Saturday, March 25, 2017

An Esoteric Interpretation of the ‘The World in 2017’ on The Economist Magazine Cover

Now that we are a few months into 2017, I thought it would be interesting to go back and take an in-depth look at the The Economist Magazine Cover for The World in 2017 with eight Tarot Cards.

If you do a quick internet search on the subject you will find a number of different occult ‘interpretations’ of the meaning to the Tarot cards, but I have noticed that next to none of them appear to have any actual knowledge of the Tarot or its symbolism in general. I have also noticed that the single biggest mistake that everybody makes is that they take the Tarot cards out of their proper order. Simply put this is a big No, No, in doing any type of Tarot reading or in trying to interpret the meaning of the symbolism on Tarot cards themselves and what they are trying to tell you.

The primary reason is because the meaning and symbolism of each Tarot card builds on the card(s) that came before and after. It also gives meaning to the individual symbolism on each Card and how it fits into the overall reading with the other cards. Which basically means that by taking them out of order you distort the true meaning of the reading. With everybody only focusing on the meaning of each individual Tarot card and not the relationships between each card in the reading.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

A New Idea About The Great Pyramid

Recently I was giving some thought to the idea that the Great Pyramid could have been a type of power-plant that generated electrical energy. This theory was proposed a number of years ago by a Mr. Christopher Dunn. ( It has also been featured on the TV program Ancient Aliens and a few other shows.

As I have done a bit of research on the subject, I have found that even though it might sound a little out-there, the general idea is surprisingly built on solid engineering principles and proven science. Not only is built on solid engineering, it goes a long way to explain a number of strange things that have been discovered over the years, especially the evidence that a hydraulic ram pump (a.k.a. Water Hammer) ( was employed at one time.

Now, as I examined this subject and tried very hard to look at both sides of the argument, I have noticed the just about everybody appears to have absolute no idea of how electricity works. And this appears to the reason most people have trouble with the idea, it isn’t that idea isn’t right, it is that most people are totally ignorant of how electricity works or can be created in the first place. Because from an electrical and an engineering viewpoint, this theory is spot on and this whole idea makes perfect sense, if and only if you have a good grasp of just how electricity works and what you can do with it. Not only that, but it will give us an entirely new way of looking at this whole subject.