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An Esoteric Interpretation of the ‘The World in 2017’ on The Economist Magazine Cover

Now that we are a few months into 2017, I thought it would be interesting to go back and take an in-depth look at the The Economist Magazine Cover for The World in 2017 with eight Tarot Cards.

If you do a quick internet search on the subject you will find a number of different occult ‘interpretations’ of the meaning to the Tarot cards, but I have noticed that next to none of them appear to have any actual knowledge of the Tarot or its symbolism in general. I have also noticed that the single biggest mistake that everybody makes is that they take the Tarot cards out of their proper order. Simply put this is a big No, No, in doing any type of Tarot reading or in trying to interpret the meaning of the symbolism on Tarot cards themselves and what they are trying to tell you.

The primary reason is because the meaning and symbolism of each Tarot card builds on the card(s) that came before and after. It also gives meaning to the individual symbolism on each Card and how it fits into the overall reading with the other cards. Which basically means that by taking them out of order you distort the true meaning of the reading. With everybody only focusing on the meaning of each individual Tarot card and not the relationships between each card in the reading.

This is because each Tarot card has its own unique symbolism, meaning, and knowledge. But this symbolism and meaning changes or takes on new meaning when viewed in relationship to the other cards in the Tarot spread. It is much like a jig-saw puzzle, each Tarot card is like a piece in the puzzle and as the different pieces are put together it builds a picture. What makes the Tarot so unique is that there isn’t just one way to put the puzzle together. The real trick is in trying to understand the picture that cards show you as they come together.

To help clarify this, I will take you step by step through the actually reading of these eight Tarot cards as they appear on the cover of The Economist Magazine. As typical when dealing with the esoteric, it is normally easier to show you than actually try and explain it. But before we can do this there are a few basic things you must be aware of. With the first of these things being what order the Tarot cards must be read in. This is one of the other big mistakes I have noticed, that nobody appears to realize or know what type of Tarot card spread is being used.

This particular spread of eight Tarot cards in two rows of four, is known typically known as the Storyboard Spread. The reason for this is because as the name suggests, this layout reads like a simple eight panel storyboard. Except that the Tarot cards are read in a clockwise loop, starting with the top left Card: as seen below.

1, 2, 3, 4
8, 7, 6, 5

It is helpful if vibrant symbolic picture decks are used for this spread, they lend themselves well to this reading because each Tarot card depicts a symbolical scene in addition to the traditional meaning of the card itself. The secret to this reading this spread (and pretty much every other reading) is that the Tarot cards must be read in the proper sequential order. You should also be paying special attention to the transitions between the cards.

This is not a common Tarot card spread done for any typical reading. In fact you will be very hard pressed to find it in any book on the Tarot. It is normally only used by very experienced users of the Tarot. To the best of my understanding this is because it deals more with the darker side of the Tarot and hints of what most would call Black Magic or the Dark Arts.

This spread is also unique because it only uses the cards of the Major Arcana of the Tarot deck. The Major Arcana are the wisdom cards of deeper spiritual and esoteric knowledge. They are believed to deal with the wholeness and harmony of our inner and outer realities of our experiences.

This spread is also a bit different than most other readings is that the each Tarot card in the spread has its own unique interpretation and meaning that must be included into the overall reading. This helps in understanding the relationships between the cards and gives greater insight to the overall message. Which for the Storyboard spread is given below:
  • Card 1: Is normally the ‘querent’ or the “one who seeks”. Typically this is the protagonist of the story.
  • Card 2: The protagonist's side-kick, a special skill, or an external force that helps the protagonist.
  • Card 3: The main antagonist of the story or an external force that works against the protagonist.
  • Cards 4 & 5: Are obstacle(s) faced by the protagonist, a problem that needs to be solved, an unforeseen disaster or negative event, or a fight between the protagonist and antagonist.
  • Cards 6 and 7: How the protagonist solves the problem.
  • Card 8: The moral of the story, lessons learned, and/or a view toward the future.

This is the information that has been lacking from all the other interpretations I have found floating around out there on the web. It is also the last bit of info we need to begin our journey into understanding the secret message held within these Tarot cards.

I would like to add one final note, I will first present the traditional symbolic meaning of each Tarot card and then I will look at the unique symbolism that is on each of these particular cards and their possible meaning.

The first Card of this reading is The Tower. The Tower has traditional been viewed as that a house that isn’t built on good foundations must collapse sooner or later. The Tower is symbolical represent such situations for anything that has been built on illusion of false beliefs is now coming to an end.

This is never an easy card when it appears in a reading because it represents an unexpected or sudden ending that may bring a feeling of chaos or catastrophe with it. It is typically related to situations that have been relied upon for long periods of time to point that they may be thought of as being permanent and never changing.

Though this card is not always unexpected when there is already anticipation of some life changing event, but most will try to stay blind to the possibility of change living in a state of denial. Though this card is normally viewed as a negative, it should always be viewed in harmony with the positive, and the old saying out of chaos comes order.

The traditional Tarot Card of The Tower shows a tower being hit by lightning, flames billowing out from within the sturdy structure. A naked man plunges headlong into the unknown. His naked state indicates that all he carries with him is his knowledge, for at this moment material possessions are of little use. The bolt of lightning from heaven represents the moment of illumination, to see things as they truly are. “The truth shall set you free”.

The Tarot card on the cover of the Economist is very different that the traditional one. On it we can see on the left side of the tower a group of people with the Red Leninist Communist flag with the hammer and sickle. On the right we see a group with a Crucifix (Christ on the cross), clearly representing Christianity. Given this context of this symbolism it appears to represent that the forces of unbelievers on the Left are against the religious believers on the Right. The tower itself has a crucifix on it with a note nailed to the door of the tower. When we combined this symbolism with the traditional meaning of this card and the context of the Storyboard reading. It appears to be telling us that the Left (The New World Order) will cause the Right to undergo a collapse, very similar to the Reformation of the 1500s that the Catholic Church and Christianity as whole underwent. With Left believing that Christianity is built upon false beliefs and illusion.

The next Tarot card is The Judgment. The Judgment card is known as the karmic card: “as you sow, so shall you reap.” It is also the card that depicts resurrection, indicating renewal and revival. With The Judgment Card it is believed that is possible to make a new start. This card also represents a time to be happy, with new beginnings afoot.

The Judgment Card on the Economist is vastly different than the traditional Tarot card of the same name. Symbolically this card is closer to The Emperor card than the typical Tarot card of The Judgment. Though it is very similar to The Emperor card, there are small and very important symbolic differences between the two, which are the key to understanding this version.

In the traditional The Emperor card, the Emperor represents a powerful male influence that holds the scepter in his right hand and the globe of the world in his left. The scepter in his right hand symbolizes taking power to rule through conquering it and the globe in his left symbolizes that rule. The Emperor card is also a sign of financial stability, ambition, authority, and achievement. It is also believed to be a wonderful good omen for business and suggests that you are in a powerful position to achieve your goals.

The Tarot card on the Economist is different clearly showing President Trump sitting atop the world with the globe in his right hand and the scepter in his left. Symbolical this indicates that President Trump received his power to rule instead of conquering it. This also symbolically indicates that the power to conquer is what is actually backing his power to rule and that it could be removed. This card also shows Trump sitting only upon the United States and not the world. This seems to indicate that his primary area of influence and power is focused on the United States.    

Which at the moment, is exactly what we are seeing today. Putting this into the context of the Storyboard reading, this appears to indicate that President Trump not what he appears and is actually helping the very forces he claims to stand against, he is a wolf in sheep clothing as the old saying goes.

The third Tarot card is The World. The World card brings the assurance of success, triumph, and victory. It is a sign that accomplishment of a goal that has been long and steadily worked toward is finally upon you. Any and all rewards are well deserved and should feel delighted with you achievements.

The World card on the Economist has no resemblance to the traditional Tarot card of The World. In fact it is unlike any other card in the entire Tarot deck and so we must totally rely on the symbolism on the card to interpret its meaning. I believe that this card must be read from bottom to top to properly understand the symbolism.

Starting on the bottom of the card we see three temples, one Greek, one Roman, and an Egyptian pyramid. I think this sacred architectures represent the Central Banking Cartel of the world. They have golden lines connecting them together with additional lines connecting them to a closed book on the right, a painting in the center, and two masks of the theater of tragedy and comedy. And then finally we have a painting in the upper left side, a yellow (golden) sun with its rays shining down, with an open book to the right.

When taken as a whole, it appears that this symbolism is telling us that the Central Banks use money (golden lines) combined with secret knowledge (closed book), with the theater of tragedy and comedy (masks) to create a picture of the Promised Land (painting). But that true beauty (upper left painting) and true knowledge (open book) come freely from God (yellow/golden sun).

Again, taken as a whole, I think this is telling us that the Central Banks of the world will continue have great success, triumph, and victory, over the world, unless the people see through their masks of tragedy and comedy. Within the context of the Storyboard reading, this appears to be telling us that the Central Banks of the world are working against The New World Order, or more likely, they have their own agenda.    

The fourth card is The Hermit. The Hermit signifies careful thought and contemplation, withdrawal from the outside world in order to reflect and to find inner wisdom. This card indicates that you have all the answers within you, but that perhaps you need more introspection to access them.

The classical Tarot card of The Hermit shows an introspective old man with a long beard looking to the left holding a walking stick and lantern to light his way. Symbolically this represents isolation, wisdom, austerity, asceticism, mastery of time, a connection to the material earth, and finally the search for light.

The Hermit of the Economist show an identical old man, but has the additional elements of the Hermit standing on a rock overlook the panorama below him. We also see a large group of people marching and protesting in the valley. The signs they are carrying flags showing no TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership), no TTP, (Trans-Pacific Partnership), and no EU (European Union). There are two additional flags, white with the stop written in red, and a blue flag with the word no in white. I believe that the first one represents no surrender, the other one might have something to do with Bexit, but I must admit I am unsure at this point, it may me more than that…  

Given current events, this one is rather easy and has pretty much already came to past. Both trade agreements are pretty much dead in the water with little hope of ever being put into place. The EU is appears to be quickly falling apart and may not make it to the end of the year. And finally there is new rise nationalism around the world and good old fashion American isolationism. Within the context of the Storyboard reading, this is all very clearly a problem for those wishing for a New World Order of one world government.  

The next Tarot card in the reading is The Star. The Star is the card of hope. It brings a sense of optimism and tells us to have faith. It also indicates that we should be safe in the knowledge that better times are ahead of us. It has traditionally been viewed as a good omen that represents how the stars can be used to guide us home and through our journey in life.

The Star on the Economist is much like The World Card, there is no other card within the Tarot that has any resemblance to it. So we must again totally rely on the symbolism of the card. There a number of different interpretations of this symbolism and as far as I can tell, no one agrees on what that is. I do agree that the symbolism is rather confusing and fully open to debate with no clear cut understanding at this point in time. So for this particular Card I will only give my interpretation of the symbolism that like all the others, may or may not be correct, I guess time will tell on this one.

The Star on the Economist has 14 big yellow eight-pointed stars with 10 smaller white stars with a shooting star in the center. All over a red crated planet/moon. In each of the 14 yellow stars is the picture of an unidentified young person. I think the 10 smaller white stars represent our solar system. With ten representing the eight planets, the moon, and the sun. I believe the red crated planet represents Mars and would fit with all the attention being given to this mysterious red world. The fourteen eight-pointed yellow stars appear to represent cardinal perfection (or God) with the young people representing youth in general. I think it is also possible that they represent people that may have died much too young in pursuit of going to Mars. This could be what the shooting star represents or could be related to the more recent reports of strange phenomena in the sky, with an unusually number of large meteors exploding in the upper atmosphere being recorded and reported from all around the world. I think it is all related in some way to the rumors of a Secret Space Program or other hidden high-tech project.

When thought of in the context of the Storyboard reading, whatever it truly represents it is believed to be an obstacle to the overall plan and goal.

The next card is The Wheel of Fortune. The Wheel of Fortune is also known as a ‘Destiny’ card. It is thought to bring a positive change of fortune, unless it is badly aspected with the other cards in the reading. The movement of the wheel depends upon the mechanics that drive it, and where it lands, nobody knows. The traditional Tarot card shows three animals turning head first in an anti-clockwise rotation. The card symbolizes life vicissitudes of successes and the failures that always come with them.

The Tarot card on the Economist is a bit different, it shows three European political leaders rotating head first in a clockwise rotation. There are also two ballot boxes with both having a marked voting ticket sticking out of each.

Again, given current events, this symbolism is rather easy to figure out without much trouble or mystery. The three people on the Wheel are Angela Merkel of German, Mark Rutte of the Netherlands, and finally Marine Le Pen of France. Three months ago most were confused by the symbolism of the Netherlands on this card, but now that the elections are over in the Netherlands and also the new political fighting between Turkey and the Netherlands, this symbolism takes on new meaning.

The image indicates that Angela Merkel will struck down and that Marine Le Pen will win the election in France. This seems to be sure thing given the symbolism of the rigged ballot boxes and vote. Within the meaning of the Storyboard, it is rather clear that to help solve some problems, they will simply rig the vote and put helpful people into office.

The next to last card of this reading is The Magician. The Magician’s message is to inform you that you have all the skills and ability required to handle the task at hand and bring it to a successful conclusion. Just like a Magician, you must apply yourself with the upmost willpower and concentration in order to live up to your full potential. It is a card that shows it is a time of action and initiative to any new ventures and that you are headed in the right direction.

The Magician of the Economist has a number of similarities with the classic Tarot Card of the same name. It shows us the showman standing behind his table of magical objects with the holy light of knowledge surrounding his head with the symbol of infinity above all. But this one has the added symbolism of the Magician with a VR (virtual reality) device over his eyes and his left hand on a 3D printer on the table.

Again, with current events this one is very easy to understand. Given all the talk of VR, automation, and 3D printing and how it is going to be rammed down everybody’s throats no matter what and put everybody out of work over the next twenty years, well what can I say, looks like this one speaks for itself. And much like The Wheel of Fortune card in the context of the Storyboard reading, this one also again, speaks for itself, it just another way to help get around the obstacles in their way. Distraction and social chaos appears to be the order of the day.

The final card in the reading is also the most misunderstood of all the Tarot cards, Death. Great care is always needed when interpreting this card, as it image brings frightening thoughts to mind. But the Death card is a card that heralds the ending of one phase of life to make way for the new one that will always come. It represent major change and a period of transformation. It shows us that we can be released from the things that no longer have use or meaning to our lives, but we continue to hang on to, because of our fear of change. In doing this, we deny ourselves new opportunities that await us in the next cycle of life and experience. The surrounding cards will help clarify the situation and interpretation of this Card.

In the case of this reading, Death clearly represents the transformation that will bring about the major changes foretold by the other cards. The symbolism on the card shows beyond any doubt the hallmarks of Pestilence, Famine, War, and Death, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. We see mosquitos (Pestilence), a dried up riverbed with a dead fish surrounded by failed crops (Famine), a mushroom cloud in the back (War), and of course Death sitting on his horse overlooking it all. With nine small yellow pieces of gold scattered about the desolated land. The symbolism is clear, the old standbys of the Four Horsemen will be how the changes will brought about. It indicates that conditions will get so bad that gold itself will lose its value and be left in the ground, possibly showing us a total economic collapse across the world. All in all, a frightening prospect that already appears to be unfolding before our eyes. And finally in the context of the Storyboard reading, this is final view toward the future and how this will all be brought about.

And that brings us to the final interpretation of this reading and the symbolism contained on them.

It is rather apparent here at the end to see the overall context of the message, the Left will cause the Right to undergo a collapse or great change of their belief system that the Left believes have built upon the illusion of false beliefs. Trump will focus on America and have his greatest impact there, but he may not be able to hold on to the levers of power for he is actually a wolf in sheep clothing.

The Central Banks will continue their slow march of total economic control hiding behind the masks of tragedy and comedy, unless the people see through their theater or the Left/Right can break free of their banking system. Which won't happen until/unless the system as a whole collapses. There has been and will be more nationalism and isolationism from around the world that will continue to be a threat to overall plan of a New World Order. We should continue to see and hear about strange things happening in the sky and more about the youth of the world. There is a chance of more information to come in the near future as this threat unfolds. 

There has and will continue to see great change in Europe, with the possibility of the EU breaking up by the end of the year, which at the moment seem like it will most likely happen no matter what, including rigged elections putting their own people into power. 

The technologies of VR, 3D printing, and general automation, will keep marching forward that will radically change the entire social landscape creating chaos in the process. And finally, this will all be done under the cover of one of the oldest tricks in the book, by creating pestilence, famine, and death, through the chaos of war.

And that my friends brings us to the end of this little journey into the Tarot Cards shown on the Economist Magazine. I know it isn’t a pretty picture, but you must always remember that the truth to all predictions is always in your hands.  -RJ-    

***Special Note: As many are aware, my Publisher, Tate Publishing, LLC. Is currently going out of business and THE FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE OF ENOCH is no longer available in print or ebook. I am exploring a couple of different avenues to get it back in print or at least available as an ebook. But at the moment there is no information on when or if this will happen. I will post any new information on this Blog and The Forbidden Knowledge of Enoch Facebook page as it becomes available.***   

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