Tuesday, March 14, 2017

A New Idea About The Great Pyramid

Recently I was giving some thought to the idea that the Great Pyramid could have been a type of power-plant that generated electrical energy. This theory was proposed a number of years ago by a Mr. Christopher Dunn. (http://www.gizapower.com/). It has also been featured on the TV program Ancient Aliens and a few other shows.

As I have done a bit of research on the subject, I have found that even though it might sound a little out-there, the general idea is surprisingly built on solid engineering principles and proven science. Not only is built on solid engineering, it goes a long way to explain a number of strange things that have been discovered over the years, especially the evidence that a hydraulic ram pump (a.k.a. Water Hammer) (http://sentinelkennels.com/Research_Article_V41.html) was employed at one time.

Now, as I examined this subject and tried very hard to look at both sides of the argument, I have noticed the just about everybody appears to have absolute no idea of how electricity works. And this appears to the reason most people have trouble with the idea, it isn’t that idea isn’t right, it is that most people are totally ignorant of how electricity works or can be created in the first place. Because from an electrical and an engineering viewpoint, this theory is spot on and this whole idea makes perfect sense, if and only if you have a good grasp of just how electricity works and what you can do with it. Not only that, but it will give us an entirely new way of looking at this whole subject.

Based on this power-plant theory and basic electrical principles. If you go and take very close look at this building it is rather clear that the Great Pyramid as originally built could have produce electrical energy. Now with that in mind, I have noticed that next to nobody is asking the important question. And that is not if it produced electrical power, but what type of electrical energy would it have produced? What I mean is, would it have been usable electrical energy? Would it produce any electrical power you could actually use? Would run lighting? Would it run motors? Would it be enough energy to actually preform work?

And as far as I can tell at this point in time, the answer is NO, it would not produce any actual usable electrical power. In fact as I have looked at this whole idea, I can’t see where this thing would produce anything but one massive static charge, with really high voltage, but next to no current at all. The best example of this would be the static shock you get when you touch something metal after walking on a carpet in your socks. It might make you jump a bit, but it doesn’t and won’t hurt you.

Again, as far as I can tell this is basically the type of electrical power that would be produced by the Great Pyramid as proposed in the theory. And this is where it starts to get really weird, because it doesn’t really make any sense on why anybody would do something like this. In fact, as you look as this building the evidence points to the idea that the whole thing was designed to amplify the natural static electrical charge that the Great Pyramid produces.

This natural static charge has been reported and recorded since the first time somebody climbed to the top of the Great Pyramid. This natural static charge comes from three main sources. The first being from the decay of small amounts of radioactive elements trapped in the rock that makes up this building. The second if from the pressure that much of that rock is under known as Piezoelectricity (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Piezoelectricity). Which both of those only produce and make up a very small amount of the over static charge of the Great Pyramid. The final and most important one is the hot dry wind blowing across the rock face. These combine together to make up the natural static charge of this building.

And again, it appears that the power-plant and interior design was made to vastly amplify this natural static charge. Which again, doesn’t appear to make any sense on why anybody would do such a thing.

Unless you think about how the original finished Great Pyramid was constructed and an often overlooked property of large electrical static charges.

The first thing is that the Great Pyramid when originally built was covered with large polished white limestone casing stones. It is also reported that these casing stones had a large number of inscriptions on their surfaces. Though no one actually has any idea of what these inscriptions actually showed, it is well documented by ancient writers that they did exist. It is also reported that the pyramid had a golden cap stone or ben-ben stone at the top.

The next thing is understanding that one of the primary properties of electrical charges is that they will become concentrated on edges or corners. And it the static charge is large enough it will discharge through the air producing a very eerie blueish/white electrical glow, also known as the electrical phenomenon known as Saint Elmo’s fire (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St._Elmo%27s_fire). The missing golden cap stone would also help in concentrating the charge of the building and could also be used as an external charge point, either from natural lighting or by some other more technological means.

All of which would mean that when the weather conditions where just right, all the edges, corners, and outlines of the building and the inscriptions would glow much like a neon light does today and would likely be seen for many miles. This would be totally mind blowing to anybody who saw it, even today it is hard to imagine just what this could have looked like in real life. But it could look like a great glowing building of the gods themselves. There is good chance that this discharge could also be heard by anybody standing close enough to it. Add in the low booming of the water hammer, then this whole building would have seem to be alive, especially to somebody who didn’t have any understanding of engineering or electrical power.

Now this idea may or may not be correct, since the power-plant theory of the Great Pyramid hasn’t been proven or disproven at this point in time. But it does fit the available evidence of the Great Pyramid being a power-plant and provide a possible answer to the use of that power. It also raises many more questions than it answers. And more importantly, I think it also shows us that this most ancient of buildings has yet to give up most of its secrets.  -RJ-

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