it is totally unknown to the general public as a whole. They don’t actually have a ‘popular’ name and may be best called American Masonry. This branch of the Esoteric is one that gave us the grand American Experiment and the ideals that form the backbone of American culture and lore. This is the primary reason on why I normally refer to this group as American Masonry.

This Esoteric School of Thought is known to follow the teachings of the ‘goddess’ or the holy female figure that exists in all mythologies and religious thought. This is the primary reason for all the ‘goddess’ symbolism in Washington D.C. It is also the origin of the name District of Columbia. It is typically believed that she is the New World Virgin Goddess that is just a new manifestation of the ancient consort and virgin mother of God.

These are the three primary esoteric groups that have been doing most all the fighting in the background. As with many things, to get a better understanding of current events we need to take a quick look back over some of the history of the last couple of hundred years. Luckily for us it is a quick little history and we don’t need to go too far back to begin our little journey.

Our starting point is May 1, 1776 and the official formation of the secret brotherhood known as the Illuminati. The early history and short life of this brotherhood is well known and documented. What makes this group important is that it was the origin of we now know today as The New World Order and its communism thought process of a One World Government with a total Police State controlling every aspect of society.

These types of ideas and ideals quickly led to the Illuminati’s destruction as a formal group with meeting places by 1789. Most of the former members just went back into the Masonic Lodges and if it wasn’t for a small group of hardcore believers, the Illuminati would have just been a strange little footnote of history.

This small group of hardcore believers reformed a new brotherhood within the Masonic Lodges and took a very low profile working quietly in the background until they had recruited more members. Not only did they recruit new members, they also began taking over the Masonic Lodges they had be hiding in. This is the reason so many believe that the The World Order is type of Masonic Plot. It is because the Masons have been infiltrated and taken over by this new group based on the origin one, the Illuminati.

Once they had taken over a large number of Lodges and amassed enough wealth, power, and influence, we see them burst upon the world (starting in Europe) in the late 1830s and early 1840s with the promotion of Communism, Socialism in all its many forms, and formation of new political groups calling for the destruction of just about everything in society, including all forms of Government, Religion, Economics, and the overall social order of the day. It also the beginning of the long road of revolution, war, uprisings, with death and destruction for all that they touch.

In addition to the political problems and revolutions they started at the time, they also began a very long and slow process of infiltrating, influencing, controlling or destroying all other groups of power, typically those with political, religious, or economic power over a given area, nation, or people.

Just like with the Masons, this infiltration of other groups has led to great misunderstanding for most people. As these people infiltrate and take over different groups, they work to keep the original outward appearance of group presented to the public, but behind the doors is totally different matter. As we were shown with all the email leaks, what you see in public is nothing but one huge act and a lie the real work is in the background.

The people that make up The New World Order have been doing this over and over for the last hundred and fifty or so years and have gained a great amount of power and control. But as many already know, they have been having a number of large setbacks and have been falling out of political power. The reason for this is because they have been at war for quite some time now and are now losing. The pieces that are missing for everybody is who is fighting them and how are they keeping it from out of the public mind.

Now that we are all up to speed on the players we can now take a look at and enter into the hidden war of the esoteric and in the process explain a number things that have happened over the last number of years.

The parties that have been fighting The New World Order are in fact the Followers of the Goddess, or as called them earlier, American Masonry. What everybody has missed is that as The World Order took over other groups it really pissed a number of people off, many left the esoteric, but many stayed and begin working behind the scenes to fight back one day. This leads to another layer of confusion from most because this has forced a number of different groups and people together that normally don’t get along with each other, there is a lot of ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’ going on here. This is why many groups seem to pulling themselves apart with infighting, The New World Order is just getting a taste of their own medicine.

Though the war has been going on for many decades behind the scenes, it didn’t actually reach into the public sphere until the September 11th, 2001 attacks on the Twin Towers. From an esoteric perspective this was a powerful symbolic attack and message to all the other groups. To understand this symbolic esoteric meaning to this attack and the symbolic meaning to the Twin Towers.

As you will recall in THE FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE OF ENOCH, I show and explain to you that after the destruction of the Heaven, how the Two Witnesses of the LORD that are spoken of in the Bible’s Book of Revelation are in fact the last Two Towers that were loyal to the LORD. This is the symbolic meaning of the Twin Towers; they symbolical represent the last Two Towers (Witnesses) in Book of Revelation. Which if you also remember, their fall is the beginning of the lead up to the final battle between the forces of Light and Darkness. This should allow you to realize the overall symbolic meaning of this whole event. The primary thing to keep in mind is that this time around the followers of the Bringer of Light wish to change that outcome of the forces of Light being the victors all those thousands of year ago.

This is where it begins to get interesting. For ten years the followers of the Bringer of Light had a grand old time, starting wars, ripping nations apart, with murder and mayhem reaching fall and wide. They had become so confident that they even began rather openly practicing and preaching their religion. They even began publicly speaking of their plans without fear. Again, much the same as in the Book of Revelations:

‘And they that dwell upon the earth shall rejoice over them, and make merry, and shall send gifts one to another: because these two prophets tormented them that dwelt on the earth.’ (Revelations, 11:10 KJV).

This is also one of the main reasons so many true believers out there think we are living in the End Times, the followers of the Bringer of Light are trying very hard to change the original outcome that happen so many years ago.

But in the year 2011 the followers of the goddess and their allies launched their counter-attack and push back against their common enemy. It began March 11, 2011 with the earthquake in Japan and the massive ongoing nuclear accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant. Though there are many here among us that find it hard to believe we could create an earthquake on demand, but the technology does exist. In addition there were a number of strange reports, claims, and rumors, about possible nuclear weapons being placed into the fault line and/or HARRP beaming ultra-low radio waves into the fault zone.

The next visible attack occurred August 23th, 2011 with the strange 5.8 earthquake in Virginia, USA that damaged the Washington Monument. Oddly, this earthquake followed an earlier (and equally strange) 5.3 earthquake that shook Denver, Colorado.

What makes these quakes so strange is that both appear to more like a nuclear weapon being detonated deep underground than a natural earthquake. In addition, just before and after the Virginia earthquake, strange sounds were reported and recorded that appear to the sounds of vast amounts of air under huge pressure are being released. As if air from a large underground tunnel system was being vented to surface, basically venting the shock and pressure wave created by the blast(s).

To add another level of weird to it all, if you remember, there was a bunch of hype being generated over a possible ‘terrorist attack involving a nuclear device’ with New York City, Washington D.C., London, and even Huston, Texas of all places as possible targets. Then over the following weeks and months after the quake there were a number of odd blog posts and internet stories that popped up making the general claim that both of these earthquakes were in fact nuclear explosions that were caused when a set of unknown men and women gave their lives by detonating these weapons before they could get to their targets. In addition, there has been slow but steady stream of odd stories, claims, and rumor, of an ongoing war deep under our feet since 2011 until the present time.

Though that all might seem a bit much on the old conspiracy side of things, it gets even weirder. Because there is some intriguing evidence that appears to support this line of reasoning and that there might actually be a war going on deep underground.

Since 2011 there has been a rather surprising number of reports and recordings of strange sounds in the sky from all around the world. Many of them are claimed to happen just before or after an earthquake happening in the surrounding area. Many of these earthquakes are claimed to of a similar strange nature as the quake of 2011.

There have also been reports and recordings of strange sounds from the sky that don’t have earthquake happen in the area. These seem to be more puzzling but seem to point in the direction that less than nuclear weapons may being deployed or that the tunnel system is so vast in size that the pressure wave from a large explosion is directed through multiple tunnels and released hundreds if not thousands of miles away from the explosion.     

To add another layer of strange to all of this, over the last year or so, I have seen few odd posts floating around the Net that appear to be giving strange little details of this war. They all claim that a number of Deep Underground Military Bases (D.U.M.B.S.) that were under control of The New World Order have been destroyed over the last few years with nuclear or nuclear-like weapons, with additional areas, tunnels, bases, taken over.

I know that all might seem a bit ‘too much’ for many, but like most things in the esoteric, once you know what you dealing with, it isn’t too hard to figure out where to look for evidence. Because if a nuclear war was really going on beneath our feet with pressure waves being vented to the surface there would be evidence of this with high radiation counts that can’t be accounted for. And guess what we have had since March of 2011? Very high and constant radiation counts that at least cover the United States (please see the link below for more information).

This high radiation level in the atmosphere can only be accounted for by a number nuclear detonations. Since it is rather clear to the world that there hasn’t been large nuclear explosions on the surface of the earth for years. There is one place they could have or are still happening, deep underground. Given the fact that the high radiation level have been recorded over a number of years, it is reasonable assume that these underground areas are still being vented to the surface. The surrounding rock and tunnels would be radioactive for years and it would help keep from contaminating more of the surrounding system.

There just isn’t the strange high radiation levels. There has also been the curious little matter that about 6.5 Trillion US dollars appears to have gone missing. This is in addition to all the other trillions of dollars that have gone missing over the years. This money is going somewhere and it sure the hell isn’t going into the broader economy. So where did it go? Fighting a underground war and having to rebuild deep underground tunnels and infrastructure would and could account for most of it.

Which when put the two together they seem to give us the smoking guns, proving that a hidden war is happening under our feet, many miles below.

Now if that wasn’t enough to get your head spinning. There have also been a number of strange reports, typically with videos and/or pictures, showing strange flashes of light in the sky that cover large areas that look like they could be a nuclear explosion or even a meteor blowing up in the atmosphere, but there is no boom, no sound, no shockwave, just a strange flash of light in the sky leaving nothing but questions for those who saw it.

There have also been videos and a number satellite images of weird glowing areas in many of the oceans of the world that at the moment have no explanation. Many have begun to suspect that these strange lights are actually some type of new high tech weapon system, either being tested or even being used in this hidden war. There have also been a steady stream of weird stories of many of the different Navies of the world have been in battle with some unknown underwater high tech civilization.

Which then brings us to the final little piece of this strange puzzle and something everybody seems to forget or never have enter into their minds in the first place. That the Beings our ancient ancestors worshipped and called, gods, devils, angels, and demons, and that many today believe were aliens, actually never left.

As I showed you in my book, these great and powerful Beings that demanded worship from our ancestors not only didn’t leave, but in fact couldn’t leave because they had lost their primary ship, The Heaven. Also you will remember that I point out that the two warring parties both survived the final destruction and battles and both went into hiding. With the one remembered as the God of Abraham (The Main-Group) bringing down the New Jerusalem in Antarctica and then moving underground once the ice came. The other, the Fallen ones most likely retreated to their own underground bases and nearby solar system, most likely to the Moon and possibly Mars.

This is what is lurking around in the background that is ultimately pulling the strings, like they always have. This is also where all the stories of a hidden inner world beneath our feet in the depths of the earth come from. This is the dirty little secret of the esoteric and the world as a whole, that what many think and believe is a ‘breakaway civilization’ is really just followers of the esoteric that have had contact with these advanced Beings. And that these Beings are they themselves, broken into at least two different factions that clearly have two totally different viewpoints about humanity.     

It appears that these two factions are also heavily involved with this war, with both sides having gains and taking losses. Given the nature of the reports and the small handful of videos and satellite images I think it is impossible to say if one side is getting the upper hand over the other. But based on their past behavior of these Beings (again as I point out in my book) and the results of the last war between them, both sides are still evenly matched on every level. And just like all those thousands of years ago, we are the deciding factor.

And that my friends will bring us to the end of our little journey into the hidden war of the esoteric. But before I go, to let you ponder this interpretation, I wish to present you with one other possible interpretation of all of this. It comes from my own personal experience and feelings when I first learned the secrets of the Dream Vision and began understanding just who these Beings were that our ancestors called gods. 

One of the first things that I realized was the massive danger both sides of these things presented to us as a species. Not only a great danger, but that we also are not in charge of our own destiny and that we would never be truly free until their shackles were thrown off. Some of my first thoughts were that we needed to root these creatures out from their hiding places, dragging them kicking and screaming into the light for all the world to see. If we couldn’t do that then they needed to be destroyed and if we couldn’t do that either, then we needed to at least seal them in and cut them off from us.

Soon after my mind filled with ideas of how we could actually try and fight a highly technologically advanced species and all the problems of how to do it. Though the problems are huge they are not impossible to overcome. I also find it hard to believe that there haven’t been others over the years that realize the exact same thing when they learned the forbidden knowledge and the hidden history of creation.

The primary problem would/is getting up to a technologically high enough level to be able to produce weapon systems to defeat or defend against their ships and tech. To do this you need to get their technology, their knowledge, their secrets, by any means necessary. Infiltration, spying, recovery of crashed ships, reverse-engineering their tech, and then building your own systems based on this knowledge. This would also including building up the infrastructure and networks needed for all of this, which would cost trillions of dollars. Sure does sound like what has been happening over the last 70-or-so years doesn’t it? This would also explain where the idea of a break-away civilization came from a group operating along these lines.

Now this is where it gets interesting, Let us say for a moment that there is some super-secret clandestine group that has been doing this in order to fight against this advanced species. In order to properly fight this war with any chance of winning, you would have to realize and understand that anybody that has allied with this advanced species is also the enemy, not only an enemy but the worse kind of enemy, the traitor. And not just any kind of traitor, but a traitor that has sold out their whole species. So anybody who sided either side of this advanced species would be fair game and a target.
So what we could have is one single clandestine group (breakaway) that is fighting (and playing) all the others in the hope to ultimately destroy them all in order too free humanity from a secret slavery that has casted it dark shadow across the thousands and thousands of years of human history and end the Hidden War of the Esoteric.  -RJ-

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